When the Dragon Emperor heard elder Huo's angry words, he immediately replied loudly!

During these hundreds of thousands of years on the transcendental continent, the Dragon Clan had always been the undisputed overlord!

They were known as the Masters of the continent!

During these hundreds of thousands of years, there were reckless creatures and humans who provoked the Dragon Clan.

At that time, as long as the Dragon Clan responded, all the major forces on the continent would immediately surround and annihilate the creatures and humans who provoked the Dragon Clan!

This order was known as the Continent Dragon Kill Order!

Once the Dragon Kill Order was issued, no one could escape the attack of the Dragon Clan.

The Continent Dragon Kill Order had not been issued for hundreds of thousands of years. Today was the only continent Dragon kill order in hundreds of thousands of years!

"Issue the order. Today, the Dragon Clan will issue a kill order. Anyone who meets the Dragon King or members of the Dragon Palace will be killed!"

Standing on the peak of the mountain, the Dragon King looked at the entire Dragon City and ordered loudly.

"Roar! Roar!"

"Find the territory of the Dragon Palace. The Dragon Clan will lead an army of a million transcendents to destroy them!"

After the Dragon King finished his words, the elder of the Dragon Clan raised his head and roared loudly!

"Kill the Dragon King and destroy the Dragon Palace!"

"Kill them, kill them!"

"Once the Continent Dragon Kill Order is issued, all enemies will die!"

Roars came from the Dragon City, and all the people roared angrily.

Ever since the god of the Dragon Race wanted to become a god through faith, the entire Drakonid Empire viewed the dragon race as a god.

Many people in the drakonid empire were deeply rooted in their hearts and were extremely pious.

If someone killed a powerhouse of the dragon race, they would be their enemy.

So what if he was the Dragon King!

After the mainland's dragon kill order, regardless of whether it was the Dragon King or the Dragon Palace, they would all be reduced to ashes.

"Damn it. After I shed all pretense of cordiality with the dragon race this time, I might be in trouble next!"

Wang Xian, who had left the drakonid empire, frowned slightly.

He had never expected to encounter such a situation when he came to the Drakonid Empire.

He also did not expect that he was at least the leader of one of the top powers on the continent. A dragon who was half a step away from longevity dared to challenge him.

With Wang Xian's style, he would naturally not let them off. So what if he was from the Dragon Race!

However, he was afraid that he would have to face the revenge of the Dragon Race!

"It's easier to deal with the Dragons. However, if they implicate the nine God Empire of the dragon-phoenix Empire, we will be in trouble!"

Wang Xian's expression was a little awkward.

He was really afraid that countless powerhouses of the dragon race would come and slaughter the dragon-phoenix Empire and the nine God Empire!

"Let's go back first!"

Wang Xian flew quickly toward the imperial capital of the dragon-phoenix Empire.

However, just as Wang Xian was hurrying toward the dragon-phoenix Empire, a piece of news that shocked everyone came out from the dragon-man Empire.

"The Dragon King of the Dragon Palace has killed more than 20 members of the Dragon Race in Dragon City, along with more than 10,000 soldiers of the dragon-man Empire. The Dragon Race has issued a dragon kill order!"

"The Dragon Race has issued a dragon kill order. They want to kill the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace completely!"

The news quickly spread to the Ao Shan Empire, the nine God Empire, and the dragon-phoenix Empire.

More than 20 experts of the dragon race were killed by the Dragon King. This news shocked everyone.

The Dragon King of the Dragon Palace, a peerless expert who had just risen, was a terrifying existence who had destroyed the Ten Thousand Monster Empire and the Phoenix Dynasty.

Now, he had killed more than twenty dragon experts in the Dragon City!


This shocked everyone.

Especially when everyone heard the dragon killing order, their bodies couldn't help but tremble.

Once the dragon killing order was announced, it would represent the Dragon Clan's judgment.

The Dragon Clan's judgment was the same as the death God's judgment!

"The Dragon King dared to kill members of the Dragon Clan. It's been a long time since anyone dared to provoke the Dragon Clan!"

"This Dragon King is really awesome. He even dared to provoke members of the Dragon Clan!"

"It seems that no one has dared to provoke the dragon clan for more than 100,000 years. This Dragon King..."

After everyone received this news, their eyes widened slightly.

Although the Dragon Palace was very powerful against the Dragon Clan, how could the Dragon King fight against the Dragon clan that had dominated the transcendence continent for hundreds of thousands of years?

"The Dragon Palace and the Dragon King are doomed!"

Some people thought to themselves.

"Feng Luan!"

In the Phoenix Palace of the dragon-phoenix Empire, Wang Xian teleported directly to the imperial study room after he arrived.

"Eh? Little Xian, why are you back so soon?"

Feng Luan was stunned for a moment before she stood up immediately.

"Something happened. I killed more than 20 powerhouses of the dragon race in Dragon City!"

Wang Xian sat at the side and said directly.


Feng Luan was slightly shocked when she heard Wang Xian's words. She stood up instantly and stared at Wang Xian. Her eyes were filled with shock.

The news had yet to reach Feng Luan. She didn't know about the dragon kill order on the continent.

"I'm a little worried that the dragon clan will implicate you!"

Wang Xian frowned slightly!

"You've killed more than 20 members of the Dragon Clan. With the Dragon Clan's character of taking revenge for every flaw, they will definitely mobilize the entire dragon clan to take revenge!"

Feng Luan frowned slowly. "I'm not sure if the Dragon Clan will bring along the dragon Phoenix Empire or even the nine God Empire. However, it's best for you to hide now, Little Xian!"

"The location of the Dragon Palace is very secretive. The Dragon Clan wouldn't have thought that the Dragon Palace is in the Sea of transcendence. However, it's not a good idea to continue hiding!"

Wang Xian said directly, "I'm not worried about the safety of the Dragon Palace. It's just that the Dragon Phoenix Empire and..."

As he spoke, his eyes sparkled. He was very familiar with the strength of the Dragon Clan. It would be a piece of cake for him to destroy the Dragon Phoenix Empire and the nine gods empire.

"Reporting to the Empress, an urgent message has arrived!"

At this moment, Feng Yun came in in a hurry and spoke anxiously.

When she saw Wang Xian inside, she was slightly stunned and continued, "Empress, it's about the Dragon King!"

As Feng Yun spoke, she handed over a communication stone plate.

"Continent Dragon Kill Order?"

After Feng Luan read the message, her expression turned ugly.

"Dragon Kill Order?"

Wang Xian's eyes flickered as he walked over and scanned the contents.


Looking at the message, Wang Xian's eyes flashed with a cold glint.

"Sorry for the trouble!"

Feng Luan frowned as she looked deep in thought.

"Since the Dragon Clan has issued this dragon kill order, Feng Luan, give the order to cut ties with me first to prevent the Dragon clan from implicating you guys!"

Wang Xian hesitated for a moment and said directly.

"No, I..."

"Alright, Listen to me. You should know that based on the current situation of the Dragon Palace, although they are not a match for the Dragon Clan, they are not too fearful!"

"As long as they don't implicate your dragon-phoenix Empire and the nine God Empire, I am not worried about the so-called dragon kill order!"

Feng Luan heard his words and spoke immediately. However, before she could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Wang Xian!


Feng Luan revealed a hesitant look and nodded her head slowly.

"Inform Mo Sha to do as he says!"

Wang Xian continued to speak to Feng Luan.


Feng Luan nodded her head and gestured to Feng Yun!