A Dragon's roar, a dragon's roar of a divine dragon.

When Wang Xian unleashed all his strength, when all his dharma forms and powers were unleashed.

Wang Xian's entire body had reached a terrifying hundred miles. It was an entire hundred miles in size.

When his hundred-mile-long body was suspended in the sky, the nine heavens demonic bird and Emperor Phoenix were instantly stunned.

What was the concept of a hundred-mile-long dragon body? A fifty-thousand-meter-long body was comparable to half the size of some cities.

In front of him, a person was like a tiny ant.

Even the nine heavens demonic bird and Emperor Phoenix, which were thousands of meters and hundreds of meters long, were like ants in front of a hundred-mile-long dragon body!

Wang Xian's ice-cold dragon eyes stared at the nine heavens demonic bird emperor and Emperor Phoenix. His face was filled with indifference.


He raised his Dragon Claw and attacked the nine heavens demonic bird directly.


The nine heavens demonic bird emperor inhaled a breath of cold air. He flapped his wings and flew directly to the side.

Boom! Boom! Boom

At this moment, Wang Xian's dragon tail swept toward the ancient fire forest that was condensed by the nine heavens demonic bird emperor.

The ancient fire forest that was hundreds of kilometers long was like a larger flame in front of Wang Xian. As the dragon tail swept past, a quarter of it disappeared immediately!


Wang Xian opened his gigantic dragon mouth. A long river filled with destructive energy swept toward the nine heavens demonic bird.

This roar spread across more than half of the vast area!

The dragon's roar resounded through the sky and the Earth!

"What kind of creature are you? How can you have such a huge body? How is this possible!"

The nine heavens demonic bird monarch looked at this terrifying creature that blotted out the sky and the Sun. A hint of fear appeared in his eyes.

Although being huge did not mean that he was powerful, his body was at least a hundred miles long. It was already difficult for him to be injured by ordinary attacks.

As a heaven and earth mutated demonic beast from the extraordinary mainland, this was the first time the king of the nine heavens demonic bird had encountered such a terrifying opponent of the same level.

One had to know that he was not afraid of even dragons of the same level. Now that he was facing Wang Xian, he was actually being suppressed in all directions.

"Myriad Wood Shuttle!"

Looking at the long river of annihilation, the King of the nine heavens demonic bird flapped his huge wings.

The green wings flew out of the dense thorns and headed towards the long river of annihilation.

"Not good!"

However, when the long river of annihilation landed on the thorns, countless thorns withered immediately. The long river of annihilation continued to sweep towards him.

The Nine Heavens Demonic Bird Emperor Lord didn't doubt that if he was hit, he would definitely be heavily injured.

He flapped his wings and hurriedly fled to the side.


At this moment, a terrifying dragon claw attacked him.

The enormous claw was even larger than his body. When the Nine Heavens Demonic Bird Emperor Lord saw the Dragon Claw that suddenly attacked him, his expression changed.


However, the huge force landed on his body, causing his body to fall down at a terrifying speed.


A painful sound came from his mouth. He spat out blood and his body collapsed. His face was filled with shock.

At the side, Emperor Feng was stunned when he saw the terrifying attack and his huge body.

He was burning the Phoenix Nirvana fire, but he was only able to unleash the strength of the peak of level five longevity. He was far weaker than the Emperor of the Nine Heavens Demonic Bird.

Now, even the Emperor of the Nine Heavens Demonic Bird was sent flying backward. How was he supposed to fight back?

A hint of fear appeared in Emperor Phoenix's eyes!

Boom! Boom

However, at this moment, he felt the sky turn dark. That Gigantic Dragon Claw was heading towards him.

"Oh no, the Phoenix Nirvana Fire has exploded!"

He roared loudly. With a flap of his phoenix wings, countless flames covered Wang Xian!

Boom! Boom! Boom

Explosions that sounded like nuclear bombs rang out continuously. The entire sky was instantly covered by incomparably terrifying flames!


However, at this moment, a scene that terrified emperor Feng appeared. In the sky that was completely covered by flames, an incomparably gigantic dragon claw extended out.

The Dragon Claw flickered with seven-colored divine light. The Yin-yang five elements alms bowl completely blocked the attack of the Flames!


The Dragon Claw landed on Emperor Phoenix's body. He was like a fly as he fell downwards.

"Oh my God, a body at least a hundred miles long. Is this... is this the Dragon King? How can he be so terrifying?"

"Hiss, a hundred miles long dragon body blotted out the sky. The nine heavens demonic bird and Emperor Phoenix have been hit and are falling downwards!"

"Emperor Nine Heavens demonic bird has been severely injured. Emperor Phoenix will probably lose half of his life under this attack!"

At this moment, in the array formation of the imperial capital, everyone looked at the enormous body in the sky in shock.

It was the first time they had seen such a huge creature.

"How is this possible!"

On the battlefield, the ten thousand Fey Empire and the Phoenix dynasty looked at Emperor Nine Heavens demonic bird and Emperor Phoenix who were falling to the ground. Their faces were filled with fear and despair.

When the longevity experts were screaming for help, the soldiers of the two empires were on the verge of collapse!

Now, looking at the rapidly falling emperor Lord and the terrifying creature with a dragon's head sticking out from the Flames in the sky...

Everyone's hearts were filled with trepidation and reverence.

Was this a God?



The Nine Heavens Demonic Bird Emperor Lord's body landed heavily on the ground, leaving a deep pit that was hundreds of meters deep.

Soon after, Emperor Phoenix's body also landed on the ground. If it was not enough, he would be in a worse situation. After landing on the ground, one of his wings was actually broken into two pieces.

One could imagine how terrifying this power was.

The two Emperor Lords were directly hit to the ground, and everyone in the world was stunned.

In the sky that was 100,000 meters high, the ten thousand flower bone demon emperor floated in the sky with a dazed expression.

He looked at the Dragon King who was slowly stretching out his gigantic body and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.


At this moment, the five elements millstone revolved and attacked the demon emperor of the myriad flower bone with all its might.


The Demon Emperor of the myriad flower bone was overwhelmed with shock. He hurriedly turned around and fled into the distance.

However, under the control of Wang Xian, the five elements millstone and the gigantic semi-divine weapon revolved and collided directly into his body.

The destructive force wiped out his body and life force, causing his two-thousand-meter-long body to tremble violently.

In less than two seconds, all his life force disappeared and he fell downwards.


Another loud sound was heard as though it had crashed into the hearts of everyone from the ten-thousand Fey Empire and the Phoenix Empire.

Apart from the sounds of battle, the entire battlefield was silent!


"The Empire of ten thousand demons and the Phoenix Empire. From today onwards, all of you will be retiring from the stage of the transcendence continent!"

Wang Xian's gigantic body slowly extended downwards.

Looking at this gigantic dragon body, the battle stopped.

Everyone from the Phoenix Empire and the Empire of ten thousand demons gathered together in fear. They stared at Wang Xian in the sky vigilantly.

"Cough cough, cough cough!"

Two coughs came from the deep pit on the ground!

The Emperor of the nine heavens demonic bird swayed his body and stood up miserably. He stared at the gigantic dragon head in the sky!

"You... how can you be so strong?"