"Hiss, this... what a powerful Dragon King, just with that Big Mill, he was able to kill the single rhinoceros demon Emperor of the Wanshou Fourth Rank!"

"A wanshou expert has fallen, and it's a top-tier wanshou fourth rank expert!"

When the single rhinoceros demon Emperor's corpse fell from a height of 100,000 meters, everyone had shocked expressions on their faces.

All the experts and soldiers of the ten thousand fey empire and the Phoenix dynasty were shocked when they saw the corpse. They raised their heads and looked into the sky.

Over 100,000 meters in the sky, the Dragon King, who was so powerful that it was suffocating, was fighting with the Nine Heavens Demon Bird Emperor Lord.

The Five Elements Millstone, which was dozens of kilometers in size, was sealing off the Phoenix Emperor and the other longevity fourth rank demon emperor, the myriad flower bone demon!

Under such circumstances, the Dragon King was still completely suppressing the nine heavens demon bird.

The world-destroying energy was like the end of the world. Even if they were fighting at a height of 100,000 meters, the terrifying power still made the experts dare not fly into the sky.

"Diwen, you are the emperor's teacher of the Phoenix dynasty. I single-handedly raised your strength to rank 3 longevity. You are above the tens of thousands of people in the imperial court. Today, I will betray you and Die!"

"Sacred Flame, you are the founding general of the Phoenix Dynasty. You almost died many times during the battles. Later, you were saved by the personal guards of Huo Yun. You are an ungrateful person. I will betray you and Die!"


Just as one of the demon emperors of the ten thousand fey empire fell, a clear and cold voice resounded in the sky.

Sentence after sentence came out of Feng Luan's mouth. She transformed into a fire Phoenix and Feng Yun, Lan Qingyue, Guan Shuqing and the other girls, as well as Feng Lingtian and the other four longevity experts, followed behind her.

Her body was filled with endless anger and dignity.

After losing her body for more than 1,800 years, she could finally take revenge today.

"You traitors, accept my punishment!"


With the cry of a fire Phoenix, Feng Luan flapped her wings and charged forward with terrifying flames of judgement!

"HMPH, go to hell!"

The group of girls followed behind and charged forward.

An ancient zither floated in front of Tang Yinxuan, and a powerful melody charged towards the longevity experts of the Phoenix dynasty.

"What should we do?"

The longevity experts of the Phoenix dynasty saw Feng Luan charging over, and their eyes were filled with panic.

With the Empress's strength, they were completely no match for her.

"Phoenix Nirvana fire, domain, open!"

Without waiting for them to react, a powerful domain directly enveloped them.

"Di Wen, I'll Kill You First!"

The Phoenix Wings flapped, and numerous fire phoenixes directly condensed and attacked the Emperor Master from all directions.

"No, empress, I was wrong. I, Di Wen, admit my guilt!"

Seeing the Empress taking the lead to attack him, fear appeared on the Emperor Master's face. Feeling the powerful power, his expression changed drastically.

He wanted to teleport away, but the terrifying power sealed the surrounding space.

A level 3 Wanshou against a Level 4 Wanshou was on a completely different level!

"Don't even think about escaping!"

"Little Blue!"

The expressions of the other ten or so experts of the Phoenix dynasty changed drastically. A few of them even wanted to retreat, but at this moment, little blue, who was like a space beast, blocked their path of retreat.

"Ah, Empress, don't kill me, don't kill me!"

The terrified screams suddenly attracted the attention of all the experts of the Phoenix dynasty.

When they looked over, the fire phoenixes kept hitting the emperor's master's corpse. His domain had already collapsed. What awaited him next was death!

It was the Empress's anger and the Empress's judgment.

"Empress Feng, Empress Feng, save me!"

The ten or so longevity experts of the Phoenix dynasty shouted in fear.

Ever since the great empress died, the Phoenix dynasty's strength had decreased instead of increasing. Their strength had not increased at all during the past two years.

In the entire Phoenix dynasty, there was only one emperor's master at the third rank of longevity. The rest were at the second and first rank of longevity.

Once the emperor's master died, they were no match for him. It was only a matter of time before he died.

This caused the more than ten longevity experts of the Phoenix dynasty to be filled with fear as they cried out to Emperor Feng in the sky for help.

"Emperor Lord, save us! We are not a match for the nine God Emperor Lord!"

The cries of the longevity experts of the Phoenix Empire sounded out. Suddenly, the cries of the demon emperors came from the ten thousand fey empire as well.

"Hehehe, I'll save you all. You Bunch of beasts, die!"

"That long-haired beast in the sky will also be killed by our boss. hehehe!"

Mo Sha roared with excitement. He wreaked havoc in the center of hundreds of thousands of demon beasts in the Ten Thousand Demon Empire, killing thousands of demon beasts with each strike.

Moreover, four wanshou experts had already died at Mo Sha's hands.

"Roar Roar Roar, eat my rod!"

"Thunder Hammer, Quake!"

"Heaven-forging hammer, strike the sky!"

Ao qitian, who was holding the ocean-pacifying divine needle, was in the surroundings!

Ao Qi, who was covered in lightning, and Duan Jinming, who was holding the flaming hammer.

Their terrifying strength was fighting with the demon emperor of the ten thousand Fey Empire, who was at the second level of longevity.

Below them, the violent demon monkeys, thunder prawns, and fire hammers were riding on the fire Phoenix Dragon Seed and fighting with the demon beasts and fierce beasts of the ten thousand fey empire.

With their powerful strength and the help of the Dolphins, they were extremely brave.

One by one, the demon beasts and fierce beasts fell to the ground.

At this time, the strange demon had killed the main force of the long-range attacks of the two empires, and the life-reaping arrows once again entered the battlefield.

The arrows with poison were reaping lives at a terrifying speed.

The corpses below had already covered the ground.

"Dragon King, today, I will fight you to the death. Phoenix Nirvana Fire, Burn!"

Over 100,000 meters in the sky, Emperor Phoenix's gaze swept across the area below. He saw that half of the experts and soldiers of the Phoenix dynasty had been lost, and his eyes were blood-red.

His body was burning with blood-red flames.

Burning the Nirvana fire in his body, he exploded with even more powerful strength!

His body began to transform, slowly turning into a fire phoenix with a ferocious human face.

His body was 100 meters wide, and his wings were 200 meters wide. He flapped his wings of fire and directly crashed into the great mill of five elements.


A powerful collision force caused the great mill of five elements to fly backward.

"Kill him!"

"Chirp chirp, wood fire burns, and life goes on endlessly. The karmic fire can not be stopped. Burn, Bone Fire Forest!"

The Master of the demonic bird of the nine heavens looked at Emperor Phoenix who was charging towards him. He looked at his wings that were covered in blood and his eyes revealed a brutal and ruthless look.

He raised his head and roared loudly. A huge forest that was emitting flames appeared in the sky.

The forest blocked the sky for a few hundred kilometers. Endless fire trees were hurled towards Wang Xian!

"Are they all erupting? Good!"


"Ten-thousand-mile-long Dragon Body!"

"Dragon head under the Heavens!"

"Divine dragon swishing its tail!"

"Yin-yang five elements alms bowl!"

"Seven-colored Dragon Territory's blessing!"

When Wang Xian saw the demon bird emperor of the nine heavens erupting completely and the Phoenix Emperor who was burning with the Phoenix Nirvana fire, he let out a loud roar. His eyes were filled with a strong fighting spirit.

All the Dharma images were cast directly. The power of the seven-colored dragon territory was all blessed on his body.

A hundred-mile dragon body, covering the sky and the Sun, appeared in the sky!