"How... How Are You So Strong?"

At the bottom of the battlefield, there was a deep pit that was a few hundred meters deep and within a range of three to four thousand meters.

The Emperor of the nine heavens demonic bird spread his huge wings and his face was filled with blood.

One of his wings was completely deformed and his body was slightly dented. Some of his feathers had already fallen to the ground.

The King of demonic birds of the nine heavens, who was in an extremely sorry state, raised his head. His voice was filled with unwillingness and disbelief as he stared at Wang Xian.

At this moment, everyone raised their heads and looked at the terrifying dragon head.

Just a single dragon head was already four to five thousand meters in size. He looked down like a mythical mythical beast, looking down at the entire land.

"You are too weak!"

Wang Xian's cold dragon eyes stared at the Emperor of the Nine Heavens Demonic Bird. His gaze swept across all the soldiers and demonic beasts of the Phoenix Empire and the Ten Thousand Demon Empire!

"Today, all of you shall be buried here!"

Boom! Boom

Following that, Wang Xian stretched out his dragon claws and clawed at the Nine Heavens Demonic Bird. His incomparably huge dragon claws seemed to be able to crush a planet.

"I am a mutated species of heaven and earth. How can I die at the hands of someone of the same level? In the extraordinary mainland, I, the Nine Heavens Demonic Bird, am not afraid even if it is a powerhouse of the Dragon Race!"

Upon seeing the Dragon Claw that was coming at him, the nine heavens demonic bird emperor let out a roar. It was incomparably huge.

Around him, terrifying thorns covered the surroundings. In just a short instant, a radius of a few hundred miles was completely covered by thorns.

All the soldiers and demonic beasts in the surroundings hurriedly hid into the distance!

"The branches from the nine heavens are burning the Phoenix Nirvana fire of the Nine Heavens. Burn the Heavens for me!"

The Emperor of the nine heavens demonic bird stared at Wang Xian in the sky with blood-red eyes. The thorns within a radius of 100 kilometers were burning with flames as they soared into the sky.

Every single vine was like a gigantic fire snake!


Upon seeing this scene and seeing this move, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. Their faces revealed a look of shock.

"As expected of the Emperor of the Nine Heavens Demonic Bird. The Nine Heavens Demonic Bird that is going all out is simply too terrifying!"

"After all, he's the Emperor Lord of the Ten Thousand Fey Empire, a top-notch existence in our transcendent continent!"

Everyone in the surroundings watched this scene with faces full of shock.

Even Feng Luan stared at the nine heavens demonic bird with incomparable solemnity.

Even when she was at her peak, she wasn't as strong as the current nine heavens demonic bird emperor lord.

Especially after he used some method to obtain the fire Phoenix bloodline.

"Kill him, kill him. Otherwise, we are finished!"

Everyone from the Empire of ten thousand demons and the Phoenix Empire stared at the final attack of the Emperor of the nine heavens. Their faces were filled with cold sweat.

In just a short ten minutes of battle, more than half of the soldiers from the Phoenix Empire and the Empire of ten thousand demons had already perished.

If the battle continued, they would all be left here!

"A dying struggle!"

Wang Xian looked at the sky full of thorns attacking him with flames. He waved his dragon claw gently.


In the sky, the five elements grinding mill flew directly below him.

"Yin-yang tai chi!"

"Five elements grinding mill!"

He shouted softly. A Yin-yang tai chi pattern appeared below the five elements grinding mill.

The Yin-yang tai chi was activated. Countless fire thorns landed on it, and more than half of their strength was absorbed by it.

When it landed on the five elements grinding mill, it was easily blocked!

"Today, I announce that the nine heavens demonic bird has suffered a loss!"

Wang Xian's cold dragon eyes stared at the nine heavens demonic bird emperor. His dragon claws contained the powerful yin-yang and five elements powers as well as the physical strength of his body. He continued to probe downwards.

"Chirp chirp chirp chirp, I am not reconciled!"

The nine heavens demonic bird emperor's blood-red eyes stared at the dragon claws that were attacking him. Fresh blood flowed out from his eyes. He was filled with anger and unwillingness.


However, five huge dragon claws clawed at the Nine Heavens Demonic Bird Emperor Lord, causing the earth to shake.


"Nine Heavens Demonic Bird Emperor Lord... is he going to die?"

"Heavens, just a single dragon claw is already several thousand meters wide..."

"It can't be, an Emperor Lord is really going to die here!"

A shocked voice sounded, and everyone's eyes widened as they stared at the center.

The members of the forces who came to watch the ceremony never expected that such a shocking event would happen today.


Wang Xian's dragon eyes of Yin Yang and five elements stared at the center. A faint smile appeared on his face.

His body moved and transformed into a human form.


At this moment, a figure was fleeing into the distance at a rapid speed.

Wang Xian looked over and saw that extremely pathetic figure. He laughed.

In the beginning, this figure was extremely arrogant and arrogant.


"Emperor Feng, when you guys came, you didn't expect such an ending, right?"

The gigantic five elements millstone descended from the sky and landed heavily in front of Emperor Feng who was fleeing.

"Feng Chaotian, when you killed me, you didn't expect me to be resurrected, right?"

Feng Luan quickly looked at the disheveled figure and slowly walked towards Wang Xian.

She stared at Emperor Feng and asked coldly.

"Hehe, Hehe, I didn't expect it. I really didn't expect it!"

Emperor Feng turned his head around in a disheveled state. His crown was slanted and his dragon robe was torn. He clenched his fists and stared at Wang Xian with an unwilling expression.

"If it weren't for you, even if Feng Luan was resurrected, I would be able to kill her again. It's all because of you. It's all because of you!"

He glared at Wang Xian with a ferocious and maniacal expression as he shouted out involuntarily.

"Go to the ground and accompany the nine heavens demon bird. Two overlord Lords would be a good companion!"

Wang Xian spoke to Emperor Feng indifferently. With a wave of his arm, the Five Elements Grindstone was pulled by the five divine dragons. A destructive force was directed towards Emperor Feng.

"I won't die, I won't die. I'm the Overlord of the Phoenix Empire, one of the peak of the Continent!"

Emperor Phoenix roared ferociously as he fled frantically into the distance.

However, with his strength, it was impossible for him to escape from Wang Xian's attack.


The gigantic five elements millstone crashed onto Emperor Phoenix's body, causing him to fall to the ground once again.

This time, his life force had completely disappeared!

The smoke that rose from the nine heavens demonic bird emperor Lord had already disappeared, and there were corpses lying quietly inside.

The emperor of the Ten Thousand Fey Empire!

The Emperor of the Phoenix dynasty!

Two Emperor Lords were lying quietly on the ground, and they had fallen just like that!


Regardless of whether it was the forces that had come to watch the ceremony or everyone from the dragon-phoenix Empire, they all swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

These two were the emperors of the previous five empires on the continent!

One of the five most powerful people had actually fallen at the hands of a new faction, the Dragon King.

Such a scene was shocking!

"The emperor of the Phoenix dynasty and the Emperor of the Ten Thousand Demons Empire are dead. There's no need for the two empires to exist anymore!"

"Just nice. The dragon-phoenix Empire and the Dragon Palace will replace the two major factions. Hehe!"

At this moment, Wang Xian's chuckle rang out. He raised his arm slowly and said, "Kill everyone from the two empires for this grand ceremony!"

This order caused despair to appear in the eyes of the hundreds of thousands of soldiers from the Ten Thousand Demons Empire and the Phoenix Empire.

They looked at the figure in the middle with fear and shock!

Beheading the Overlord, ascending to the peak!