Wang Xian did not expect that there would be such a secret in the supernatural continent.

The powerful and heaven-defying god of the dragon race, the Emperor of Ao Shan who controlled the divine weapon.

The path of becoming the god of the dragon race.

Believing in God Ascension!

Each and every incident shocked him.

Wang Xian looked at the Emperor of Ao Shan who was sitting in front of him. He looked at the arrogant look on his face.

Could This fellow be showing off to me?

"Senior, you're telling me all this, right?"

Wang Xian pondered for a moment and asked Emperor Ao Shan.

"There's nothing much. I'm just here to tell you that the dragon race is the enemy of us humans. You have the strength to influence the two empires and involve almost half of the population of the extraordinary mainland. Don't submit to the dragon race unless you have no other choice!"

"That's because I can't guarantee that the god of the dragon race will not do anything drastic. After all, he has already reached the half-step God realm at the age of 1,000 years. Now, he only has a lifespan of over 2,000 years. If he doesn't make a breakthrough soon, he will die. The dragon race is such a magnificent existence. They won't be so satisfied!"

Emperor Ao Shan reminded Wang Xian.

"Also, I would like to see the heaven's favorites in our human race who are comparable to the god of the dragon race. Hehe, if you can become a god in your lifetime, our human race can be considered to be prosperous!"

Emperor Ao Shan continued.

"Don't worry, senior. If I have the power of a God one day, I will rule the entire ocean. I will also support the empress to unify the mainland!"

Wang Xian smiled and said directly.

"Haha, you are ambitious. Young friend, if you can reach the godly state, you will be able to unify the entire transcendence continent. By then, it will be a great merit!"

Emperor Ao Shan laughed out loud. "Alright, I will not disturb you anymore. We will meet again when we have the chance!"

As he said that, Emperor Ao Shan's figure disappeared.

Wang Xian looked at a direction in the sky and raised his eyebrows slightly.

"This Emperor Ao Shan is pretty good!"

He commented faintly.

"Emperor Ao Shan is the most brilliant powerhouse in the past 100,000 years!"

Mo Sha, who was beside him, said with a sigh. This person was a peerless powerhouse in history. He did not expect to meet him in person.

"The Aoshan Empire occupies the center of the supernatural continent and has the broadest land. They have existed for the longest time. Their heritage is really strong. They even have a divine weapon!"

Wang Xian's eyes flickered. That was a divine weapon!

"It is rumored that the nine God Empire and the Aoshan Empire are empires left behind by gods. Our nine God Empire is obviously much weaker. However, I am puzzled. Is it so difficult to become a god? "Even the god of the dragon race failed to become a god after more than 10,000 years?"

"The dragon race controls most of the resources in the extraordinary mainland!"

Mo Sha said in surprise.

"Maybe it's because of the Dragon Race's Bloodline!"

Wang Xian guessed.

The dragon race in this world couldn't even be compared to the dragon race in the Dragon Palace. It was similar to the fire hammer race in the past. Due to the limitations of their bloodline, it was difficult for them to break through to the godly state.

"Let's Go!"

Wang Xian said to Mo sha before returning to the dragon throne and continuing to sail towards the Phoenix dynasty.

Although the arrival of the legendary figure of the extraordinary mainland, the Great Emperor Aoshan, was beyond his expectations, he did not take it to heart.

Regardless of whether it was the Great Emperor Aoshan or the god of the Dragons, as long as he was given a few more years, they would not be a match for him.

"After I return this time, my level will be greatly improved. Furthermore, the Dragon Palace has already reached level five. Even if the god of the Dragon Clan attacks me personally, the Dragon Palace's defense will be able to withstand it!"

Wang Xian revealed a look of confidence.

The team from the Dragon Palace flew and soon arrived at the Phoenix dynasty.

When the citizens of the Phoenix dynasty saw the huge team from the Dragon Palace, they weren't too surprised.

In the past ten days, they had clearly learned about the dragon-phoenix Empire and the Dragon Palace.

The citizens of the Phoenix dynasty were filled with gratitude towards a dragon palace that had helped their empress to get to where she was today.

"Little Xian, have you dealt with the Ten Thousand Demons Empire?"

Lan qingyue, Guan Shuqing, and the other girls asked him.

"Yes, I've dealt with all of them. What about the Phoenix Empire?"

Wang Xian nodded with a smile and looked at Feng Luan!

"I've dealt with them!"

Feng Luan nodded as well.

"Are you planning to place the imperial capital of the Dragon Phoenix Empire in the ruins of the divine kingdom or the Phoenix Empire?"

Wang Xian's gaze swept across the imperial capital of the Phoenix Empire. In terms of prosperity, it was much better than the current imperial capital.

However, in terms of defense, the ruins of the Divine Kingdom was better!

"I'm also considering it. The vast area is a little far from the Phoenix dynasty, but I can't give up on any of them!"

Feng Luan frowned slightly and hesitated.

The vast area had the benefits of the vast area. It was difficult to make a decision here.

"Why don't we go back first and think about it?"

Wang Xian said to her, "I plan to bring the disciples of the Dragon Palace back. The resources that I bring back this time will allow the Dragon Palace to receive a huge upgrade!"

"Alright, you guys can go back first. I have to settle some matters here in the Phoenix Empire!"

Feng Luan said to him.

"Alright, if you have any problems, you can ask Mo Sha for help directly!"

Wang Xian didn't stay in the Phoenix dynasty any longer. He brought the group of girls and the members of the Dragon Palace and flew towards the vast area.

With Xiao Lan carrying them, Wang Xian and the rest returned to the Dragon Palace three days later.

"Next, we will increase the strength of all the members of the Dragon Palace!"

Wang Xian floated in the sky above the Dragon Palace and said to all the disciples of the Dragon Palace.

"It's the Dragon King!"

Prime Minister Gui and all the members of the Dragon Palace revealed an excited expression.

This time, the resources that the Dragon Palace had obtained were too huge!

"Prime Minister Gui, lead all the members of the Dragon Palace into the Dragon Pool!"

Wang Xian said with a smile.


Prime Minister Gui nodded.

Wang Xian moved his body and flew directly into the Dragon King's palace.

Next, he had to start improving his strength.

The interspatial rings of the six to seven hundred thousand experts from the Empire of ten thousand demons and the Phoenix dynasty. The elixirs in them were extremely terrifying.

Other than those elixirs, there were also the spiritual herbs and various treasures that he had obtained when he went to the empire of ten thousand demons.

These treasures were sufficient to give him a huge improvement in his strength.

Taking out the elixirs one by one, Wang Xian transformed into the body of a divine dragon and swallowed the elixirs and spiritual herbs in large mouthfuls.

It was almost equivalent to the treasures of two empires.

This was especially so for the empire of ten thousand demons. It had a history of more than 300,000 years. The treasures that they stored were so great that even Wang Xian was shocked.

One pill after another turned into dense dragon qi. Wang Xian's strength began to increase rapidly.

Half an hour later, his level had directly increased by one level.

However, he did not stop. The pills in his interspatial ring were enough for him to increase another level.

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for reaching the third level of longevity!"

When he had consumed 70% of his resources, the system's voice sounded. Only then did he stop!