The Dragon King of the Dragon Clan versus the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace!

The members of the Dragon Clan didn't feel that there was anything wrong with the appearance of a dragon from the Dragon clan to fight the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace.

In their opinion, since they were both Dragon Kings, it was a good opportunity for them to spar with each other.

The Dragon Emperor raised his eyebrows when he saw that there was only one dragon king fighting, but he didn't say anything.

Although he was the leader of the Drakonid Empire, he did not have the right to order the members of the Dragon Clan.

Even when facing the third Prince of the Dragon Clan, he had to treat him warmly. As for the elder of the Dragon clan beside him, he had to treat him even more respectfully.

A single sentence from the Dragon Clan could turn him, the Dragon Emperor, into a stray dog.

He had a clear understanding of the power of the Dragon Clan!

Ke Shuilie exuded the dragon might belonging to the Dragon clan as he stared at Wang Xian.

Facing an expert who was much stronger than him, he did not have the slightest fear.

"This Dragon King is not giving face to the lords of the Dragon Clan. He even asked our Lord Dragon King to make a move!"

"Haha, this Dragon King of the Dragon Palace is still sensible. Otherwise, how could he call himself the Dragon King? This means that he is still full of respect for the Dragon Clan!"

At the back of the ceremony, the experts of the Drakonid Empire weren't too surprised to see this scene.

They didn't even feel that something was wrong, because their dragon race was supreme!

The experts of the Drakonid Empire even guessed that the Master of the Dragon Palace called himself the Dragon King because he was afraid of the dragon race.

Otherwise, with his strength, he wouldn't have addressed himself as the Dragon King. Instead, he would have addressed himself as the Dragon King!

Of course, if the leader of the Dragon Palace addressed himself as the Dragon King, the Dragon Kings of the Dragon Clan would definitely teach him what a real Dragon King was.

Wang Xian's eyes flashed coldly when he saw the half-step longevity Dragon King, whom he could kill with one hand, provoking him!

He took a sip of the dragon spring wine gently!

"Half-step longevity Dragon King, I'm afraid it's not worth my time!"

Wang Xian put down the wine cup and said indifferently!

"Huh? Why?"

When Ke Shuilie heard Wang Xian's words, he was slightly stunned. A hint of anger flashed in his eyes. "Why? Dragon King, are you looking down on me? I, Ke Shuilie, am the dignified Dragon King of the Dragon Clan!"

As he spoke, streams of water rippled on his body and a cold aura rushed towards Wang Xian.


Wang Xian stood up gently and looked at the Dragon King. He said indifferently, "Dragon King, if there's nothing else, I will take my leave!"


After he finished speaking, the Dragon King frowned and stood up. He stared at Wang Xian coldly.

"Damn it, Dragon King, are you looking down on me?"

However, at this moment, a hint of coldness appeared in the eyes of the Aqua Dragon standing in the middle.

He let out a low growl and his body gradually enlarged. He turned into a six-meter-long Aqua Dragon.

He spread his huge wings slightly and stared at Wang Xian coldly.

"A guy who is half a step away from longevity dares to provoke me again and again?"

A hint of coldness flashed across Wang Xian's eyes. With a flick of his finger, a destructive force was directed at him.



Before the Aqua Dragon could even react, his body was sent flying backward and smashed heavily toward the group of dragons!

In the main hall, the faces of the dragons and Drakonids changed slightly. In an instant, everyone stood up and stared at Wang Xian with murderous intent.


The Aqua Dragon landed on the table and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. His eyes were filled with fear.

"You... you..."

He widened his eyes and stared at Wang Xian in shock and anger.

"You dare to hurt my dragon disciple?"

The dragon elder beside the Dragon Emperor also stood up slowly. He stared at Wang Xian and shouted coldly!

"You still want to spar with me with such strength?"

Wang Xian's expression turned cold as well.

He finally knew today that the Drakonid Empire did not invite him here to be their guest.

Instead, they wanted to understand his bloodline and why he was able to reach level six of longevity so quickly.

However, the Drakonid Empire and the dragon race were all high and mighty. They did not put him in their eyes at all.

A Dragon King from the dragon race actually wanted to spar with him?

"So you want to spar with me, the Dragon King? I'm afraid that I might accidentally kill you after I make my move!"

The old man beside the Dragon King slowly stood up. An incomparably terrifying pressure spread towards Wang Xian.

The old man from the Dragon Race stood up. He was more than two meters tall and was extremely sturdy. He had huge dragon horns and a two-meter long dragon tail.

Behind him, streams of water condensed into a ten-meter-long water dragon.

The elder of the Dragon clan stared at Wang Xian from above.

He was like a God who was looking down on the ants in the human world.

His strength of level seven of longevity was completely unleashed!

"Dragon King, the Dragon Clan is the master of the transcendental continent. Anyone who hurts the disciples of the Dragon Clan will have to pay a heavy price, even if you are the Master of the Dragon Palace!"

"However, a master of the Dragon Palace is still an ant in the eyes of the dragon race. Now, kneel down and apologize to the disciple of the Dragon Race!"

"Apologize sincerely. Your Dragon Palace can join the Drakonid Empire and send your subordinates to kill the powerhouses of the Ao Shan Empire to atone for your crimes!"

The Dragon King saw the Dragon King's fury and spoke to Wang Xian calmly.

Wang Xian smiled when he saw this scene.

The dragon race, the Master of the supernatural continent?

Kneel down and apologize?

Atone for his crimes? and he even acted as though it was a matter of course!

As expected of the high and Mighty Dragon race who looked down on everyone!

"Kneel down and apologize!"

On the opposite side, the third Prince of the dragon race swung his body and swept his dragon tail behind him.

His dragon tail, which was more than a meter long, became dozens of meters long and swept towards Wang Xian's legs.



Wang Xian extended his hand slowly and grabbed the dragon tail of the third Prince of the Dragon Race. A hint of killing intent could be seen in his eyes.

He raised his head and stared at the son of the dragon, the Dragon King.

"Dragon King, five days ago, you sent someone to deliver the invitation letter. I, the Dragon King, rushed over without hesitation. However, is this how you treat your guests?"

"Do you really think that I, the Dragon King, am easy to bully?"

Wang Xian's eyes flickered as he questioned the Dragon King coldly.

He didn't want to be enemies with the Drakonid Empire. However, if the other party were to bully him, he, Wang Xian, wasn't afraid at all.

So what if it was the Drakonid Empire?

So what if it was the Dragon Race?

So what if it was the god of the Dragon Race?

After a few years of cultivation, he would definitely be able to drag the dragon race down to the Netherworld!

How dare a half-dragon seed bully a true dragon?

"Let go of me!"

Before the son of the dragon, the Dragon King, could reply, the third Prince of the dragon race saw his dragon tail being grabbed and let out an angry roar.

His body moved and transformed into a fire dragon that was more than ten meters in size. The scorching flames poured directly towards Wang Xian.

"Dragon King, if you dare to make a move again, I won't be able to save you!"

The Dragon King saw the third Prince of the Dragon Race's attack that was filled with anger. He glanced at him coldly and stared at Wang Xian as he warned him.



Arrogance, arrogance, and superiority. He had to pay the price of death!