The vast land was vast and vast, with green mountains rising and falling!

The waves of the transcendental sea were several hundred meters wide, and the waves were magnificent!

"Roar Roar Roar!"

At this moment, dragon roars resounded through the heaven and earth, and a powerful team stepped into the central area of the transcendental continent.

Nine thousand-meter-long flood dragons pulled a throne, and magical warriors followed behind them.

A 20,000-meter-long creature was accompanying them. A goddess-like beauty was standing on top of the giant beast, overlooking the land.

"We're back again!"

Feng Luan looked at this familiar land and muttered.

"Feng Luan, you guys go to the Phoenix Empire. I'll go to the Ten Thousand Fey Empire!"

Wang Xian looked at Feng Luan and said directly to her.

"Alright, let Mo Sha bring you to the Ten Thousand Fey Empire. I'll handle the Phoenix Empire!"

Feng Luan nodded.

"Yes, Ao Jian, Mu Zesen, bring your clansmen and follow Feng Luan!"

Wang Xian nodded and instructed the dragon guards and the Heavenly Eye Arrow Division behind him.

"It's the Dragon King!"

Ao Jian and Mu Zesen nodded and came to Xiao Lan.

"Let's Go!"

The Phoenix Dynasty was located in the north of the central continent while the dragon-phoenix Empire was located in the south of the central continent. The two empires were very far apart.

The flood dragon flew at a height of tens of thousands of meters and flew rapidly towards the direction of the Ten Thousand Demons Empire.

Meanwhile, Xiao Lan led Feng Luan and the rest to fly towards the Phoenix dynasty.

Although Xiao Lan was carrying a group of people, their speed was much faster than Wang Xian's.

"What kind of giant beast is that? Oh My God, it's so huge!"

"Hiss, what... What is this? What a huge body!"

When Xiao Lan flew over some cities, she caught the attention of some people. When they saw the terrifying giant beast that was 20 kilometers in size, all of them were shocked.

Five hours later, the territory of the Phoenix dynasty appeared in their line of sight. A city appeared in front of them.

"Empress, the Phoenix dynasty is now completely under the control of the 17 great families. Every city has the remnants of the 17 great families!"

Feng Yun looked at the city below and said with a frown.

After all, the Phoenix dynasty was the territory that the Empress had conquered. However, ever since the fall of the Empress 1,800 years ago, the entire Phoenix dynasty had been controlled by the 17 great families.

Their disciples were planted in every city. They were arrogant and tyrannical, bullying men and women, and lived like kings.

The people of the entire Phoenix dynasty were living in misery!

"Not a single disciple from the seventeen families is left alive!"

Feng Luan's eyes were filled with coldness as she said.

Feng Yun slowly nodded. At this time, he would rather kill a hundred people than let one go.

This was the sin committed by the seventeen families. Now was the time for them to pay for it!

"Let's go to the imperial capital!"

Feng Luan said indifferently.

Xiao Lan flew quickly. The land of the Phoenix dynasty was vast. It took them more than ten hours to arrive at the imperial capital of the Phoenix Dynasty.

The imperial capital with a population of forty million was extremely prosperous.

"What is that?"

"What a huge creature. They are flying towards our imperial capital!"

"What is that huge beast doing here? Oh My God!"

When Xiao Lan approached the imperial capital of the Phoenix Dynasty, the experts in the imperial capital immediately discovered it.

All the city guards and experts in the imperial capital immediately flew into the sky.


A formation completely blocked the entire imperial capital.

"Who are you? Why did you barge into our Phoenix Dynasty? !"

One by one, the city guards and soldiers at the profound void tier flew into the sky and stared at Xiao Lan in the sky with palpitations on their faces.

Within the city, all the citizens of the Phoenix dynasty also looked at the gigantic beast in the sky with shock on their faces. Their expressions changed slightly!

"It's been more than 1,800 years. has the entire city guard changed?"

Feng Luan's footsteps were light as she walked down from Xiao Lan's body. Feng Yun followed beside her.

She strolled in the air above the center of the Phoenix Dynasty's imperial capital. Her Phoenix Robe fluttered even though there was no wind.

"This figure?"

"This... This Is?"

The city guards of the imperial capital were slightly stunned. They looked at the familiar figure with a stunned expression.

"It's the empress, it's the Empress. That familiar voice, that familiar figure. Oh My God, it's the Empress. Didn't the Empress Die?"

At this moment, a shocked and unbelievable voice sounded from within the city. An old man shouted excitedly.

"What? The Empress? How is this possible!"

"Empress, our empress isn't..."

"It's the empress, it's the Empress. Look at that face, I will never forget it for the rest of my life!"

Some people's faces were filled with shock, some widened their eyes, and some had ugly expressions.

The entire imperial capital was instantly thrown into chaos.

"More than two thousand years ago, I, Feng Luan, established the Phoenix Dynasty. 1,800 years ago, I was harmed by the crafty Feng Chaotian, and 17 founding ministers became the lackeys of the Phoenix dynasty!"

"One day ago, I established the dragon-phoenix Empire. Feng Chaotian led all the experts of the Feng dynasty to besiege them. Now, they have all been killed!"

"Today, I, Feng Luan, have returned. I sentence those who are close to the Feng dynasty to be exterminated!"

"Those from the 17 great families, exterminated!"

Feng Luan stood in the sky and announced the verdict indifferently!

Her voice spread throughout the city, and everyone's eyes widened in shock.

The disciples of the seventeen great families instantly broke out in cold sweat and became extremely pale.

"Remove the array formation!"

Feng Luan looked at the array formation that enveloped the imperial city and said indifferently.

"No... impossible, the Empress is already dead. You are not the empress, you are not!"

A city guard expert shouted in disbelief.

He was a disciple of the seventeen great families, and when he heard Feng Luan's words, his face was filled with disbelief.


Feng Luan waved her arm, and a staff, Phoenix staff, appeared in her hand. She looked down and lightly waved it.

A gigantic fire Phoenix appeared in the sky and attacked the array formation below.

Feng Luan's attack directly passed through the array formation and landed on the city guard.

The city guard widened his eyes, and before he could even react, he was turned into ashes.

"The array formation in the imperial city was built by me!"

Feng Luan said indifferently.

How could the array formation she built stop her!

"It's the empress. It's 100% the Empress!"

"Haha, Empress, the Empress is finally back. Kill the people of the 17 great families!"

"That's right. Over the past thousand years, the 17 great families have been arrogant and despotic. We dare not voice our anger!"

"We welcome the Empress!"

"We welcome the Empress's return!"

Within the city, seeing Feng Luan's attack, all the people of the Feng dynasty were almost certain that their empress had returned.

Most of the people had incomparably excited expressions on their faces.

They directly knelt on the ground and shouted loudly with faces full of excitement.

"No, no, how could this be!"

"Our Emperor Feng, our ancestor was actually killed by the empress. No, I don't want to die, I don't want to Die!"

"It has nothing to do with us, everything has nothing to do with us!"

However, those trusted aides of Emperor Feng, the disciples of the seventeen great families, all had panicked expressions on their faces.

"Fire cloud guards, eliminate Feng Chaotian and all the disciples of the seventeen great families!"

Feng Luan ordered in a cold voice.