"Kill! Kill!"

"Haha, they still came here to destroy us. Now, Let's Die Here!"

"Brothers, kill them and destroy the two empires!"

When Wang Xian gave the order, the disciples of the dragon-phoenix Empire, the nine God Empire and the Dragon Palace took action instantly. They did not hesitate at all.

Emperor Phoenix and the Nine Heavens Demonic Bird Emperor Lord had already fallen. Their most powerful experts had already died.

At this moment, what else could they use to fight against the dragon-phoenix Empire and the Dragon Palace?

It was a situation of certain death. It was a situation of certain death.

"Run, run, run! Run!"

"We surrender, we admit defeat!"

Terrified voices came from the mouths of the members of the Phoenix Empire and the Ten Thousand Fey Empire.

When they saw the experts who were charging over, their faces were filled with fear.

Since the Overlord was dead, they only had three options -- escape, die, and surrender!

However, could they escape?

The people from the two empires were in chaos. Some of them turned around and fled while others knelt in the air and shouted loudly for their surrender.


Wang Xian's gaze swept across the fleeing experts. There was no trace of mercy on his face.

He waved his arm and a river of destruction shot towards the fleeing powerhouses.

With his strength of level six of longevity, no one could escape from his sight.


Screams of agony rang out continuously. The once lofty longevity powerhouses who were at the peak of the void interpretation stage were now like lambs waiting to be slaughtered!


Feng Luan and Mo Sha did not stop either.

There were 600,000 to 700,000 experts from the two empires. Even though they had killed 300,000 to 400,000 of them in the battle just now, there was still a large number of them left.

When Feng Luan, Mo Sha, and the rest had also charged through the battlefield, and when Wang Xian killed the Wanshou experts one by one, the two empires could be said to have completely collapsed.

Every second, more than a thousand members of the two empires died.

Blood flowed like a river, and the corpses piled up like a mountain.

The bones of a hundred-meter-long demon king and Demon Emperor were buried in this land.

The 17 peak families of the Phoenix dynasty and the personal guards of Emperor Feng died one after another.

The experts who had once served the empress were all killed by Feng Luan with her own hands.

Those who had been ungrateful, those who had betrayed the great empress, and those who had betrayed the great empress were all killed by Feng Luan.

Screams could be heard everywhere!

"Hiss. I didn't expect that the founding ceremony of the dragon-phoenix Empire would be the day of the destruction of the Phoenix dynasty and the Ten Thousand Fey Empire!"

"The Dragon King of the Dragon Palace is so powerful. He killed more than half of the longevity experts by himself. This is too heaven-defying!"

"After today, the entire transcendence continent will probably be shocked. There's no longer the Phoenix dynasty and the Ten Thousand Fey Empire in the world. There's only the dragon-phoenix Empire and the Dragon Palace!"

"Next, the dragon-phoenix Empire and the Dragon Palace will probably occupy the territories of the two empires. With the nine God Empire joining forces, even our Dragonman Empire will be afraid!"

Inside the array formation of the imperial capital, the factions that came to watch the ceremony sucked in a breath of cold air.

In this battle, more than 40 longevity experts had fallen, around 80,000 insightful void experts had been killed, and 600,000 to 700,000 of the most elite disciples of the two empires had been annihilated.

The destruction of the two empires!

The battle was earth-shattering. They could imagine that after today, the dragon-phoenix Empire and the Dragon Palace would replace the two empires and stand at the top of the extraordinary continent.

"Haha, they're too powerful. Our Dragon-phoenix Empire and Lord Wang are too powerful!"

"We've killed all the elites of the two empires. We'll rise up after today. Haha!"

"Long live the Empress! Long live the Dragon King!"

The people of the dragon-phoenix Empire were extremely excited.

They looked at the soldiers and members of the Dragon Palace who were slaughtering everyone with admiration.

The slaughter lasted for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, none of the enemies survived!

The ground was covered with corpses.

The members of the Dragon Palace started to put the corpses into their interspatial rings while Prime Minister Gui collected the fallen disciples of the Dragon Palace with the soul-returning wood and resurrected them.

"Reporting to the empress, 12,000 soldiers and 175 insightful emptiness realm experts of the dragon-phoenix Empire have died in this battle!"

"All the enemies were annihilated!"

The soldiers of the dragon-phoenix Empire began to report the results of the battle!

"Bury these 12,000 disciples and soldiers as heroes of the Empire. Our Empire will compensate their families the most!"

Feng Luan frowned slightly and said straightforwardly.

In a war, even if one won, there would be death.

However, compared to the death of 600,000 to 700,000 enemies, the loss of only 10,000 was already very, very small!

"Dragon King, 123 disciples of the Dragon Palace have died!"

Prime Minister Gui also came over to report.

Wang Xian nodded slowly. With the ancestral tree and the soul-returning wood, the disciples of the Dragon Palace could be revived.

The loss of more than 100 people was completely acceptable.

Compared to the enemies and gains that he had killed, it was completely negligible.

"Feng Luan, we will head to the Phoenix dynasty and the ten thousand fey empire immediately and take over the two empires!"

Wang Xian said to Feng Luan who was beside him.


Feng Luan nodded her head and her eyes were filled with excitement.

The Ten Thousand Fey Empire and the Phoenix Empire could be said to be in the bag to destroy the elite powerhouses of the two empires this time.

After subduing the two factions, the dragon-phoenix Empire and the Dragon Palace would be able to obtain a terrifying amount of resources.

Furthermore, after nearly two years, she could finally rule the central continent as the empress and the entire transcendence continent once again!

"Prime Minister Gui, get the civil officials of the Dragon Palace and the Fire Hammer clan of the Dragon Guardian tribe to send all the corpses to the Dragon Palace. The rest of the members, follow me to the central continent!"

Wang Xian immediately ordered.

"It's the Dragon King!"

Prime Minister Gui immediately replied.

"Firecloud guards, follow me to the Phoenix Empire. The rest of you, guard the dragon-phoenix Empire!"

Feng Luan also gave the order to everyone in the dragon-phoenix Empire.

"It's the Empress!"

The soldiers of the dragon-phoenix Empire immediately replied.

"Let's Go!"

"Let's Go!"

"Roar! Roar! Roar!"

Nine Dragon roars and nine flood dragons pulled the throne and roared!

Wang Xian moved his body and sat on it.

"Sister Feng Luan, let's get on Xiao Lan!"

Lan qingyue said to Feng Luan.


Feng Luan smiled and nodded. She wasn't as flashy as Wang Xian.

Nine creatures with the combat strength of the second level of longevity pulled on the throne. In the entire transcendence continent, there were only a few who had such strength.

"Let's Go!"

Wang Xian sat on the throne. More than 10,000 experts from the Dragon Palace, more than 5,000 experts from the dragon-phoenix Empire, and more than 10,000 experts from the nine God Empire flew toward the central continent.

"The transcendence continent is about to change!"

Some of the factions that came to observe the ceremony whispered.

"Let's go back as well. We must report this matter to the Emperor and the rest!"

The powerhouses from the Ao Shan Empire and the dragon-man Empire looked at each other and immediately led their disciples back to the central continent!