"What? How is this possible?"

An angry voice came from above the city.

The figure of the longevity-level powerhouse from the DRAKONID Empire flashed. The old man who was about to teleport away suddenly sensed that he could not teleport out, and his face revealed a shocked and angry expression.

He was only a rank 1 longevity-level powerhouse, and the opponent had dozens of longevity-level powerhouses. Ao beiming, the Emperor of the Aoshan Empire, even personally came.

If he could not escape immediately, he would die!

He had thought that he could escape 100% from such a long distance.

However, the three arrows could seal the surrounding space, preventing him from teleporting!

"Wind Dragon Arrows!"

At this moment, another three cold voices sounded.

"Roar Roar Roar!"

The old man from the Drakonid Empire raised his head and saw the three arrows transform into three incomparably terrifying creatures, directly biting towards him.

"No, activate your domain, Hua Tian Shield!"

The old man from the Drakonid Empire widened his eyes and roared wildly. He instantly activated his domain, and in front of his body, an incomparably huge shield completely blocked him.

"Boom Boom Boom!"

However, when the first arrow landed on the shield, it shattered it, and the second arrow broke through the domain.

The third arrow landed on the elder's body.


The massive attack caused a huge hole to appear on the Elder's chest!

The three arrows pierced through him.

"What terrifying archery!"

The longevity experts of the Aoshan Empire turned their heads and looked at the three members of the Heavenly Eye Arrow Division riding on the Fire Phoenix Dragon. Their eyes were filled with shock.

The three of them had locked onto and killed them in one go!

Even if the opponent was a level 1 longevity expert, he couldn't dodge their attacks.

How terrifying!

"The warriors of the Dragon Palace are really strong!"

Even ao beiming looked at the members of the Heavenly Eye Arrow Division with astonishment!

Such archery skills were unparalleled in the entire continent.

Wang Xian smiled when he heard that. "Emperor Ao Shan, give me these corpses from the Drakonid Empire. I'll give you the interspatial ring!"

"Corpses? It's useless even if we want the corpses. If the Dragon King wants them, you can take them all!"

"The items in the interspatial ring will be divided equally between the two factions!"

Ao beiming said directly.


Wang Xian nodded. The main reason why he led the soldiers of the Dragon Palace into this war was for the sake of these corpses.

Only the corpses of the strong ones, elixirs and spiritual herbs could help the dragon palace increase its strength rapidly!

"Reporting to the Overlord, kill all the enemies!"

At this moment, the soldiers of the Ao Shan Empire came to report.

There were only a few hundred thousand enemies left in this city. Facing the most elite soldiers of the Ao Shan Empire, there was no room for resistance.

All of them were killed in less than five minutes!

"Continue, don't go to Shangliu City for the time being. Go to the right and destroy a city of the Drakonid Empire!"

Ao beiming shouted loudly. The army regrouped and continued to fly in the direction of the Drakonid Empire.

"Let's Go!"

Wang Xian led the members of the Dragon Palace to follow behind.

Before they could face the powerhouses of the Drakonid Empire, the Aoshan Empire had to destroy at least one or two cities of the Drakonid Empire to avenge their blood feud.

Soon, a city appeared in their line of sight. This was the city of the Aoshan Empire. There was no one inside now. It was a complete mess!

The army did not stop, they continued to fly towards the east.

Three hours later, another city appeared in their line of sight!

A huge dragon arch, a statue of the god of the dragon race in the center of the city.

The first city of the DRAKONID Empire appeared in their line of sight.

A city with tens of millions of DRAKONID citizens!

"Kill, leave no one alive!"

Ao beiming roared.


A towering killing intent rose up and covered the entire city.


All the soldiers of the Aoshan Empire charged towards the city of the Drakonid Empire with hatred!

"Enemy attack! Enemy Attack!"

At the first moment, the guards of the DRAKONID Empire saw the army of the Aoshan Empire charging towards them and roared loudly.


The city protection array was immediately activated!

"Heaven's burial, Earth's burial, deep burial!"

The four legions of the Aoshan Empire immediately roared.

The earth trembled, and the entire city began to tremble!


A longevity expert of the Aoshan Empire raised the earthen yellow hammer in his hand. A huge earthen yellow hammer that was dozens of kilometers long and as large as a mountain peak condensed in the sky and smashed towards the city protection array.


The city-protecting formation collapsed as the attack landed.

"It's the Aoshan Empire! It's those damn bastards from the Aoshan Empire! They ambushed us!"

"They actually dared to attack us! We, the Dragon God Association, Will Protect Us and wipe out the entire Aoshan Empire, causing their blood to flow like a river!"

"Kill! Kill all the invaders from the Aoshan Empire!"

Within the city of the DRAKONID Empire, all the soldiers and citizens had savage expressions on their faces. One by one, the experts soared into the sky!


However, at this moment, the earth was like a tsunami. Within the entire city, all the buildings were collapsing rapidly.

The undulating power caused some of the weaker people to die!

"Meteorite descent!"

The experts from the Prideful Heaven Empire's spear-sealing Legion raised their staffs. Huge meteorites appeared out of thin air.

Countless meteorites attacked the city mercilessly.

It was a world-destroying battle, a real world-destroying battle!

This was a real battle. The city would be destroyed at any time, and tens of millions of people would die.

Ao beiming didn't show any mercy on his face.

Wang Xian didn't show any sympathy either as he sat on the dragon throne.

He didn't feel uncomfortable killing a bunch of lunatics.

Furthermore, it was the Drakonid Empire that started the massacre of the innocent citizens of the Aoshan Empire.

If anyone dared to hurt his family, friends, and subordinates, Wang Xian would make them pay back thousands of times over.

"The powerhouses of the aoshan Empire are taking revenge on our Drakonid Empire. Quick, pass the message to the Dragon King."

"Protect the Dragon God, the dragon race will protect us!"

Within the city of the Drakonid Empire, the drakonids inside saw this incomparably terrifying attack and revealed terrified expressions.

They hurriedly passed the message to the army of the Drakonid Empire.

Located a thousand kilometers to the left of this city, that was the gathering place of the Drakonid Empire's army.

It was also one of the two cities where the two empires had once traded!

The Aoshan Empire also knew that there were countless drakonid empire's experts gathered there. They did not immediately head over, because they wanted to take revenge for the 20 million citizens!

A blood debt naturally had to be repaid with blood. What came next was the true battle!

"Boom Boom Boom!"


The Aoshan Empire's experts took action, and the entire city quickly turned into ruins.

An Eye for an eye, blood for blood!

"Don't go any deeper, go to Shang Liu City!"

Ao beiming looked at the city that was completely reduced to ruins and ordered coldly.

The border between the Aoshan Empire and the drakonid empire was very long.

However, in order to prevent being ambushed, they could only destroy the cities on the other side of the border and attack them bit by bit.

After destroying a city, they flew towards the real battlefield.

The border of the two empires, Shangliu City!