Before the great battle, Feng Luan's strength was only at the third level of longevity. Now, she had directly risen to the third level and had the strength to fight against the seventh level of longevity.

Even at her peak, she didn't have such formidable strength.

"Well, it's all thanks to the Dragon Pool. Otherwise, I would need at least a thousand years to surpass myself at my peak!"

Feng Luan said with a smile.

"When do you plan to transfer the Dragon Palace to the Sea of extraordinariness?"

Feng Luan continued to speak.

"Soon. I have found a good location for the Sea of extraordinariness. I will transfer the Dragon Palace there today!"

Wang Xian said directly.

"Be careful of the Dragon Clan. The Sea of extraordinariness is under the control of the Dragon Clan. If the Dragon Palace were to enter suddenly, I'm afraid they would be attacked by the Dragon Palace!"

Feng Luan reminded.

"With the defense and concealment of the Dragon Palace, unless a longevity-level dragon clan expert comes to the sky above the Dragon Palace, it would be very difficult to discover it."

Wang Xian smiled and didn't pay too much attention to it.

The area of the Sea of extraordinariness was too big. It was slightly bigger than the central continent. The Dragon Sea of the Dragon clan only occupied one-fourth of the area of the Sea of extraordinariness.

The area he was in was very remote and difficult to discover.

"That's good. The Dragon Palace's teleportation to the extraordinary sea will be much closer to the Dragon Phoenix Empire!"

Feng Luan nodded.

"Since that's the case, let's start the teleportation!"

Wang Xian did not stop. He stood up immediately and began the teleportation of the Dragon Palace.

After the Dragon Palace was upgraded to level five, the teleportation range reached more than three thousand kilometers. It could be teleported once every ten seconds.

In a few hours, the vast dragon palace directly entered the sea of transcendence.

In a relatively remote coastal area, the Dragon Palace stood there.

It occupied an area of one thousand kilometers.

One thousand kilometers was not a small area, but the dragon palace had a concealment array. As long as the longevity experts were not very close, they would not be discovered.

When the Dragon Palace moved, it was located in the center of the extraordinary sea.

Hundreds of thousands of mountains rose from the bottom of the sea and shot into the clouds. There were tens of thousands of densely packed mountains.

Roars came from the entire sea from time to time.

Dragons with huge wings swam in the sea and soared in the sky.

This was the overlord of the extraordinary continent, the land of the dragon race, the Dragon Sea.

The Dragon Sea was the Sea of the dragon race, the habitat of hundreds of thousands of dragons.

In the middle of the Dragon Sea was a huge flaming mountain.

This flaming mountain was extremely huge, hundreds of times the size of the surrounding mountains.

However, this mountain was a little strange. It only revealed about a hundred meters of water. It occupied a large area, but its height was very low.

Moreover, the entire mountain peak was completely sunken in, like a valley.

The valley within the Flaming Mountain Peak occupied an area of about fifty kilometers.

This was the Dragon God Valley!

Dragon deep valley, the resting place of the god of the Dragon Race!

At this moment, the center of the Dragon God Valley was enveloped by mysterious rays of light!


An old man with dragon horns sat on a high throne.

He was holding an ancient book in his hand, and his eyes were shining with divine light.

The sound of flowing water came from the front of the throne. However, it was not flowing water, but fresh blood without any impurities.

The fresh blood gathered in the huge pond in front of them. The blood did not even occupy one percent of the space.

On the left and right sides of the blood pond, there were two huge bookshelves.

The bookshelves were filled with ancient books.

In the center of the Blood Pond, there were more than a dozen figures kneeling. There were thirteen old men with dragon horns and a middle-aged man with dragon horns and a dragon tail!

If it were not for the existence of the Blood Pond, the whole picture would have looked like the dean of the Academy teaching his students!

"Haha, the Bloodline has become a god. For hundreds of thousands of years, the reason why no God was born in the Dragon clan is because of the bloodline. Success depends on the bloodline, and failure depends on the bloodline!"

On the throne, the gentle and kind-looking old man spoke indifferently. The Madness in his eyes had destroyed some of his temperament.

"The human race is a lowly race. They have a lowly bloodline, but it's also because of this bloodline that their advancement will not be restricted by the Bloodline!"

"It's been more than ten thousand years. I've finally found a way to become a god. hahaha!"

The gentle and kind old man continued. At the end of his words, his face revealed a savage and willful expression.

"The peak of the Dragon, the world is proud. Only with me, the Dragon God, can there be a heaven!"

"Scarlet Claw, undying body, exterminating all the powerful enemies of the Nine Heavens!"

"Carrying blood on my back, holding the Dragon Valley in my hand!"

"I want to become a God!"

The gentle and kind old man continued, his body began to tremble with excitement!

"The Dragon God will definitely step into the god realm and become the only true God in the transcendental continent!"

Below, more than ten figures lowered their heads and shouted respectfully!

"Son of the Dragon!"

The gentle and kind old man withdrew the wanton expression on his face and recovered once again. He looked down.

"Your subordinate is here!"

The middle-aged man with Dragon Horns and a dragon tail hurriedly replied.

"I need the blood of a human expert, a large amount of blood!"

The gentle and kind old man was naturally the strongest expert of the dragon race, the god of the Dragon Race!

"Leave it to your subordinate!"

The son of the Dragon replied respectfully.

"I Need the blood of the Ao Shan Empire. I want to use the blood of the Ao Shan Emperor, that undying old man, to sacrifice my divine seat!"

The God of the Dragon Race said with a smile.

His words made the son of the dragon race slightly moved.

"It's the Dragon God!"

The son of the Dragon replied again. He hesitated for a moment before continuing, "Lord Dragon God, a powerful force has appeared on the extraordinary continent. It's called the Dragon Palace!"

"According to the information we have, the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace has the strength of a level 6 longevity warrior. However, he is only in his thirties. For him to be able to transform into a powerful creature, he must have obtained some kind of opportunity and obtained a powerful bloodline!"


The God of the Dragon clan was slightly stunned, and his eyes were shining. "He has the power of the sixth level of longevity in his thirties? What kind of bloodline is this?"

"If he doesn't become a god, he will become an ant. In the entire transcendence continent, the Dragon Clan has the strongest bloodline, but to be able to reach the sixth level of longevity in his thirties is extraordinary! Find out what kind of bloodline he has!"

"Everything is based on fresh blood. Within a year, I need enough fresh blood. Next, I need to complete the transformation of my bloodline and make preparations to ignite the divine fire. You can come back a year later!"

After the god of Dragon Race finished speaking, he sat on the chair and flipped open the book in his hand.

With a gentle wave of his arm, more than ten figures directly appeared outside the Dragon Valley.

"Take care of Lord Dragon God's matters. If you need anything, come find us!"

Outside the Dragon Valley, an elder of the Dragon Clan said to the son of Dragon!

"It's the dragon ancestor. I will fulfill Lord Dragon God's orders!"

The son of dragon nodded heavily.

"Then go. By the way, let me know when you understand the Dragon King's bloodline of the Dragon Palace!"

The dragon ancestor continued to instruct.


The son of Dragon replied.

In the entire transcendence continent, the only one who could be called the son of dragon was the Dragon Emperor of the Dragon Empire!