The four most powerful legions of the Ao Shan Empire flew over and roared!

In the middle of the mountain, an extremely mysterious demonic beast that was covered in thick scales and looked like a pangolin flew over.

Its ten-meter-long body gave off an invincible aura.

The demonic beast flew under the Aoshan Emperor and became his mount!

"Roar Roar Roar!"

Following that, more and more demonic beasts flew out from the surrounding mountain peaks. There were more than ten thousand of them.

Every one of them gave off an aura that wasn't weaker than the profound void tier.

The Thick Earth Pangolin was a demonic beast that grew in the eleven mountains of the Aoshan Empire. It possessed powerful defense and the ability to burrow into the ground.

At the same time, the thick earth pangolin also belonged to the Aoshan Empire's guardian demonic beast.

"Dragon King, let's Go!"

Ao beiming was riding on the king of the thick earth pangolin, which was at the fourth level of longevity. His body was already covered in armor. He raised his head slightly and said to Wang Xian.

"Haha, Let's Go!"

Wang Xian's gaze swept across the power of the Aoshan Empire and laughed out loud.

"Roar! Roar! Roar!"

Nine dragon roars were heard as nine dragons pulled their dragon chairs over. A group of members from the Dragon Palace rode on the Fire Phoenix Dragon Seed and followed behind them!

"Let's Go!"

With AO Beiming's order, the entire team immediately flew towards the east at a rapid speed.

The powerful army exuded a terrifying power.

The nine dragons pulled their dragon chairs and followed behind them. The members of the Dragon Palace followed behind them expressionlessly.

"Our Emperor has led the four legions of the empire to the battlefield!"

"Mountain moving, Royal, earth shaking, and spear sealing. These are the most powerful legions of the Aoshan Empire. It's so cool. If the four legions attack, the dragon-man Empire will pay a heavy price!"

"Is that the power of the Dragon Palace? They look so powerful. Every member of the Dragon Palace is riding on a powerful Mount!"

"The Dragon King of the Dragon Palace dared to kill the members of the Dragon Clan. It's said that the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace is very powerful!"

Below the mountain peak, the people of the Ao Shan Empire started to discuss when they saw the army.

Some of them looked reverent, while others looked forward to the battle.

The Army of the Ao Shan Empire and the members of the Dragon Palace rushed toward the battlefield.

"The Dragon Palace is so powerful, especially the mounts. Their auras are terrifying!"

The soldiers of the Aoshan Empire curiously sized up the members of the Dragon Palace as the two peak forces of the continent traveled together.

They felt the faint pressure from the dragon palace and were a bit scared.

They were more respectful toward this force that dared to kill the members of the Dragon Clan.

"The border between our Aoshan Empire and the DRAKONID Empire is right in front of us. Now, two of our cities have been breached!"

Upon arriving at the border of the Aoshan Empire, ao beiming, the Emperor of the Aoshan Empire, said to Wang Xian.

"Do we need to fight back immediately?"

Wang Xian looked into the distance with a cold look in his eyes.

"Of course. Since the DRAKONID Empire dared to slaughter more than 20 million people of our Aoshan Empire, I will repay them with ten times the amount of fresh blood!"

Ao beiming said with a murderous tone.

The citizens of the Drakonid Empire had complete faith in the dragon race. Even if the dragon race massacred a city, they would still think that the dragon race was great.

Facing such citizens of the Drakonid Empire, ao beiming did not have the slightest bit of compassion.

Similarly, Wang Xian did not have the slightest favorable impression of the Drakonid Empire!

"Then let's charge over!"

A strong killing intent shot out from Wang Xian's eyes. He moved his body and his target was a city in front of him.

Before he could get close to the city, he could smell the stench of blood in the air. It was the stench of blood caused by the drakonid empire slaughtering the entire city.

At this moment, a group of Drakonid Empire's soldiers were guarding the city on the city wall.

"Kill them all! Don't leave a single one alive!"

Smelling the bloody smell in the air, AO beiming roared with killing intent.



A resounding killing voice came from the sky. In front of the city, feeling the overwhelming killing intent, all the Drakonid Empire's soldiers'faces changed dramatically.

"Enemy Attack!"

"Not good, the Emperor of the Aoshan Empire is here with his troops. The one next to him is the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace and his subordinates. We are no match for him. Run!"

In the city, the DRAKONID Empire did not receive any information about the sudden attack from the Aoshan Empire and the Dragon Palace.

When they saw the experts of the two forces charging over, their faces were filled with shock.

"Retreat, everyone retreat, retreat back to the Empire!"

In the city, a shocked and angry voice rang out. One by one, the insightful emptiness realm experts soared into the sky and fled towards the east.

"Leave no one alive!"

The furious voice of the soldiers of the Aoshan Empire rang out. One by one, the experts rushed over!

"Heavenly Eye Arrow Division, Lock On!"

Wang Xian looked at the city in front of him. The strength of the drakonid empire was not very strong. There was only one longevity realm expert and more than a thousand insightful emptiness realm experts!

There were more than a hundred thousand ordinary soldiers!

"Kill every single one of them!"

Wang Xian ordered immediately!

"It's the Dragon King!"

The members of the Heavenly Eye Arrow Division rode on the Fire Phoenix Dragon Seed and spread out. Their bowstrings were drawn to the maximum.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh

Arrows flew at a speed that was even more terrifying than that of the soldiers of the Aoshan Empire. They shot at the fleeing people in the sky.

The weakest member of the Dragon Palace was already at level five of the Seethrough realm. He could fight against level six of the Seethrough realm.

The 1,500 members of the Heavenly Eye Arrow Division could release more than ten arrows at once.

This round of attack was aimed at the group of insightful void realm experts who were trying to escape.

Puff! Puff! Puff

The terrifying arrows pierced into the vital parts of every expert of the dragon-man Empire.

In just an instant, all the soldiers of the dragon-man Empire who were trying to escape were killed. None of them could escape.

Even the experts who were half a step away from the longevity realm were killed!

"Hiss... This archer of the Dragon Palace is so powerful!"

"What sharp arrows! He can lock onto every enemy with 100% accuracy!"

The experts of the Aoshan Empire who were charging forward were slightly shocked.

This was the first time they had seen the sharpness of the Dragon Palace.

"We can't lose the face of the Aoshan Empire. Brothers, kill them!"

"Trapped City!"

"Boom Boom Boom!"

The soldiers of the Aoshan Empire shouted, and huge walls appeared in the sky one after another.

The walls combined together and surrounded a city within a radius of 100 kilometers.

This scene was like an existence from legends.

"Earth-shaking, earth-shaking!"

Another 10,000 soldiers roared, and the ground began to shake violently.


The ripples covered the entire city, and miserable screams sounded instantly!

"Aoshan Empire, Dragon Palace, just you wait!"

An angry roar came from the city, and a figure appeared in the air, flashing.

"That longevity expert wants to escape. Attack him!"

The longevity experts of Aoshan Empire frowned slightly when they saw the figure of the expert of the Dragon Empire flashing!

"Searching for enemies in the Void!"

At this moment, they heard a cold voice.

Three arrows formed a triangle and sealed the space in front of them!