"If the DRAKONID Empire didn't have the command of the dragon race, they wouldn't dare to attack our Aoshan Empire!"

Emperor Aoshan looked at the confident expression on his face and Wang Xian, who was fearless even when faced with the dragon kill token of the continent. His face was filled with admiration.

"The invasion of the DRAKONID Empire this time is obviously well-prepared. Moreover, this time, they are obviously much crueler. They look like demonic beasts attacking the city!"

"They massacred the entire city and collected all the fresh blood with a formation. It's very strange!"

Emperor Ao Shan continued to speak as he frowned slowly.

"Collecting fresh blood? Some demonic beasts can increase their strength through fresh blood. What about the Dragon Race?"

Wang Xian revealed a hint of doubt on his face.

The bloodline of the dragon race was considered top-notch in the transcendence continent. They did not need to use fresh blood to increase their strength.

"Those damn traitors of the Dragonman Empire have completely become the lackeys of the dragon race. They massacred more than 20 million people in the city. We can not let them off so easily!"

A burly old man from the Aoshan Empire shouted coldly from a side seat.

"No matter what schemes they have, since they want to fight, we will beat them mercilessly!"

A hint of viciousness appeared on the face of the Emperor of Ao Shan. His eyes were suppressing the crazy killing intent.

"My Young Friend Dragon King, you are now being hunted by the dragon race. Since that's the case, let's form an alliance with the Ao Shan Empire!"

"With me in charge, as long as the dragon race doesn't have the confidence to kill me, they will not fight us to the death!"

The Emperor of Ao Shan looked at Wang Xian proudly and looked at him with a burning gaze.


When Wang Xian heard the invitation from the Emperor of Ao Shan, a wild smile appeared on his face. "This time, I came to look for senior because I want to form an alliance with you guys!"

"If the dragon race dares to release the Dragon Kill Order to destroy me, I will dare to fight them to the end!"

"Little friend Dragon King is the first one to be so calm when facing the Dragon Race!"

The Emperor of Ao Shan was slightly moved when he saw Wang Xian's expression.

The rest of the experts from the Ao Shan Empire were also looking at him in astonishment.

It had been a long, long time since any faction on the continent dared to fight against the dragon race in such a manner.

Even their Ao Shan Empire had to rely on Emperor Ao Shan and the divine weapon when they faced the terrifying dragon race.

"Before the Dragon Race kills me, they don't dare to fight to the death. Since that's the case, we can announce the alliance directly!"

"Dragon King, you can bring the disciples of the Dragon Palace to the territory of our Aoshan Empire. This time, I will cause the entire DRAKONID Empire to suffer heavy losses!"

The eyes of the great emperor of Aoshan flashed as he spoke to Wang Xian. A hint of ruthlessness appeared on his face.

As someone who had lived for 17,000 to 18,000 years, the great emperor of Aoshan could rely on his divine weapon to fight against the god of the dragon race. He was also furious about the massacre of the Drakonid Empire.

Even a clay figurine was angry, let alone him, Emperor Ao Shan!

"The Dragon Palace has not reached the point where we need to rely on the Ao Shan Empire. I will bring my subordinates here in a few days!"

Wang Xian smiled and shook his head as he spoke to Emperor Ao Shan directly.

"The Ao Shan Empire will always welcome the Dragon Palace. In a few days, we will be here to welcome the experts from the Dragon Palace!"

The Great Emperor of Ao Shan nodded his head.

"In that case, senior, I will make a trip back to the Dragon Palace First!"

As Wang Xian spoke, he cupped his hands at the Great Emperor of Ao Shan.

"Alright, I'll be waiting for You Again!"

The Great Emperor of Ao Shan cupped his hands at Wang Xian with a smile on his face.


Wang Xian nodded his head and disappeared in an instant!

"This dragon king is so strong. He should be at level eight of longevity. wasn't he at level six of longevity when he fought against the Nine Heavens Demonic Bird? How did he advance by two levels so quickly now?"

Looking at Wang Xian's disappearing figure, a middle-aged man holding an earthy yellow hammer said in surprise.

"Let's not talk about anything else. Nobody in the entire continent dares to kill more than 20 dragon race powerhouses in Dragon City and make the Dragon King seek help from the dragon race in fear!"

A few burly elders beside him showed a hint of admiration in their eyes.

"Not long ago, I saw his strength. At that time, his strength was indeed at level six of longevity. I really didn't expect him to advance so quickly. Level eight of longevity is almost catching up to me!"

Emperor Aoshan also sighed and said with a faint smile, "However, he is a human. Even though he has established such a powerful force, he is still very low-key!"

"The Empress of the dragon-phoenix Empire that he supports is very good at governing the country. The name of the Eternal Empress is well-deserved. The Dragon King is a friend but not an enemy!"

"Beiming, go and announce that the Aoshan Empire has formed an alliance with the Dragon Palace!"

The Ao Shan Emperor looked at the middle-aged man holding the earthy yellow hammer and said with a smile.

"Yes, grandfather!"

Ao beiming nodded immediately.

"Patriarch, the Ao Shan Empire and the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace have announced an alliance, and the relationship between the nine God Empire and the dragon-phoenix Empire and the Dragon King is also very close!"

"I'm afraid that the Dragon Kill Order of the dragon race will become a joke!"

An old man said with a smile on his face!

"This is the most united time in the history of the human race. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing!"

Emperor Ao Shan mumbled as his eyes lit up. "But no matter what, this is the best outcome for the human race!"


Wang Xian left the Ao Shan Empire and flew in the direction of the dragon-phoenix Empire.

His trip to the Aoshan Empire was exceptionally smooth.

The Aoshan Empire wanted to announce their alliance with the Dragon Palace. This was undoubtedly an announcement to the entire continent!

They stood on the side of the Dragon Palace.

"Since the Aoshan Empire has made their announcement, there's no need for the Dragon and Phoenix Empire and the Nine Gods Empire to express their goodwill to the Dragon Race!"

Wang Xian thought to himself as he flew quickly.

Two days later, Wang Xian returned to the Phoenix Palace of the dragon-phoenix Empire.

"How is it, Little Xian?"

Feng Luan asked immediately when she saw Wang Xian entering.

"It's going very smoothly. You might receive news of the alliance between the Aoshan Empire and the Dragon Palace very soon!"

Wang Xian smiled and said to her.

"Is that so? That's great. In that case, there's no need for the dragon-phoenix Empire and the Nine Gods Empire to express their stance!"

"With the presence of Emperor Ao Shan, the dragon race can not fight to the death with the entire human race!"

Feng Luan's eyes lit up.

"That's right. The Ao Shan Empire clearly understands this as well. This time, the dragon-man Empire's cruelty has thoroughly infuriated Emperor Ao Shan and the rest!"

Wang Xian nodded and continued to speak to Feng Luan, "I will lead some members of the Dragon Palace to the Ao Shan Empire. You and the nine God Empire should not participate in this for now!"

"Alright, I will inform Mo Sha Again!"

Feng Luan nodded.

"Alright, pay attention to the movements of the dragons and other creatures in the supernatural sea. I will head to the Dragon Palace First!"

Wang Xian gave some instructions to Feng Luan and flew towards the Dragon Palace.

When Wang Xian returned to the Dragon Palace, two pieces of news spread across the entire supernatural continent.

The Aoshan Empire announced that they had formed an alliance with the Dragon Palace!

Faced with the mainland's dragon kill order, the Nine Gods Empire and the Dragon Phoenix Empire remained silent!