A calm voice resounded across the sky.

The entire voice was calm, as if it was just a small matter.


After the voice ended, another dragon roar appeared.

Nine dragon roars and nine roars. The voice was filled with nobility and tyranny, as if it was a divine beast that had descended.

Dragon Palace announced: Birth!

Dragon Palace announced: Kill the enemy!

"Dragon Palace? What Force?"

"Hiss, what a terrifying pressure. The owner of these nine voices is definitely an expert at the longevity level!"

"What Force is Dragon Palace? This aura... is so terrifying!"

The voice suddenly sounded, causing the war that was about to erupt to pause slightly.

Everyone from the Ten Thousand Demon Empire and the Phoenix dynasty who were about to attack looked to the right with solemn expressions.

The Aura coming from there made their hearts palpitate!

"It's Lord Wang's voice. Lord Wang is here. Haha!"

"That's right. It's Lord Wang. Lord Wang has always had his own faction called the Dragon Palace. The Dragon Palace is very powerful. The dragon-phoenix Empire was able to be established so quickly because of Lord Wang and the experts from the Dragon Palace!"

"What a powerful aura. We've seen Lord Wang's subordinates before, but we've never seen all the power of the Dragon Palace. Now, Lord Wang has announced the birth of the Dragon Palace!"

"Lord Wang has appeared again. At the critical moment, Lord Wang was able to turn the tide. This time, he will definitely be able to do the same!"

Hearing the voice, all the citizens of the dragon-phoenix Empire showed excitement on their faces, which were filled with fear and despair.

Every time there was a disaster in the dragon-phoenix Empire, and every crisis, Lord Wang would be able to resolve it in a timely manner.

In fact, when some of the soldiers of the dragon-phoenix Empire heard this voice, their hearts slightly relaxed.

This was especially so for the group of people who had followed the empress eight years ago. They understood this in their hearts.

Lord Wang had contributed 70% to the establishment of the dragon-phoenix Empire.

"Another one to die?"

The nine heavens demonic bird stared at the desolate sea with its cold, two-colored eyes, which were shining with red and green light.

"I don't believe that the newcomer can match the strength of the Empire!"

Emperor Feng looked a bit embarrassed. The nine God Empire and the unfamiliar dragon palace made him very irritated.

Everyone looked toward the desolate sea.

"Hiss, those nine creatures?"

Ten seconds later, a huge team appeared in everyone's sight.

The leader was nine creatures that were 1,000 meters in size. They had slender bodies and green dragon scales covered their entire bodies.

Their ferocious heads carried a trace of dignity as they swayed their huge bodies in the air.

However, this was not what shocked everyone the most.

What was shocking was that these nine terrifying creatures that looked like they were above the longevity experts were actually pulling a throne.

On the throne sat a young man.

The young man wore a seven-colored dragon robe and a seven-colored crown on his head.

On the left and right of the young man stood two creatures. One of them was a strange turtle man with a turtle shell on his back!

The other held a fan in his hand. He looked like a maid. He had a pair of sky-blue wings that were filled with patterns.

Behind the young man were combat divisions that held weapons.

There was a demon monkey that was over ten meters tall and held a metal rod in his hand.

There was a thunder shrimp that was four to five meters long and held a thunder spear in one hand and a thunder hammer in the other.

There was a yaksha that held a trident and looked extremely majestic as water flowed around its body.

There was also a vertical-eyed archer who held a bow and arrow in his hand.

Each and every one of these extraordinary creatures exuded a powerful strength. There were nearly twenty thousand experts.

This was especially so for the leaders of each combat division. The Aura on their bodies was like an abyss.

The entire powerful team was like an emperor patrolling.

"Seventeen to eight thousand creatures. All of them are at least at the profound void realm. Moreover, they are not ordinary profound void realm experts!"

"Nine longevity-level existences pulling the throne, this... this... even if the Dragon Emperor of the Drakonid Empire goes out, it's only two longevity-level first-level experts pulling the throne!"

"What a terrifying force, Dragon Palace? When did the extraordinary continent have such a powerful aura?"

"More than 200,000 longevity-level experts, this team actually has more than 20 longevity-level experts!"

The forces that came to watch the ceremony were shocked when they saw the Dragon Palace.

The nine longevity experts pulled the thrones and the teams with longevity experts.

More than 20 longevity experts. Such terrifying strength was comparable to the empire, and they were among the top few in the empire.

In particular, these 20,000 creatures were all existences above the profound void realm.

Each of them exuded an extraordinary aura.

"Isn't this too domineering? Lord Wang is simply too cool!"

"Is this the true strength of the Dragon Palace? It's simply too terrifying!"

"Oh my God, Our Lord Wang's power is even stronger than our dragon-phoenix Empire!"

Shocked voices came from the citizens of the dragon-phoenix Empire as well as the generals and ministers.

Even the upper echelons of the dragon and Phoenix Empire could not imagine that Lord Wang, who had always helped the empress, actually possessed such terrifying strength.

They knew that the group of golden swordsmen, Ao Jian, who had killed two demon emperors in one move, also belonged to Lord Wang. This time, they were only here to help the dragon and Phoenix Empire hold the fort!

With the addition of the group of golden swordsmen, Lord Wang had more than 20,000 void interpretation experts under him!

Feng Luan smiled when she saw all the forces of the Dragon Palace coming over.

"No Wonder Little Xian didn't come over just now. It turns out that he had already discovered the people of the Phoenix dynasty and the Ten Thousand Fey Empire!"

Behind them, Guan Shuqing, Lan Qingyue, and a few other girls were discussing in a low voice.

Looking at Wang Xian who was sitting on the throne, their faces revealed a proud expression.

This was their man!

"Hello, everyone from all the major forces in the transcendence continent. I am Prime Minister Gui of the Dragon Palace!"

"During the establishment of the Dragon and Phoenix Empire, I would like to announce that our dragon palace has officially stepped onto the central stage of the Continent!"

The team from the Dragon Palace arrived at a spot ten kilometers away. Prime Minister Gui cupped his hands at everyone around him and said calmly.

"Hehe, initially, My Dragon Palace didn't want to come out. However, the day before yesterday, I saw you guys sneakily entering the vast region and trying to destroy the dragon and Phoenix Empire!"

"Then, I have no choice but to wait for you!"

After Prime Minister Gui finished speaking, Wang Xian spoke indifferently and swept his gaze across everyone from the Ten Thousand Demon Empire and the Phoenix Empire.

At this moment, the Ten Thousand Demon Empire and the Phoenix Empire, who saw the strength of the Dragon Palace, had a solemn expression on their faces.

This was especially so for the Emperor of the Nine Heavens Demonic Bird. He never expected that this person, who had suddenly appeared in a faction, would actually possess a strength that was comparable to the Ten Thousand Demon Empire!

This caused his eyes to be filled with solemnity!

"TSK TSK tsk, boss, you're finally here. These guys are a little arrogant. They even said that no one would be able to protect the Empress and the Dragon Phoenix Empire Today!"

"Boss, let's take care of them. TSK TSK!"

When Mo Sha saw Wang Xian's arrival and swept his gaze across the factions of the Dragon Palace, his pupils constricted slightly as he cried out strangely.