His body was two to three thousand meters long. The wood and fire on his body were superimposed together, emitting a strange flame.

"The wrath of the Demon King!"

"Dragon King, Welcome My Wrath!"

The Demon Bird King of the nine heavens stared at Wang Xian coldly. The feathers on his body were trembling.

Numerous wooden feathers that looked like they had been ignited covered an area of dozens of kilometers. They attacked Wang Xian directly.

"How arrogant!"


Wang Xian stared at the terrifying flaming feathers in front of him. His entire body transformed into the body of a divine dragon. A dragon body of 2,000 meters appeared in the sky.


He raised his dragon head and roared once again. A grayish destructive power of the five elements swept towards the green and red flaming feathers.


The destructive power of the five elements was like a long river of history. The green and red flaming feathers were completely wiped out.

Furthermore, this destructive power was directed towards the nine heavens demonic bird.

"Damn it!"

When the nine heavens demonic bird emperor saw that his attack was blocked, he widened his eyes and roared furiously.

He flapped his wings and the wings formed from the two attributes collided with the destructive power to block Wang Xian's attack!

"Dragon Kingdom in the Palm!"

However, at this moment, an extremely terrifying dragon claw was heading towards him.

The Dragon Claw was like a kingdom, tens of thousands of meters in size.

The Emperor of the Nine Heavens Demonic Bird, who was below the Dragon Claw, was like an ant.


The expression of the nine heavens demonic bird changed slightly when he saw the gigantic dragon claw.

He flapped his gigantic wings and flew towards the side.

Thorns stabbed at the dragon's claws.


Watching the Dragon King and the Nine Heavens Demonic Bird Emperor fight in the sky, everyone was shocked.

"This dragon king is too terrifying. He completely suppressed the nine heavens demonic bird. Moreover, his terrifying weapon restrained the Phoenix Emperor and the Ten Thousand Demon Empire's two level four demon emperors!"

"What a terrifying Dragon King. The nine heavens demonic bird is comparable to the dragon race in terms of strength. Its gigantic claws seem to be able to tear the void apart!"

Shocked voices came from everyone's mouths. Everyone raised their heads and watched the battle between the Nine Heavens Demonic Bird and the Dragon King.

"Kill, Kill, Kill!"

"Hehehe, boss is mighty. With boss holding off four top-tier experts, the rest are all trash. hehehe!"

At this moment, Mo Sha led the experts from the nine God Empire and charged towards the direction of the Ten Thousand Monster Empire at a height of 50,000 meters.

Upon seeing Wang Xian's terrifying strength, Mo Sha's face was filled with excitement.

Now, all the experts from the Ten Thousand Monster Empire who were of the same level as him and stronger than him were blocked by Wang Xian. As for the rest, he could slaughter them without restraint!

Mo Sha waved his arm, and his entire arm turned into a dark dragon head.

He charged towards the direction of the ten thousand fey empire with all his might.

The Black Dragon's head rapidly enlarged, reaching a radius of dozens of kilometers!

"Roar, Roar, Dodge, Dodge!"

All the demonic beasts and fierce beasts of the ten thousand fey empire saw this attack and shouted in panic.

None of the demonic beasts and fierce beasts could withstand the full-force attack of a Wanshou fourth rank expert.

However, the range of Mo Sha's attack was too large!

In a range of dozens of kilometers, twenty to thirty thousand demonic beasts were instantly struck by the Dark Dragon's head.

The violent and corrosive dark energy immediately caused them to perish.

"Keke, I can lead the nine God Empire to wipe out all the beasts of the ten thousand Fey Empire!"

When Mo Sha saw this scene, he revealed an excited expression as he roared loudly.


"All Disciples of the dragon-phoenix Empire, destroy the Phoenix Dynasty!"


In the dragon-phoenix Empire, Feng Luan let out a phoenix cry as her entire body directly transformed into a phoenix that was burning with blazing flames.

She raised her arrogant head and her gaze was filled with ice-cold as she stared at everyone from the Phoenix Dynasty.

Ice-cold killing intent enveloped everyone from the Phoenix dynasty from her body.

"Hehe, it's finally time for us to show our skills!"

Guan Shuqing and the other girls smiled, their eyes full of fighting spirit.

The nine girls jumped, and a terrifying aura that was not weaker than the first rank of the longevity realm burst out from their bodies.

"Little Blue!"

Lan qingyue called out softly, and a huge black hole appeared in the sky.

A creature that was 20,000 meters long came out from the hole like a giant beast of destruction.

"Disciples of the Dragon Palace, Kill!"

At the Dragon Palace, Prime Minister Gui roared and gave the order.

"Roar! Roar! Roar!"

The Nine Flood Dragons roared!

The demon monkeys and thunder shrimps, who were engaged in close combat, rode on the fire Phoenix Dragon Seed and charged at the demon beasts of the Ten Thousand Demon Empire.

Then, the Yaksha clan, the Starwood Dragon Seed, and the Fire Hammer clan of the Dragon Guard Division followed!

The Heavenly Eye Arrow Division and the Dolphins were at the rear.

The sound of arrows piercing through the air rang out, and a rhythm enveloped the sky.

The entire sky trembled under the battle.

The Dragon Palace didn't include Xiao Lan. They had a total of 23 rank 1 longevity realm members who could fight against rank 2 longevity realm!

The seven members of the Phoenix and Dragon Empire, along with the nine girls and Xiao Lan, had 17 longevity realm experts!

The nine God Empire, Mo Sha, and his six subordinates had seven longevity-level and above combat strength.

That was a total of forty-seven!

On the other hand, the twenty-six people from the ten thousand fey empire, along with the eighteen people from the Phoenix dynasty, made a total of forty-four!

Most importantly, the Dragon King single-handedly held back the Phoenix Emperor and the two top-notch experts from the ten thousand fey empire, both of whom were at the fourth level of longevity and the nine heavens demonic bird.

Below Wang Xian and the rest, Feng Luan and Mo Sha were invincible in the battlefield!

"Oh no, our Empress Feng is actually being held back by the Dragon King!"

"The Empress has the strength of a rank four longevity expert. Without the presence of Empress Feng, we are no match for her at all!"

At the Phoenix Empire, the expressions of the seventeen longevity Phoenix Empire's longevity experts changed drastically when they saw Feng Luan attacking them.

"I once brought all of you to stand at the peak of the transcendence continent. Today, I will personally knock all of you down to the mortal world!"

Feng Luan's phoenix eyes were filled with flames of anger as she stared at the 17 longevity experts of the Phoenix dynasty.

"Emperor Feng, save us!"

Sacred Flame Ancestor's brows jumped when he saw the empress flying over filled with killing intent.

They understood the Empress's personality very well. They would definitely not let a traitor off.

With their strength, there was no way they could fight against the Empress!

"Get lost!"

"Fire Phoenix Domain!"

At this moment, Emperor Phoenix was extremely furious. He was a dignified level five longevity expert, the Emperor Phoenix of the Phoenix dynasty, but he was actually restrained by a weapon.

The enormous five elements millstone attacked one after another, causing him to be flustered.

Hearing the cries for help from below, Emperor Phoenix let out a furious roar. He activated his domain and countless fire phoenixes flew towards the five elements millstone.

"Roar Roar!"

The Fire Divine Dragon let out a roar as it opened its huge mouth and swallowed the fire phoenixes.

"No, how is this possible!"

When he saw that the fire phoenix domain was completely ineffective, he widened his blood-red eyes and roared in disbelief.

He was actually completely suppressed by a weapon!