"My two young friends, please take a seat!"

In the sky, below the team of the Dragon Palace and the nine God Empire.

Beside a small mountain, a stone bench appeared in front of Wang Xian and Mo Sha. The old man smiled as he gestured at them.

"My... old... senior, you... how... How are you still alive?"

Mo Sha stared at the old man in front of him with his eyes wide open. He looked at him in disbelief as he spoke with a trembling mouth.

Wang Xian was extremely shocked when he saw his expression.

Mo Sha had always been extremely arrogant. He did not put anyone in his eyes. Even when faced with the Emperor of the Nine Heavens Demonic Bird who was much stronger than him, his expression remained unchanged.

Why was he so fearful when facing an old man now.

The old man was dressed in green clothes and had a kind expression on his face. He was like a huge mountain that had stood for tens of thousands of years.

Although Wang Xian could feel a fatal threat from the old man, he was not as fearful as Mo Sha.

"Mo Sha, who is this senior?"

Wang Xian asked in puzzlement.

"Boss, this is... The Emperor of Ao Shan, the legendary Emperor of Ao Shan!"

Mo Sha exclaimed in shock.

"Oh? The Emperor of Aoshan Empire?"

Wang Xian raised his eyebrows and asked in surprise.

"No, the current emperor is Ao beiming, who is known as the strongest human. This is the legendary great emperor of Aoshan who fought against the dragon ancestor for three days and three nights!"

"Oh my God, aren't you already dead? How... how could it be..."

Mo Sha widened his eyes and said in shock.


Wang Xian was slightly shocked and looked at the old man in astonishment.

He had read the name of Emperor Ao Shan in a book before.

A terrifying powerhouse from more than 10,000 years ago, the strongest powerhouse among humans.

The most shocking thing about Emperor Ao Shan's life was that he once fought with an old dragon for three days and three nights.

According to legend, the entire battle affected one-third of the extraordinary ocean. The Sun and Moon lost their light, and the sky and Earth changed color!

After the final battle, Emperor Ao Shan's name resounded throughout the entire extraordinary continent.

However, the lifespan of a longevity expert was only ten thousand years. Emperor Ao Shan should have died eight to nine thousand years ago.

In fact, eight to nine thousand years later, there was no more news of Emperor Ao Shan.

However, the legend of the Great Emperor of Ao Shan had spread throughout the entire supernatural continent.

After all, he was the only human who could fight against the dragon race.

"Hehe, it's me, an old man who has lived for more than 17,000 years!"

When the old man heard Mo Sha's words, he smiled and did not hide it at all!


Wang Xian's pupils constricted slightly as he sized up the old man in astonishment.

"Senior, you... have you already become..."

Mo Sha gulped and stared at him in shock.

Before he could finish his sentence, the Great Emperor of Ao Shan shook his head slowly and said plainly, "There's no hope of becoming a god. Even if you're a half-step god, there's no hope at all!"

"Then... then how... How did you live for so long?"

Mo Sha asked with his eyes still wide open.

After all, the person in front of him was a legendary existence!

"It's just relying on external objects. I can live twice as long!"

The King of Ao Shan looked at the mountain peak in front of him and said slowly.

Wang Xian looked at the ordinary-looking mountain peak and was a little shocked.

This was... a divine weapon, a divine weapon with intelligence!

"May I know why senior is looking for me?"

Wang Xian looked at Emperor Ao Shan and asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

The person in front of him was probably at level nine of longevity!

With the help of the divine weapon in his hand, he was practically invincible in the transcendental continent.

The only person who could fight against him might be the strongest person in the dragon race.

"It's nothing. I'm just here out of curiosity. Let's take a look!"

"A few days ago, I received some news about you from beiming. I'm curious about how a young man in his thirties managed to reach level six of longevity and was able to kill a demonic bird of the nine heavens!"

"Such talent is not even comparable to the one from the dragon race. Hence, I came to see if you are a human or have other bloodlines!"

Emperor Ao Shan did not hide anything and spoke directly.

"HMM? I am a human, but I have obtained a huge opportunity!"

Wang Xian's eyes were sparkling as he spoke.

"Hehe, we are indeed of the same species!"

Emperor Ao Shan smiled. "Looking at the history of the transcendence continent over a million years ago, your talent is the best even in the ancient times!"

As he spoke, he slowly took out a teapot and three teacups.

When Mo Sha saw that, he immediately filled the teapots one by one!

"Then, May I know why senior is looking for me?"

Wang Xian asked Emperor Ao Shan respectfully.

The person in front of him was an old monster who had lived for 17,000 years. He had no choice but to respect him.

"There's nothing else. I just hope that you won't seek refuge with the Dragon Clan in the future!"

Emperor Ao Shan said directly.

"HMM? Seek refuge with the Dragon Clan? Of course, I won't seek refuge with the Dragon Clan!"

Wang Xian said directly.

"You don't have to promise me anything. The reason why I'm here today is to tell you something, something about humans!"

Emperor Ao Shan picked up his teacup, took a sip, and said slowly.

"I'm all ears!"

Wang Xian nodded.

"I wonder if you know about the powers of the dragon race. As the overlords of the transcendence continent, their abilities far exceed everyone's imagination!"

Emperor Ao Shan said plainly.

Wang Xian nodded at the side and did not speak. He listened quietly.

"For hundreds of thousands of years, the path to godhood of the transcendence continent has been severed. It has been a long, long time since a god appeared. Ever since the path to Godhood was severed, the dragon race has relied on their bloodline to dominate the transcendence continent!"

"This rule lasted for hundreds of thousands of years. For hundreds of thousands of years, countless overlords of the Dragon Clan tried to become a god, but none of them succeeded!"

"However, more than 10,000 years ago, a member of the Dragon clan with terrifying talent appeared. He used more than 30 years to reach the longevity realm. In a thousand years, he reached the half-step God realm. It could be said that he shocked the entire Dragon Clan!"

"His appearance was known as the god of the dragon race. However, in the next 10,000 years, he didn't become a God!"

"Because of the bloodline, the dragon race had a long life span, twice that of humans. After 10,000 years, the god of the dragon race didn't even reach the god realm. Later, he found a possibility to become a god and believed in becoming a god!"

"In order to become a god, he wanted all the living beings on the continent to worship him. He wanted to enslave all living beings, including humans!"

"It was also that time. I fought with the god of the dragon race for three days and three nights. If I didn't rely on the towering mountain, I would have been killed by him long ago!"

"Therefore, I stopped the ambition of the god of the dragon race. Later, he took a step back and expanded the DRAKONID Empire to develop his belief. The facts proved that belief couldn't become a god!"

At this point, Emperor Ao Shan smiled and revealed a proud expression. "The god of the dragon race is brutal. Speaking of which, if it weren't for the fact that I, an old man, am still around and the towering mountain is still around, the humans might have already been exterminated by the Dragon Race!"


Wang Xian was slightly shocked when he heard his words!