Mo Sha's voice resounded in the sky. His unique voice was full of arrogance!

When he saw all the power of the Dragon Palace, his eyes were full of shock.

This was the first time he saw the power of the Dragon Palace!

The nine God Empire was much weaker than the Dragon Palace!

"Boss? The nine God Emperor actually called the Dragon King Boss!"

"I remember that the Dragon King is the young man who appeared in the Fire Cloud Sparrow clan more than three years ago. Back then, Mo sha directly knelt down and called him boss. It is said that he is Mo Sha's Savior!"

"The sudden appearance of the Dragon Palace, together with the strength of the dragon-phoenix Empire and the nine God Empire, is not weaker than the ten thousand Fey Empire and the Phoenix Dynasty at all!"

"To be able to pull the throne with nine longevity-level creatures, his strength is very likely not weaker than the nine Heaven Fey Bird Emperor. I wonder if this war will still be able to start!"

The people from the various factions who came to watch the ceremony said with astonishment.

"I remember now. This familiar voice is the old man who used to follow Lord Wang with monstrous demonic flames. At that time, he called Lord Wang Boss Devil. I didn't expect him to actually become the nine God Empire's Emperor Lord!"

"So it's him. This emperor Lord's strength has increased so quickly. In just a few years, he has become so terrifying. However, our Lord Wang seems to have become even stronger!"

The citizens of the dragon-phoenix Empire also recalled the identity of the nine gods overlord. All of them were filled with shock.

"Almost all the elite powerhouses of the two empires have arrived. They are really giving face to Feng Luan!"

"However, I want to see if you guys have the strength to destroy the dragon-phoenix Empire Today!"

Wang Xian smiled faintly when he heard Mo Sha's words. He looked at the nine heavens demonic bird overlord and a terrifying aura charged directly at him.

The powerful Dragon's aura actually solidified and turned into a seven-colored divine dragon. It bared its fangs and brandished its claws!


Sensing the dragon's aura charging at him, the expression of the Emperor of the nine heavens demonic bird changed slightly. His wings trembled!

The aura of a red-green demonic bird soared into the sky and intertwined with the seven-colored divine dragon in the air.

The terrifying collision of auras actually caused the sky to change!

"Level six longevity!"

The instant of the collision caused the nine heavens demonic bird emperor Lord's face to reveal a serious expression as he spoke with a heavy face!

"Level six longevity. As expected, that Dragon King can match the Nine Heavens Demonic Bird Emperor Lord!"

The experts who came to watch the ceremony narrowed their eyes as they spoke with a face full of shock.

In this world, another top-tier expert had appeared.

"Level six longevity, level six longevity!"

Emperor Phoenix held his arm tightly when he saw this scene. His expression was extremely ugly.

His current strength was only level five longevity!

All the longevity experts in the entire Phoenix Dynasty looked extremely ugly. They were even a little frightened.

"This Dragon King, this is the grudge between our Phoenix dynasty and the dragon-phoenix Empire. Tell me, what will it take for you to agree not to take action?"

Emperor Feng's expression changed drastically. If he could not destroy the empress today, he would not be able to sleep and eat in peace in the future.

With the Empress's terror, it would not be long before he would face crazy revenge!

However, facing the terrifying Dragon King of the Dragon Palace, he could only think that he should not interfere.

"Haha, Phoenix Dynasty, Why don't you take a look at our relationship with sister Feng Luan and the dragon-phoenix Empire!"

As soon as emperor Feng finished his words, Guan Shuqing and the other girls behind Feng Luan revealed mocking expressions.

How could they stop the Dragon Palace from making a move!

"Hehe, the beautiful elders of the dragon-phoenix Empire are Lord Wang's younger sister and wife. If the Dragon King doesn't make a move, emperor Feng really dares to think about it!"

"Yeah, they are afraid of Lord Wang's power. Now, they are not as arrogant and domineering as before. They say that no one can stop them. It's a slap in the face!"

All the officials and soldiers of the dragon-phoenix Empire revealed mocking smiles when they heard the words of Emperor Feng and Guan Shuqing.

Feng Luan also smiled faintly at the side. In this world, other than the fire Lark clan, the only people she trusted the most were Wang Xian and the rest.

To them, Emperor Feng's words were extremely laughable.

When Emperor Feng and everyone from the Phoenix Empire heard the mocking voices, their expressions changed drastically.

"Do you really think that we are afraid of You? We are stronger than you in terms of longevity level strength!"

Emperor Phoenix roared with a slightly malevolent expression. He looked at the Nine Heavens Demonic Bird Emperor Lord, his eyes filled with violent killing intent.

The eyes of the nine heavens demonic bird emperor lord flickered. He flapped his wings slightly and looked at all the experts from the Dragon Palace, the dragon-phoenix Empire, and the nine God Empire.

The difference in strength between the two sides wasn't very big, especially since the other side had a strong expert at the same realm as him.

If they really fought, even if they could destroy the other side, they wouldn't be able to survive more than 30% .

This was a method of killing 1,000 enemies at the cost of 800. This made him hesitate.

"We probably won't be able to fight!"

"How are we going to fight? We are evenly matched. If we really fight, even if one side can win, we will suffer heavy casualties. We will lose more than half of our strength!"

"Emperor Jiutian is hesitating. He doesn't dare to make a move. The losses are too great!"

Some of the powerhouses who came to watch the ceremony analyzed.

They couldn't afford to fight in such a situation!

"I really didn't expect that there would be so many powerhouses in such a small and vast area. Hehe, today, I congratulate you on the establishment of the dragon-phoenix Empire!"

The nine heavens demonic bird monarch raised his head slightly and looked at Feng Luan and Wang Xian as he said indifferently.

"The Ten Thousand Demon Empire will not disturb your empire's founding ceremony. Let's Go!"

The nine heavens demonic bird monarch's cold voice continued to ring out as he ordered all the demonic beasts and ferocious beasts of the ten thousand demon empire.


When Emperor Feng saw this scene, his expression kept changing.


When he saw the ten thousand fey empire preparing to leave, he took a deep breath and scanned all of them vigilantly.


Emperor Feng ordered with a gloomy face. Next, he had to consider how to resist Feng Luan's revenge.

If they were to attack, the ten thousand fey empire would not use all of their strength to help them.

"Do you think you can just come and go as you wish?"

However, just when everyone thought that this war could not be fought, Wang Xian's voice suddenly rang out.

His words caused the nine heavens demon bird emperor, Phoenix Emperor, and the rest to be slightly stunned. Killing intent shot out from their eyes.

"Disciples of the Dragon Palace, Get Ready!"

At this moment, Prime Minister Gui shouted loudly. His aura instantly soared into the sky!



The group of demon monkeys and Phoenix mounts let out roars one after another. The members of the Dragon Palace dispersed slowly.

Powerful battle intent was emitted from their bodies. They held their weapons tightly and locked onto the Phoenix Empire and the Empire of ten thousand demons!

"Since you are here, let's Fight!"

"Since our Dragon Palace has appeared, we must kill the enemy today!"

Wang Xian stood up slowly and locked his aura onto the nine heavens demon bird and Emperor Phoenix.

When they saw the aura of the Dragon Palace, everyone's expression changed drastically!

This was a request for a fight!