"Lord Dragon God is becoming more and more terrifying!"

"Soon, the entire transcendental continent will be under Lord Dragon God's feet!"

The Dragon Emperor of the dragon-man Empire muttered in shock when he saw the group of dragon race higher-ups leave!

More than 10,000 years ago, there was still someone who could contend against the Dragon God in the entire transcendental continent. Now that more than 10,000 years had passed, that person was probably no match for the Dragon God!

In his opinion, the Dragon God was even more terrifying than a real god.

The former God of the dragon race was almost like a crazy demon in order to become a god. He even wanted to make all the living beings in the entire continent worship him.

However, because of the appearance of Emperor Ao Shan, he held a divine artifact in his hand and stopped this action.

Later, the entire Drakonid Empire worshipped the Dragon God. In the end, the Dragon God realized that it was completely impossible to worship and ascend to godhood, so he stopped.

Later on, in order to break through to godhood, the Dragon God collected all kinds of ancient books and materials from the entire continent. He spent six to seven thousand years studying all kinds of books, experiments, and practices!

Six to seven thousand years ago, he went into seclusion for six to seven thousand years. This was an extremely terrifying thing for any human or even living creature.

Loneliness and loneliness!

The God of the dragon race endured it all until he found the path to godhood again not long ago.

Bloodline. With his powerful and terrifying wisdom, he decided to transform his bloodline into a human's bloodline.

Then, with his understanding of the mirror of God, after nearly 20,000 years of accumulation, he ignited the divine fire, established the divine kingdom, and became a god!

In the Dragon Emperor's view, the god of the dragon race was very likely the only God born in the last few hundred thousand years.

"I need to make some preparations. Although the god of the Dragon Clan doesn't need much blood, it needs at least the blood of tens of millions of powerhouses!"

The Dragon Emperor murmured and flew directly toward the Drakonid Empire.

It had been three days since the Dragon Palace had moved to the extraordinary sea.

During these three days, the appearance of the Dragon Palace didn't attract the attention of the creatures of the extraordinary sea.

During these three days, the disciples of the Dragon Palace had a radius of more than 10,000 kilometers and had completely stabilized.

The Dragon and Phoenix Empire had also stabilized and everything was flourishing.

It was rare for Wang Xian to relax again. He brought a group of girls around the Phoenix dynasty and clapped happily for love in the Dragon Palace.

In short, they were playing happily for half a month.

"Dragon King, Dragon Queen!"

When Wang Xian was playing with a group of girls at a famous scenic spot in the Phoenix Dynasty, a small team of firecloud guards suddenly rushed over!

"Huh? What's the matter?"

When Wang Xian saw them, he knew that Feng Luan was looking for him.

"Dragon King, the empress asked us to look for you. Something has happened between the Drakonid Empire and the Aoshan Empire!"

The firecloud guard said directly.

"The Aoshan Empire and the Drakonid Empire?"

Wang Xian was slightly taken aback. The image of the Great Emperor of Aoshan appeared in his mind.

"Xiao Yu, my wives, let's Go!"

Wang Xian shouted at Guan Shuqing and the other girls. With a wave of his arm, he teleported directly towards the imperial capital of the Dragon and Phoenix Empire.

"Fengluan, what happened between the Aoshan Empire and the Drakonid Empire?"

When Wang Xian arrived at the Phoenix Palace, he sensed her location and teleported over immediately.

"The news came this morning. The drakonid empire sent troops to attack the cities of the Ao Shan Empire. There seems to be a fight because of a small matter. It must be premeditated!"

Feng Luan saw Wang Xian and handed him a document of the Phoenix Empire.

"Oh? The drakonid empire dares to attack the Aoshan Empire? Could it be an order from the Dragon Race?"

Wang Xian was slightly taken aback. Looking at the information on it, he was slightly surprised.

"Even if the DRAKONID Empire does not rely on the dragon race, it is not weaker than the Aoshan Empire. It should have nothing to do with the dragon race. If the dragon race were to attack, the Aoshan Empire would have been destroyed long ago!"

Upon hearing Wang Xian's words, Feng Luan said directly.

"How is that possible? The Great Emperor of Ao Shan is still alive. The dragon race would not dare to attack the Ao Shan Empire so easily!"

Wang Xian shook his head and said.

"What? The Great Emperor of Ao Shan? This great emperor should have fallen. How is he still alive?"

Feng Luan asked with a stunned expression.

"I have met the Great Emperor of Ao Shan!"

Wang Xian told her about the last time the Great Emperor of Ao Shan came to look for him.

"I really didn't expect that such a person is still alive. Furthermore, he has a powerful divine weapon!"

Feng Luan muttered in shock.

"In that case, the dragon race and the Dragonman Empire should know that this person is still alive. Why would they still dare to do so?"

Feng Luan frowned slightly. She couldn't understand it.

"Empress, there are experts from the Dragonman Empire coming to pay their respects!"

At this moment, Feng Yun walked in and reported to Feng Luan.

"Eh? The Drakonid Empire!"

Feng Luan was slightly shocked. She took a glance at Wang Xian!

"Let them in!"

Feng Luan said directly.

"Greetings, Empress!"

Soon, three powerhouses with dragon horns on their heads walked in and paid their respects to Feng Luan!

"May I know why the three of you from the Drakonid Empire are here in the Drakonid Empire?"

Feng Luan asked directly.

"This should be the Dragon King!"

The three powerhouses from the Drakonid Empire looked at Wang Xian and said, "We are here to look for the Dragon King. Since we don't know the location of the Dragon Palace, we came to the Phoenix Empire!"

"It's just that we didn't expect the Dragon King to be here. That's even better!"

"Oh? Looking for me?"

Wang Xian raised his eyebrows and looked at the three middle-aged men.

They were Drakonids who possessed the bloodline of the dragon race. They had a pair of dragon horns on their heads. The three of them were all at the first level of the longevity realm. Their strength was extraordinary!

"Our Dragon King has heard of the name of the Dragon King and wishes to get to know him. We would like to invite you to the Dragon City of the Drakonid Empire!"

The middle-aged man in the middle said to Wang Xian.

"Invite me to the Dragon City?"

Wang Xian was a little puzzled.

"That's right. Our Dragon Emperor and some dragon experts want to witness the rise of the Dragon King from the extraordinary mainland. Don't worry, Dragon King. Our Dragon Empire and the dragon race have no other intentions!"

"With our strength, there's no need for us to play any tricks!"

The middle-aged man said with a smile. There was a hint of arrogance on his face.

"In five days, I will pay a visit to Dragon City!"

Wang Xian hesitated for a moment and said directly.

"Alright. When the time comes, our drakonid empire would like to welcome the Dragon King!"

The three DRAKONIDS cupped their hands and took out an invitation letter. They cupped their hands at Feng Luan and left immediately.

Wang Xian took the invitation letter and watched the three DRAKONIDS leave. His eyes were sparkling.

"Why did the Drakonid Empire and the dragon race invite you, Little Xian?"

Feng Luan frowned slightly.

Wang Xian shook his head and guessed, "Could it be related to the Aoshan Empire? It shouldn't be? Could it be that I'm just curious?"

"No matter what, it's better to be careful. The Drakonid Empire and the dragon race are very overbearing!"

The group of girls reminded him.

"Don't worry. My current strength is sufficient to kill a level eight dragon of longevity. If I want to escape, even a level nine dragon of longevity wouldn't be able to stop me!"

Wang Xian said faintly. He was also curious about the invitation from the Drakonid Empire!