"Sou! Sou! Sou!"



The Battle of the longevity experts had already erupted. At the bottom of the continent, the members of the Dragon Palace, the experts of the dragon-phoenix Empire, and the experts of the nine God Empire had also clashed with the armies of the ten thousand fey empire and the Phoenix dynasty!

In just a split second, a terrifying sea of blood was raised.

"Not good. That strange sound came from the direction of the Dragon Palace. I feel that my strength has been suppressed!"

"Oh no, the soldiers below the void interpretation realm can't even use ten percent of their strength in this battle!"

"Quick, stop that Dolphin Creature and stop that Woman!"

The blood that collided with the Sea of blood instantly came from the ten thousand fey empire and the Phoenix dynasty. The terrifying sound waves were the most terrifying part of the battle.

The Dolphin clan had a total of a thousand warriors. The lowest level among them had reached the third level of the void interpretation realm, and there were quite a number of them at the ninth level and eighth level of the Void interpretation realm.

When they gathered together to emit a special auxiliary sound wave, a terrifying scene appeared.

Six to seven hundred thousand soldiers from the ten thousand fey empire and the Phoenix dynasty had come this time. Apart from eighty thousand or so insightful emptiness realm experts, the rest were all below the insightful emptiness realm and in the extraordinaire realm.

Under the sound waves of a thousand dolphin warriors, the strength of the extraordinaire experts had been completely suppressed to a terrifying level.

In fact, they were only able to display one-tenth of their strength.

In the entire battlefield, they were nothing more than cannon fodder.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Other than the terrifying sound waves, there were also sharp arrows.

The 1,500 demon beasts with slender arms could shoot up to 40,000 to 50,000 arrows per second.

To the horror of the Ten Thousand Fey Empire and the Phoenix Dynasty, a round of arrows directly killed over 10,000 of them.

This was secondary. What scared them the most was that the arrows were poisonous and the poison could instantly kill a longevity expert.

"Long-range attack, destroy them! Destroy them!"

"Shadow Demon Emperor, lead your shadow demons and Charge!"

"Phoenix Empire's archers, attack the rear and kill them!"

The Phoenix Empire's soldiers and the ten thousand Fey Empire's demon kings roared crazily when they saw how terrifying the Dragon Palace's long-range attacks were.

"Hehehe, they want to attack us!"

Ba Qi's face revealed a trace of coldness when he saw the overwhelming terrifying energy and the attacks of the three longevity experts.

"I'll lock down the Shadow Monster Emperor!"

"Leave the Archers of the Phoenix Dynasty to me!"

Mu Zesen and Ba Qi stood there arrogantly and said.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

"Dragon Snake encirclement!"

Arrows shot towards the shadow demon emperor, while Ba Qi's domain enveloped the Sky Eye Arrow Division, the Dolphin clan, and the poison-making warriors.

In Ba Qi's domain, dragons and snakes surged, while dragons and snakes encircled.

The tens of thousands of energy attacks landed on the domain, but they were blocked outside.

"Hiss. It's too brutal. This... This is too brutal!"

"Almost a hundred thousand people died in the collision in less than a minute. The members of the Dragon Palace are so terrifying!"

"The Phoenix Dynasty and the Ten Thousand Monster Empire suffered great losses in the collision just now. The Archers of the Dragon Palace are too powerful. The weird sound waves seem to have caused a great disturbance to the soldiers of the Ten Thousand Monster Empire and the Phoenix Dynasty!"

"The war has only just begun. The Ten Thousand Fey Empire and the Phoenix Empire have already made their response. They will be able to restrain the long-range attackers from the Dragon Palace!"

"It's hard to say who will be the victor, but the Dragon King's strength is simply suffocating. He single-handedly restrained all the top-tier experts on the other side!"

Inside the array formation of the imperial capital, everyone's faces were filled with shock when they saw the devastating scene!

This was a true war. Even if the sky and earth changed color, it would be very difficult for an insightful emptiness realm expert to keep his life here.

The various powers that were watching the ceremony spoke in shock.

As for the citizens of the Dragon and Phoenix Empire, there was even less to be said!

A battle that affected over a thousand kilometers? This was something that none of them dared to even think about before.

However, when they saw that they had the upper hand, their nervous hearts let out a slight sigh of relief.

"Strange Demon Clan, kill those annoying long-range attackers!"

Powerful attacks came one after another, and Ba Qi revealed an unhappy expression.

The long-range attacks of the Sky Eye Arrow Division were very terrifying. One round of attacks could cause a terrifying destructive force.

Once they were restricted, it would make the following battles very troublesome.

The Phoenix dynasty also had a powerful Archer troop, and they also had powerful strength.

They had killed many members of the Dragon Palace in the attack just now!

The ten thousand fey empire had poison Stinger Demon Beasts, and they could shoot out deadly toxins. They were also a terrifying race of the ten thousand fey empire.

"Ahhhh, not good, there are killers, there are killers!"

"Roar, there are killers entering the poison Stinger Demon Beasts!"

Not long after Ba Qi's words were spoken, the Phoenix dynasty and the ten thousand fey empire heard terrified voices.

Following that, continuous screams sounded out.

In the entire Dragon Palace, the dragon Spike division was the most powerful. There were 1,500 soldiers, and among them, there were 500 strange demons who had the combat strength of A Level 6 void interpretation!

Back in Fengtian City, 500 strange demons could assassinate millions of people in one night. On this battlefield, they were still like fish in water.

Fifteen hundred strange demons were harvesting the long-range attackers of the two empires at a terrifying speed.

The Archers of the Phoenix dynasty, in particular, had weak defenses. Under the sickle of the strange demon's death, all of them widened their eyes.

"Aspect: Space of light!"

Just as some of the archers and Stinger Demon Beasts reacted, a cold voice resounded in everyone's mind.

Following that, more than twenty thousand archers from the Phoenix dynasty and more than thirty thousand Stinger Demon Beasts from the ten thousand fey empire were completely enveloped by the strange demon's Dharma Idol.


In an instant, the sounds of screams were incessant!


The screams did not last for twenty seconds before the entire bright space completely dissipated.

When the space was restored, only the corpses remained.

Some of the strange demons'corpses were mixed in.


However, when the Phoenix dynasty and the rest of the soldiers of the ten thousand fey empire saw this scene, they took a deep breath, their faces filled with fear.

There were at most one to two hundred enemies'corpses, but their archers and the Stinger Demon Beasts had all been assassinated!

When they thought of the terrifying killers hiding around them who could launch fatal attacks at them at any time, their faces were filled with fear.

"Pu Pu, no!"

At this moment, a miserable scream was heard from more than 100,000 meters in the sky. Following that, a body that was several hundred meters in size fell to the ground.

"It's the Unicorn Demon Emperor. Oh My God, the Unicorn Demon Emperor who has reached the fourth level of longevity has actually... actually fallen!"

"It's the Dragon King who killed him. The Dragon King... is so terrifying!"