"Now that the Dragonmen Empire and the Aoshan Empire are at war, the dragon-phoenix Empire and the nine gods empire will only put on a Show!"

"On the mainland, there will not be any powerful forces participating in the mainland's Dragon Kill Order!"

"However, the dragon race owns the entire extraordinary sea. The number of demonic beasts and ferocious beasts there are terrifying. Xiao Xian, you have to tell the members of the Dragon Palace to be careful!"

Feng Luan reminded Wang Xian.

"I know that!"

Wang Xian nodded. The power of the dragon race was not on the mainland, but in the extraordinary sea.

The number of demonic beasts and ferocious beasts in the entire extraordinary sea was at least a few billion, or even tens of billions.

There were hundreds of thousands of demonic beasts and ferocious beasts at the void interpretation level.

They were all subordinates of the dragon race and listened to the orders of the dragon race.

"By the way, how is the war between the Drakonid Empire and the Aoshan Empire?"

Wang Xian suddenly asked Feng Luan.

"It's very tragic. This morning, I received news that the DRAKONID Empire had broken into a city of the Aoshan Empire and massacred more than 20 million people in the city!"

"Regardless of men, women, Young and old, not a single one of them was spared. According to the news, this matter had infuriated the entire Aoshan Empire. The current overlord of the Aoshan Empire, ao beiming, had directly sent the mountain moving tribe of the Aoshan Empire to join the battle!"

Feng Luan said to Wang Xian with a solemn expression.

Directly slaughtering more than 20 million people in the entire city was a rare occurrence. Unless there was a deep hatred, they would not do such a thing.

"Is that so?"

Wang Xian raised his eyebrows.

Why did the Drakonid Empire suddenly attack the Aoshan Empire?

They should know that the Aoshan Empire had the great emperor of Aoshan overseeing it!

With the strength of the Great Emperor of aoshan, it was obvious that even the dragon race was afraid of him. If he really angered the great emperor of aoshan, what benefits would there be?

"I'm going to the Ao Shan Empire!"

Wang Xian said to Feng Luan.

"Oh? Little Xian, what are you thinking?"

Feng Luan was slightly stunned and looked at him in astonishment.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I met Emperor Ao Shan once and he's not a bad person. Let's go and take a look!"

Wang Xian's eyes sparkled. "Since the Dragon Race has issued the dragon kill order, I will naturally not sit still and wait for My Death!"

"Be careful!"

Feng Luan extended her hand slightly and placed it on Wang Xian's shoulder as she whispered.

"Haha, don't worry. It's just the Dragon Clan. In a few years, I will definitely annihilate the entire dragon clan!"

Wang Xian laughed out loud as a strong sense of confidence appeared on his face.

He placed his hand on Feng Luan's shoulder slowly. As he felt her soft shoulder, he couldn't help but pinch it!

"Get lost!"

Feng Luan felt his unruly hand. Her face turned cold as she shouted coldly.

"Be careful!"

Wang Xian chuckled and disappeared.


Seeing that Wang Xian had disappeared, Feng Luan touched her shoulder. An imperceptible flush flashed across her face.

She took a few deep breaths and a determined look appeared in her eyes!

"I can't rely on Little Xian for everything. I must also raise my strength as soon as possible!"

Feng Luan's eyes flashed with contemplation.

The Aoshan Empire was located at the center of the continent, the empire with the longest history on the transcendent continent.

The entire Aoshan Empire occupied the most vast and prosperous region.

The Aoshan Empire's name originated from eleven mountains.

Each of the mountains covered an area of 100 kilometers and was about 100,000 meters tall.

The mountains were the pride of the sky!

In terms of strength, if one didn't count the dragons behind the Drakonid Empire, the Aoshan Empire was undoubtedly number one.

Wang Xian spent two days to arrive above the 11 mountains of the Aoshan Empire.

Looking at the terrifying mountains in front of him, he was extremely shocked.

These eleven mountains seemed to hold up the sky of the extraordinary continent.

Among the mountains, demonic birds flew one after another. The mountains that penetrated deep into the clouds looked like Celestial Mountains.

This was the most majestic and magnificent mountain peak that Wang Xian had ever seen.

As he approached the eleven mountains, Wang Xian's dragon eyes of Yin Yang and the five elements flickered as he searched for traces of the Ao Shan Emperor.

"HMM? I found him!"

Wang Xian looked at the peak of the mountain in the middle. He could vaguely see more than ten figures shrouded in earthy yellow energy.

One of the figures was the Great Emperor of Ao Shan!

It seemed that the attack of the DRAKONID Empire had slaughtered the entire city and had caught the attention of the Great Emperor of Ao Shan.

"I am Wang Xian, and I am here to pay my respects to senior great emperor of Ao Shan!"

Wang Xian thought to himself and directly transmitted his voice to the peak of the mountain!


At the peak of the main peak of Ao Shan, everyone was slightly shocked when Wang Xian's voice was transmitted into the palace!

"Who is it?"

An old man stood up immediately with a cold glint in his eyes.


The Great Emperor of Ao Shan who was sitting in the middle raised his eyebrows slightly. He looked at the divine weapon of the towering mountain in his hand and waved his hand at the people in front of him, telling them not to act rashly!

"My young friend Dragon King, please come in!"

The Great Emperor of Ao Shan called out softly.

"Sorry to disturb you!"

When Wang Xian heard the Great Emperor of Ao Shan's words, a smile appeared on his face as he flew over directly.

"Dragon King?"

When they heard the name that the Great Emperor of Ao Shan called out, the other people in the palace were slightly shocked.

They had heard about this name like thunder recently. Especially the news that they had received not long ago, it made them feel extremely shocked.

"Haha, May I Know Why My Young Friend Dragon King is here? I just received the news. My Young Friend Dragon King is really fierce!"

"Are you looking for an old fellow like me to come and seek protection?"

When the Emperor of Ao Shan saw Wang Xian, he was obviously in a good mood!

He smiled as he spoke, and there was a hint of mockery in his tone.

"There's no need for protection. Let's talk about it when the dragon race can find the residence of my Dragon Palace. Even if they can find it, I'm not afraid!"

"It's just that it's not my style to hide blindly. If they want to destroy my dragon palace, I naturally have to fight with them!"

Wang Xian thought to himself and laughed out loud.

"Haha, Good, good. I like your temper. In the past, I was worried that you would join the Dragon Clan. Now it seems like... Haha!"

Emperor Ao Shan laughed out loud. His face was filled with relief.

The last time he took the initiative to meet Wang Xian, the main reason was to prevent him from joining the dragon tribe.

After all, the current Wang Xian could completely represent the three major forces. Even Emperor Ao Shan had to be wary of this force.

When he received the Dragon King's order to kill the members of the Dragon tribe not long ago, he was actually happy to see it.

"Senior, I have something to say. It's a little strange for the Drakonid Empire to have a war with your ao Shan Empire. The Dragon tribe must be behind it, right?"

"If we really want to fight, do you need help?"

Wang Xian was straightforward!

The main reason why he came to the Ao Shan Empire was because of the alliance.

The Great Emperor of Ao Shan had the power to fight against the god of the dragon race. As long as the Great Emperor of Ao Shan was able to restrain the strongest power of the dragon race, Wang Xian could use this period of time to increase his strength until he finally had the strength of the Great Emperor of Ao Shan.

When that time came, he could kill the god of the Dragon Race!