"The Dragon Palace is very strong. They have more than twenty longevity experts. If the Dragon Palace goes to help the Aoshan Empire, with our strength, I'm afraid..."

In the Dragon Palace in Dragon City, the generals and ministers of the dragon-man Empire reported to the Dragon Emperor.

The alliance between the Dragon Palace and the Aoshan Empire was a huge threat to the dragon-man empire.

The combined strength of the two forces could destroy the entire drakonid empire.

"We can't stop attacking the Aoshan Empire. Continue to send more forces. I'll ask the Dragon Lords to attack the Dragon Palace!"

The Dragon Emperor said coldly and waved his arm, "Retreat!"

After saying that, the dragon emperor's figure flashed and flew towards the Northern Mountain Peak.


When he arrived at the mountain peak, his figure flashed and he disappeared from the mountain peak.


The sound of crashing waves could be heard and the Dragon Emperor appeared beside a mountain peak in the Dragon Sea.

He flew straight towards the mountain peak in front of him.

"I'll have to trouble the Lords of the Dragon Clan to inform the elders that the son of the dragon wishes to see you!"

The Dragon Emperor respectfully said to the Dragon Clan who was lying on the mountain peak.

"Wait a moment!"

The Dragon Clan member flapped his huge wings and flew back.

"Son of the dragon, come in!"

Soon, a voice came from the back and the Dragon Emperor immediately flew over.

"The son of the dragon greets the elders!"

At the back of the mountain peak, five or six elders of the Dragon Clan were lying in the dragon caves.

"What's the matter? Speak!"

The elder of the Fire Dragon Clan in the center said to the Dragon Emperor.

"Elder of the Fire Dragon Clan, the Ao Shan Empire and the Dragon Palace have announced an alliance. It seems that the Dragon King has come to help the Ao Shan Empire with some powerful people. I'm afraid that our dragon-man Empire is no match for the Alliance of the two forces!"

The Dragon Emperor came to report directly.

"Oh? How dare the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace jump around?"

An extremely hot dragon breath came out of the elder's mouth as he stared at the Dragon Emperor with a pair of furious eyes.

"The Dragon Palace has arrived at the Aoshan Empire?"

A water dragon elder frowned and asked the Dragon Emperor.

"Yes, according to the news, the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace has entered the Aoshan Empire with a group of experts!"

The Dragon Emperor nodded.

The elders of the Dragon Clan looked at each other with hesitation in their eyes.

"Son of Dragon, have you found the lair of the Dragon Palace?"

The elder of the Fire Dragon Clan asked with a dark face.

"Not yet. We have used all the power of the dragon-man Empire, but we haven't found the location of the Dragon Palace. Moreover, the nine God Empire and the dragon-phoenix Empire have a good relationship with the Dragon Palace. They might protect the Dragon Palace!"

The Dragon Emperor said directly with a dark face.

"Damn it. If our dragon race attacks the dragon-phoenix Empire and the nine God Empire directly, it will definitely cause the two empires and the Ao Shan Empire to ally together. The divine weapon in Emperor Ao Shan's hands is too terrifying. Lord Dragon God said that we can't disturb him for a year, and now our dragon race can't send an army to attack them directly!"

The Fire Dragon Elder's face was filled with anger. It had been a long time since the dragon race had been so sullen.

"Now, we must first find the Dragon Palace's nest. Once we find it, we will immediately inform them that we will lead a million dragon race subordinates and destroy them!"

Elder Fire Dragon said with a cold gaze.

"Yes, Elder. We will definitely do our best to find the Dragon Palace's Nest!"

"Elder, the war with the Ao Shan Empire... we have only collected one-tenth of the blood, there is still a long way to go!"

The Dragon Emperor immediately bowed and continued.

"The Dark Nether race and the Ten Great Demon Beast races are at your disposal. Your mission is the most important!"

Elder Fire Dragon threw two tokens over.

One was black, and the other was similar to a cross.

"Thank you, Elder!"

The Dragon Emperor respectfully took the two tokens, his eyes shining with joy.

"Go. This concerns the path of our dragon God to godhood. There must be no mistakes!"

The elders of the Dragon Clan said.

The Dragon Emperor nodded and immediately returned to the Drakonid Empire.

He looked at the two tokens in his hands, his eyes burning with passion.

The Dark Nether race, the Ten Great Demon Beast Race.

Of these two races, the Dark Nether was located in the Drakonid Empire's territory, but the Drakonid Empire did not have the strength to order them.

If they wanted to mobilize them, they had to obtain the orders of the Dragon Clan.

As for the ten directional great demons, they were the strongest race in the dragon race.

The ten directional great demons had ten longevity fourth level demon emperors, and their strength was extremely terrifying.

This race lived in the sea of transcendence.

"Regardless of whether it's the Dragon Palace or the Ao Shan Empire, they're all ants in front of the dragon race. Anyone who dares to resist will die!"

The Dragon Emperor's face revealed a sinister expression.


"Welcome, Dragon King!"

At this moment, on the mountain of the Ao Shan Empire, ao beiming of the Ao Shan Empire and a group of experts from the Ao Shan Empire looked at the Dragon Palace team in front of them and greeted them respectfully.

"Sorry to disturb you!"

Wang Xian stood up from the Dragon Throne. Under the lead of Ao beiming, he went straight to the peak of the largest mountain.

"Haha, Young Friend Dragon King, you are quite fast!"

The Emperor of Ao Mountain looked at Wang Xian and walked up to him with a smile on his face.

"Senior, how is the situation at the front line?"

Wang Xian smiled and asked directly.

"There haven't been any strong battles in the past few days. However, the DRAKONID Empire is gathering their forces!"

Ao beiming said to Wang Xian from the side.

"Shall we move now?"

Wang Xian asked directly.

"There's no time to lose. Let's take action then!"

Ao beiming said directly.

"Haha, Alright. I Can't make a move in this situation. My Young Friend Dragon King, you can discuss everything with beiming!"

The Great Emperor of Ao Shan said with a smile.

Wang Xian nodded.

The dragon race didn't dare to rashly send out dragon race experts to attack. The Great Emperor of Ao Shan also didn't dare to completely anger the dragon race.

If they really angered the dragon race, if they were to fight it out, apart from the Emperor of Ao beiming, the rest of them would probably die.

Both parties were fearful.

"Dragon King, the troops of the Ao Shan Empire are ready. Let's set off immediately!"

Ao beiming looked at Wang Xian and said.


Wang Xian nodded and the two of them immediately flew out.

"Soldiers of the Aoshan Empire, follow me on my expedition to destroy those bastards from the Drakonid Empire!"

A loud roar came from Ao Beiming's mouth.

Ao beiming, who was tall and sturdy, was holding a sledgehammer in his hand. His body was emitting an extremely thick and heavy aura as though he was a gigantic mountain peak.

"I shall follow your Majesty to kill the enemy!"

At the foot of the mountain peak below, soldiers who were exuding a powerful aura flew into the sky in unison.

At the very front, there were warriors wielding earthen yellow shields. Each and every one of them was incomparably tall and sturdy!

Mountain moving, Royal, earth shaker, and spear sealing. These were the four most powerful legions of the Aoshan Empire.

Each Legion had five thousand profound void martial experts. They were proficient in close combat, defense, control, and ranged combat respectively!

Behind the twenty thousand profound void martial experts, there were a hundred thousand extraordinary level experts.

Facing the provocation and cruelty of the drakonid empire, the Aoshan Empire was ready to fight back with all their might!