Name: Wang Xian

Race: Yin-yang Five Elements Divine Dragon (man-dragon unity)

Level: Longevity Level 3(fourth change of the Divine Dragon Transformation)

Divine Crystal: 111/25,000

Supernatural ability: rule the water tribe (rule the water tribe below their level)

Devour living things (devour living things to extract divine crystals)

Control of the five elements

Cultivation Method: Divine Dragon Transformation

Abhijna: soul-absorbing, spirit-attaching, Yin-yang five elements dragon eyes.

Aspect: five elements great mill, Dragon Kingdom in the palm, Dragon head under the heavens, Dragon body of ten thousand miles, yin-yang Poles, Yin-yang five elements alms bowl, divine dragon tail.

Domain: Rainbow Dragon Domain

Dragon Palace: Level 5.

Members of Dragon Palace: 23,333

In the Dragon King's Hall of the Dragon Palace, a three-thousand-meter-long Wang Xian was swaying his body. His entire body was flashing with seven-colored radiance.

Waves of powerful dragon might were surging towards the surroundings.

A Majestic Dragon Head, a huge body, and two huge dragon horns...

Every part of his body seemed to have been carved by divine work. It was completely flawless.

"Although I didn't comprehend any skills during this upgrade, the immense power has given me the terrifying strength to kill a level eight Wanshou Master!"

Wang Xian felt the strength of his body and a majestic glow shot out from his eyes.

The area of the seven-colored dragon field had reached a radius of 1,600 kilometers.

Within this 1,600 kilometers, he could teleport to any place.

"Now, I should be able to kill two level eight longevity dragon emperors. As for humans, I should be able to kill four level eight longevity experts!"

Wang Xian's eyes sparkled. The improvement this time was too great.

"The great emperor of Aoshan has the strength of level nine of longevity. The strongest person in the Aoshan Empire, ao beiming, has the strength of level seven of longevity!"

"The Dragon Emperor of the Drakonid Empire seems to have the strength of level seven of longevity as well. Speaking of which, he is the second strongest person among the humans!"

"However, there should be more than a dozen people from the Dragon Clan who are at level eight, level nine, and half-step divine realm!"

He thought to himself. In the entire supernatural continent, he was already close to the strongest.


Wang Xian let out a soft roar. Sensing the powerful force, he transformed into his human form and arrived at the dragon transformation pool.

At this moment, all the members of the Dragon Palace were entrenched in the dragon transformation pool.

The nine divine dragons that were entrenched on the dragon pearl spat out resplendent dragon blood.

The dragon blood was poured directly on the members of the Dragon Palace.

"I wonder how strong the members of the Dragon Palace will be in half a month's time!"

The corners of Wang Xian's mouth curled up slightly.

The birth of the Dragon Palace had shocked the entire supernatural continent. The return of the Empress had similarly shocked the entire supernatural continent.

The destruction of the ten thousand Fey Empire and the Phoenix dynasty shocked everyone on the continent.

From then on, the transcendence continent no longer had the ten thousand fey empire and the Phoenix dynasty, only the Dragon Palace and the Phoenix dynasty.

Time slowly passed, and the Phoenix Dynasty changed its name to the Dragon Phoenix Empire, becoming the territory of the Dragon Phoenix Empire.

After the Phoenix Phoenix wiped out the seventeen great families, huge amounts of resources flowed into the Dragon Phoenix Empire, creating numerous experts.

The entire extraordinary continent temporarily entered a stable state.

Half a month later, all the members of the Dragon Palace used up the resources they obtained this time, causing the strength of the entire Dragon Palace to receive a huge increase.

The number of members in the Dragon Palace who had the combat strength of a rank one wanshou reached over 100.

All the leaders had reached rank two wanshou.

As for the other members, the weakest had reached level five of the profound void realm and could fight against level six of the profound void realm.

More than two thousand Saturn turtles had been subdued, and they had become the Royal Sky Division of the Dragon Palace. After absorbing dragon blood and breaking through the bloodline limit, their defense had reached a terrifying level.

None of the members of the Dragon Palace at the same level could break through their defense.

Their powerful and invincible defense meant that their attack power was very weak. In the entire Dragon Palace, their attack power was the weakest.

Even so, they were still a very powerful race in the entire extraordinary continent.

Even Prime Minister Gui was preparing to advance toward the Saturn Turtle Clan.

Half a month later, Feng Luan returned to the Dragon Palace.

The final decision was to place the imperial capital of the dragon-phoenix Empire in the former imperial capital of the Phoenix Dynasty.

The central continent region was the center of the entire continent. The quality of the ordinary citizens there was one level higher than the vast region.

The prodigies of the vast region might only be considered ordinary geniuses in the central continent region.

After Feng Luan returned, she took out a huge amount of resources and began to raise her strength.

The resources of the Phoenix dynasty were not requested by the King Immortal. With the resources accumulated by the seventeen families and the Phoenix Emperor, it was enough for Feng Luan to receive a huge increase in her strength.

"Little Xian, are we going to move the Dragon Palace to the Sea of extraordinariness next?"

In the Dragon Palace, a group of girls and Wang Xian were lying in the Dragon King's bedroom. Lan Qingyue asked directly.

"Yes. If the Dragon Palace wants to continue developing, it must go to the Sea of extraordinariness!"

Wang Xian nodded.

At present, the Dragon Palace and the dragon-phoenix Empire had stabilized. With the resources obtained from forging weapons by the fire hammer clan, the maximum number of five Dragon Palace disciples who were at level five of the Seethrough realm could be upgraded to level six of the Seethrough realm in a day.

At this speed, it would take more than ten years for all the 23,000 disciples of the Dragon Palace to reach the longevity realm!

This period of time was too long, so the Dragon Palace had to enter the extraordinary sea.

"The extraordinary sea is the territory of the Dragon Clan. All the sea beasts are under the control of the Dragon Clan. If the Dragon Clan finds out that we've entered, we'll be in Big Trouble!"

Lan qingyue frowned at the side.

"The Dragon clan is indeed a problem. However, with our current level five Dragon Palace's defensive capabilities, the Dragon Clan will not be able to break through our defenses!"

Wang Xian's eyes sparkled.

In the Sea of extraordinariness, he once found a relatively remote place where the Dragon Palace could quietly develop.

"However, it will be a little difficult to increase my strength in the future!"

Wang Xian frowned slowly.

Two consecutive huge improvements. One was to obtain the resources in the ruins of the divine kingdom, and the other was to destroy the two empires.

The only way to obtain another huge improvement was to destroy the empires.

However, putting aside the fact that he had no enmity with the two empires, even if he did, he didn't have the strength to destroy them.

"Qing Yue, Shu Qing, I hope I'm not disturbing you. If you're not disturbing me, I'll go in!"

At this moment, Feng Luan's voice came from outside.

Her words caused the girls'faces to turn slightly red.

"Come in, sister Feng Luan. What are you, the Empress, thinking about?"

Guan Shuqing spat and said directly.

"Didn't I say hello in advance in order to prevent disturbing your elegant mood and to prevent eye harm?"

Feng Luan walked in with a smile on her face.

In the past, she had entered the bedroom without paying attention once. As a result, she had seen a shameful picture of a living palace. From then on, she would inform them in advance every time she came in.

Sometimes, she wouldn't come in suddenly even if she called them in advance.

"Eh? Feng Luan, your strength has increased to level six of longevity?"

Seeing Feng Luan come in, Wang Xian said in surprise.