"Dragon King, Our Dragon King has prepared a feast. Please!"

The next day, when Wang Xian was about to head to the Dragon Palace, a longevity expert from the Drakonid Empire walked up to him and invited him!

"Oh? I was just about to head there. Lead the way!"

Wang Xian nodded his head and followed the expert with a smile on his face. They walked into the Dragon Palace.

In front of the Dragon Hall, there was a statue of the god of the dragon race that was a few hundred meters in size. In the huge Dragon Hall, there were statues of the dragon race everywhere.

Soldiers in red, blue, and green armor were patrolling the dragon shop.

They had dragon horns that were a few tens of centimeters long and looked extraordinary.

"Hahahaha, welcome, Dragon King. Please take a seat, Dragon King!"

It was almost noon. Under the leadership of the powerhouses from the Drakonid Empire, Wang Xian arrived at a large hall.

As soon as he entered the hall, he heard a heroic voice.

Wang Xian looked over and saw a middle-aged man sitting on the dragon throne in the center.

The middle-aged man was dressed in a fiery red dragon robe with huge dragon horns. He looked majestic and domineering.

The middle-aged man was the Dragon King. Beside the Dragon King, there was another seat. An elder of the dragon race was sitting on it and sizing him up

There were more than a hundred people sitting on both sides of the hall. On the right side of the seat, there were more than twenty members of the Dragon Race.

In the middle, there were seven to eight members of the dragon race who did not look like humans. Instead, they looked like complete dragons.

On the other side, there were a group of powerhouses and important ministers of the Drakonid Empire. The ones closest to him were the princes and princesses of the Drakonid Empire.

"Since the Dragon King has invited me, I will naturally rush over!"

Wang Xian saw that everyone was staring at him and walked in calmly.

He swept his gaze across the elder beside the Dragon King and walked towards the position that the Dragon King had pointed out.

The first position on the left was prepared for him alone.

"Haha, I heard that the Dragon King is peerless in his generation. I Can't help but want to get to know him. Please take a seat, Dragon King!"

"Prepare the best dragon spring wine and prepare longevity-grade ingredients for the Dragon King!"

The Dragon King laughed out loud and gave a Light Shout!

"Thank you for your hospitality, Dragon King!"

Wang Xian cupped his hands with a smile and sat on his seat.

One by one, the servants carried the exquisite ingredients and placed them in front of him.

"Come, let's taste the dragon spring wine that is unique to our Drakonid Empire!"

The Dragon King picked up the wine cup and gestured at him.

Wang Xian nodded his head and gestured at the Dragon King.

Wang Xian was not afraid of the Drakonid Empire, but he was still afraid of the dragon race behind them.

Although the Dragon Palace could withstand the attacks of the dragon race, if the dragon race really wanted to fight against him, the Dragon Palace was no match at all.

Especially that God of the dragon race.

Therefore, Wang Xian had to come over this time!

"You are the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace? You are only in your thirties and possess the strength of level six of longevity. You are able to slay the demonic birds of the Nine Heavens?"

Just as Wang Xian was drinking the dragon spring wine, a curious voice came from the other side.

Wang Xian looked over and swept his gaze across that curious dragon. He nodded his head faintly.

Among the group of dragons across him, more than a dozen of them were the third prince and the rest of the Dragons whom he met yesterday.

"To be able to reach such a level in your thirties, the god of the Dragons had only reached the realm of longevity when he was in his thirties!"

"I'm very curious, Dragon King. What kind of bloodline do you have to be able to reach such a level so quickly!"

The third Prince of the Dragons asked Wang Xian directly!

"This is related to my cultivation secret. Naturally, I can't tell others!"

Wang Xian shook his head slightly when he heard his words.

"Haha, Dragon King, at our level, there's nothing to hide!"

"I'm also very curious. Dragon King, what kind of bloodline do you have to be so powerful!"

The Dragon King did not stop the third prince from speaking.

He continued to ask when he heard Wang Xian's reply.

The main purpose of inviting the dragon king over this time was to find out what kind of bloodline the Dragon King possessed.

"Do you really think that we would covet your bloodline? Haha, Dragon King, you are really overthinking it. In the entire transcendence continent, no bloodline is more noble than ours!"

The third Prince of the Dragon tribe spoke to Wang Xian proudly.

His green dragon tail swayed slightly.

"It's just an ordinary bloodline. Dragon King, you invited me over. Don't tell me you just want to know what bloodline I have obtained?"

Wang Xian frowned slightly when he saw them asking again and again.

"Hehe, this is only one aspect!"

The smile on the Dragon King's face faded a little when he saw that Wang Xian still did not answer. He asked faintly.

"It doesn't matter if you don't talk about your bloodline. When I heard that you were fighting just now, I was able to transform into a gigantic demonic beast!"

"Furthermore, after using your avatar, you can increase your body size to a few tens of kilometers. I am very curious about it. Please show us, Dragon King!"

The Voice of the third Prince of the Dragon tribe continued.

He took a sip of the dragon spring wine on the table and continued to stare at Wang Xian indifferently.

"That's right. We would like to see what kind of bloodline it is that allows the dragon king to possess a talent that surpasses our dragon God!"

"To be able to transform into a huge demonic beast, it must be extraordinary!"

The members of the Dragon tribe who were beside the third Prince of the Dragon Tribe also spoke with curiosity.

In the entire hall, everyone's gaze was focused on Wang Xian.

It was obvious that they wanted to find out what was going on!

When Wang Xian saw that everyone was staring at him and wanted him to transform into his dragon form, a hint of coldness flashed across his eyes!

"This might be a little inconvenient. I will only transform during a battle!"

Wang Xian said calmly. His voice reverberated throughout the entire hall!


Wang Xian's words caused the entire hall to turn cold. On the opposite side, more than twenty members of the Dragon Race had a hint of coldness in their eyes.

The coldness in their eyes was not concealed at all. They sat up slightly and looked down at Wang Xian.

In the middle of the hall, the Dragon King frowned slightly. A hint of displeasure flashed in his eyes.

"Since I will only transform during a battle, that's simple. One of the members of the dragon race would like to consult the Dragon King!"

At this moment, the elder of the Dragon Clan who was sitting beside the Dragon King suddenly spoke.

He looked at everything calmly and gave an order.

"Yes, Elder!"

The members of the Dragon clan immediately nodded respectfully.

More than twenty members of the Dragon Palace looked at each other. Among them, the third prince, who was the most powerful, was only at the third level of longevity.

He was much weaker than the Dragon King.

However, this was just a lesson. Even if the Dragon King was at the sixth level of longevity, they were not afraid at all.

"Ah Ke, shui lie, come on. You are the Dragon King, and the other party is also the Dragon King. Let's talk to the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace!"

The third Prince of the Dragon Clan suddenly said to a member of the Dragon Clan who had not transformed.

"Haha, it's the third prince. It's my honor to be able to fight against the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace!"

"I'm also the Dragon King Now. Come on, Dragon King, let's Spar!"


The half-step longevity water dragon flapped his wings and flew directly to the center of the hall. He raised his head slightly and spoke to Wang Xian.

When the group of dragons saw this scene, their faces were filled with smiles.