"The Dragon King of the Dragon Palace has just killed more than 20 members of the Dragon Clan, and the Dragon Clan has already issued the Continent Dragon Kill Order, and the Aoshan Empire has formed an alliance with it? What does this mean?"

"The nine God Empire and the dragon-phoenix Empire have such a deep relationship with the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace, and they have no reaction at all when faced with the Continent Dragon Kill Order. Oh My God, the two empires and the Aoshan Empire are completely ignoring the continent dragon kill order!"

"Almost all of the human empires are on the Dragon King's side. I'm afraid that the Dragon Kill Order will become a joke!"

When the news of the alliance between the Aoshan Empire and the Dragon Palace spread out, the entire continent was in an uproar.

It was especially true for some ordinary forces and members of mercenary groups.

In history, once the Dragon Clan issued the Dragon Kill Order, the entire continent would definitely be in an uproar.

In order to curry favor with the Dragon Clan, the major empires had mobilized all their forces to encircle and annihilate the people who issued the Dragon Kill Order!

Now, it had been five or six days since the dragon kill order was issued. The Ao Shan Empire had announced an alliance with the Dragon Palace, and the other two empires had completely ignored it.

This made the dragon kill order become a joke.

"If the Dragon Clan can't kill the Dragon King and the others this time, the prestige of the Dragon clan will be lowered to the extreme!"

"Maybe even the Dragon Clan didn't expect that no faction would care about their dragon kill order!"

Some people murmured!

The influence of the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace was felt by everyone.

All the humans on the continent were filled with respect for the Dragon King, the Dragon Slayer.

After all, he was the only existence who dared to kill the Dragon clan for hundreds of thousands of years!

It was also the only existence who made the continent's dragon killing token into a joke!

"The transcendence continent hasn't been peaceful recently. First, the Phoenix dynasty and the Ten Thousand Fey Empire were destroyed, the Empress returned, the Dragon Palace and the Dragon Phoenix Empire rose up, the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace killed the members of the Dragon Race, and the Drakonid Empire attacked the Aoshan Empire!"

Some people thought of the events that had happened in the past few months and sighed.

When the continent was in such turmoil, it was very difficult for them to stay on their own.

In particular, the confrontation between all the top human forces and the dragon race on the extraordinary continent made many people extremely worried.

However, there were also people who were discussing that this time, it might not be a bad thing for the entire human race!

During the hundreds of thousands of years when the dragon race dominated the extraordinary continent, the dragon race became the Master of the continent.

Anyone who provoked them, even the empire, was directly destroyed.

When the dragon race came to any city, they were like gods descending. Even if they massacred the entire city, no one dared to say anything.

The dragon race had always been a synonym for cruelty and tyranny.

Now that they saw the top human forces fighting against the dragon race, some people were hoping that they could really overturn the hundreds of thousands of years of rule of the Dragon Race!

However, most people were still filled with fear towards the dragon tribe.

"Prime Minister Gui, gather the Dragon Spur division, the Dragon Guard, the Heavenly Eye Arrow Division, the Demon War Division, and the Mount Division!"

At this moment, in the Dragon Palace of the Extraordinary Sea!

When Wang Xian arrived at the Dragon Palace, he immediately gave an order to Prime Minister Gui.

"Yes, Dragon King!"

Prime Minister Gui immediately replied respectfully.

"Little Xian, you must be careful this time. After all, you are fighting against the Dragon Race!"

A group of girls walked over with a hint of worry on their faces.

When the Dragon Kill Order was given, Wang Xian ordered all of them to return to the Dragon Palace.

The group of girls also knew the current situation.

Faced with the powerful dragon race, they were very worried about Wang Xian's safety.

"Don't worry. I'll bring some people to the Ao Shan Empire. With the presence of the Great Emperor of Ao Shan, they won't dare to do anything to me!"

"Moreover, even without the Ao Shan Empire and the Great Emperor of Ao Shan, we don't have to fear the dragon race at all!"

Wang Xian touched the faces of the girls so that they didn't have to worry.

"Little Xian, you have to pay attention to your safety too. After all, the other party is a dragon!"

The group of girls emphasized again and again.

Wang Xian nodded with a smile.

"Dragon King, all the members of the five great combat divisions have arrived!"

At this moment, Prime Minister Gui's voice was heard. Behind Prime Minister Gui, all the disciples of the Five Great Combat Divisions had arrived!

The five great combat divisions were half the strength of the Dragon Palace. Furthermore, they were the five strongest combat divisions.

The leaders of the five combat divisions possessed the realm of level three longevity, allowing them to fight against those who were one level above them.

Ten people of Level One longevity.

Forty people of half-step longevity.

In other words, there were more than fifty people who possessed the combat strength of the longevity realm!

With more than fifty longevity experts, they could completely crush the Ao Shan Empire in terms of numbers.

"Prepare the disciples of the five great combat divisions. Follow me on the Expedition!"

Wang Xian's gaze swept across Ao Jian, AO qitian, and the rest as he shouted in a deep voice.


More than 10,000 disciples of the five major combat divisions responded loudly immediately.

"Let's Go!"

Wang Xian moved his body and nine flood dragons flew over while pulling the throne.

After giving a signal to the group of girls, Wang Xian sat on the dragon throne and flew out of the Dragon Palace immediately.

Nine flood dragons of the third level of longevity were pulling the dragon throne while the disciples of the four major combat divisions were riding the members of the Mount Division behind them.

The Fire Phoenix Dragon was one of the more advanced dragon species.

They had bodies that were more than ten to twenty meters long. Their heads were like that of a Kirin, and they had a pair of huge flaming wings.

They were extraordinary and extraordinary!

A group of demon monkeys, Dragon Guards, and members of the Heavenly Eye Arrow Division of the Demon Combat Division were riding on the Fire Phoenix Dragon.

They were following behind Wang Xian and were exuding a terrifying aura.

The strange demon from the Dragon Spur Division hid in the surrounding void space.

"My God, what a terrifying aura. Look at the sky, what is that?"

"Nine green longevity-level creatures pulling dragon chairs and thousands of experts riding on magical mounts. Those are the warriors of the Dragon Palace and the Dragon Palace!"

"Dragon King of the Dragon Palace? Where are they going?"

The experts of the Dragon Palace were flying in the sky. When they passed by the cities below, they were shocked when they saw such a powerful team!

Only the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace could pull the dragon throne with nine longevity-level experts.

Wang Xian led the warriors of the Dragon Palace forward quickly. The news about the Dragon Palace and the alliance between the Aoshan Empire and the Dragon clan was also spread to the Dragonmen Empire!


"The Ao Shan Empire and the Dragon Palace are in an alliance. The nine God Empire and the Dragon Phoenix Empire are ignoring the dragon kill order on the continent. Good, good. Are they going to rebel?"

In the Dragon Palace of Dragon City, the son of the dragon, the Dragon Emperor, received the news one by one. His face was filled with rage.

He slapped the Dragon Throne heavily, causing the ministers in front to immediately lower their heads!

"Even if the entire human race was added together, they would still be like ants in front of the dragon race. If it wasn't for Emperor Ao Shan..."

His face was filled with violent killing intent as his eyes sparkled.

"Dragon Emperor, according to the information we received, the Dragon King is leading the Dragon Palace's forces towards the Ao Shan Empire. According to our guesses, he should be helping the Ao Shan Empire deal with us!"