Dragon City, the imperial capital of the Drakonid Empire. Three gigantic dragon arches were located in four directions, north, south, east, and west.

In the north, there was a gigantic mountain peak. The mountain peak was as high as five thousand meters, reaching straight into the clouds.

Above the mountain peak, there was a dragon that was more than two thousand meters in size.

This was the god of the Dragon Clan.

Huge wings and a huge head lay on the top of the mountain peak, overlooking the entire Dragon City.

This Dragon Mountain in the north was transported here directly from another place over 10,000 years ago by the powerhouses of the dragon race.

This was to announce the god of the dragon race and the belief of the dragon race.

Dragon City was the only city in the entire continent where the dragon race could be seen frequently.

From time to time, there would be dragons circling in the sky.

"This is Dragon City?"

Wang Xian was floating 30 kilometers in front of Dragon City. Looking at the dragon pool in front of him, his eyes were filled with curiosity.

The hierarchy of the DRAKONID Empire was clear. Humans were considered inferior while the DRAKONIDS were considered aristocrats.

The dragon race was the supreme existence in the Drakonid Empire. They would receive the highest treatment wherever they went in the Drakonid Empire.

"Let's go and take a look!"

Wang Xian didn't go to the Dragon Palace immediately. Instead, he went straight to the city gate and entered the Dragon City.

He told the Drakonid Empire that he would arrive in five days. Today was only the fourth day.

After entering the dragon pool, one could see dragon-shaped buildings and statues of the god of the dragon race everywhere.

There were also some places for worshipping and offering sacrifices.

On the streets of the entire Dragon City, the drakonids with dragon horns were obviously of a higher status. Ordinary people had to make way for the DRAKONIDS.

Those drakonids with dragon horns were generally stronger.


At this moment, voices were suddenly heard. Wang Xian was slightly taken aback as he realized that the person in front of him was kneeling on the ground.


He was slightly taken aback as he saw more than a dozen humanoid dragons with dragon horns and dragon tails walking over.

Those with dragon horns and dragon tails were powerhouses above the level of the Dragon Emperor. The citizens of the Drakonid Empire and even the DRAKONIDS had to kneel and pay their respects when they saw them.

Everyone around was kneeling on the ground. Wang Xian, who was standing by the side of the street, appeared very abrupt.

"My Lords, if you are passing by, you must kneel even if you are an outsider!"

A strong voice sounded beside him. Wang Xian looked over and realized that it was a drakonid with dragon horns staring at him angrily.

Around him, some citizens of Dragon City were looking at him.

Wang Xian frowned slightly and ignored them. He walked straight ahead.


The dozen Drakonids who were walking in the middle of the road were slightly stunned when they saw Wang Xian who was still standing.

"Third prince, this human?"

A middle-aged man on the left at the front was sizing up Wang Xian. He raised his eyebrows and raised his head slightly. He was filled with a noble look.

"His strength is extraordinary!"

The middle-aged DRAKONID who was standing in the middle of the dozen or so people raised his eyebrows and sized up Wang Xian as well. He asked faintly, "Who is he from?"

"The Dragon King of the Dragon Palace. He has been invited to the Drakonid Empire!"

While the group of dragon experts were sizing him up, Wang Xian was also looking at them as he replied faintly.

"Dragon King of the Dragon Palace? Which faction is this? How dare they call him the Dragon King? Haha, interesting. They really know how to suck up to him!"

The third Prince of the Dragon Clan who was standing in the middle of the group was stunned for a moment before he laughed out loud.

After he finished speaking, he ignored Wang Xian and walked straight ahead.

He didn't put Wang Xian in his eyes at all.

"Huh? Dragon King of the Dragon Palace?"

The drakonid who berated Wang Xian earlier was slightly stunned. The people around him were also stunned.

A dozen members of the dragon race might not know the name of the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace, but the citizens of the Drakonid Empire were very clear about it.

He was the latest peerless powerhouse to rise up in the extraordinary mainland. He killed the Emperor of the nine heavens demonic bird of the ten thousand demons empire and destroyed two empires.

His strength was extremely terrifying and he was one of the top experts in the continent.

However, what they did not expect was that the Dragon King of the dragon race had actually come to their dragon city.

"Dragon King? Flattery?"

When the citizens of the Dragon City heard the words of more than ten dragon race experts, their faces were filled with astonishment and their eyes flashed with a strange look.


When Wang Xian heard these words and saw the group of dragon race figures leaving proudly, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

He had already witnessed the arrogance of the Dragons. This was the first time Wang Xian had seen their imagination.

"The reason why this newly-risen leader of the Dragon Palace is called the Dragon King is because he can be called the Dragon King when he is half a step away from longevity. Above longevity, he can be called the Dragon Emperor. Logically speaking, this dragon king has the strength of level six longevity. He can definitely be called the Dragon Emperor!"

"In our world, besides the Dragon Clan and our monarch, who else dares to call him the Dragon Emperor? The leader of the Dragon Palace obviously doesn't dare to be the Dragon Emperor, so he is called the Dragon King!"

"That's right, this will at least give our Dragon Empire and the Dragon Clan a good impression. Hehe, this leader of the Dragon Palace really knows how to do things!"

"The person in the middle was the third prince just now, right? He is one of the most outstanding members of the Dragon Clan."

"Those who can seize the position of the crown prince are almost certain to become the Dragon Emperor in the future. This is a top-notch existence of the Dragon Clan!"

Voices of conversation rang out around Wang Xian.

The words of the citizens of the Drakonid Empire made him slightly stunned once again.

"In the Divine Dragon Clan, the ruler of a dragon palace is called the Dragon King. Even if he is at the divine realm or higher, he is still called the Dragon King!"

"Only a dragon king who has cultivated to the nine transformations can be called the Dragon God. As for the Dragon Emperor, the Dragon Emperor..."

Wang Xian shook his head contemptuously. The Divine Dragon Clan did not have such a title!

After wandering around for half a day, he realized that the citizens of the entire Drakonid Empire had a strong respect and respect for the Dragon Clan.

They called themselves the servants of the dragon.

This kind of belief was even filled with blindness!

Wang Xian strolled around Dragon City and found a good restaurant to stay in.

When Wang Xian's identity was exposed in Dragon City, the Dragon King, who was located in the Dragon Palace in the center of Dragon City, had already received the news.

When he learned that the Dragon King from the Dragon Palace had arrived early, a satisfied look appeared on his face.

"Prime Minister, prepare a banquet for the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace Tomorrow!"

The son of the dragon, the Dragon Emperor, directly ordered the Prime Minister in the study.

"Yes, Dragon Emperor. Today, the third Prince of the Dragon Clan and the others have come to the dragon pool. Should we invite them over tomorrow?"

The white-bearded prime minister in the imperial study hesitated for a moment and said.

"Of course, we have to inform the third prince and the others about this. We just need to reserve seats for them. As for whether they will come or not, it doesn't matter!"

The Dragon Emperor nodded. "Also, how are things at the border with the Ao Shan Empire?"

"Reporting to the Dragon Emperor, we have already used the formation to collect blood. However, at this rate, it will take at least half a year!"

The white-bearded prime minister immediately replied.

"Send out more legions and send out a small team of dragon among men. Speed Up!"

The Dragon King immediately ordered.


The white-bearded prime minister bowed and left.

"Dragon King of the Dragon Palace?"

After a moment of silence in the imperial study, the Dragon King gently knocked on the table, "I wonder what kind of bloodline this Dragon King has to be so extraordinary at such a young age!"

"Try to recruit him!"