Shang Liu City could also be called the Shang Liu region!

This was not a city but a region. There were four cities in it.

The two cities that corresponded to the east and West were called Ao Shan Shang Liu City and the Dragonman Shang Liu City.

The north and south corresponded to two cities. One was called the Demon Hunter Employment City, and the other was called the world's Shang Liu City!

The Drakonid Empire relied on the dragon race to possess the resources of the extraordinary sea. All the resources of the extraordinary sea flowed from this place.

As the empire that possessed the most vast land, the Aoshan Empire was also located in the center. It was the most convenient area for transportation.

Over time, this place formed an incomparably large business circle.

Even the headquarters of the demon-hunting mercenary association, which had the longest history, was established here. It could be said that this was the headquarters of the demon-hunting mercenary association that spanned the entire continent.

As for the world's merchant city, it was the gathering place of all the powerful trading companies on the transcendental continent.

There were four cities in the north, south, east, and west. Fifty kilometers away from each other were the Aoshan Empire and the Dragonman Empire's Shangliu City.

When the Dragonman Empire launched an invasion, they didn't invade this place.

The area where the Demon Hunters Association and trading companies gathered was the location where the trade between the two empires circulated. The invasion of the Dragonman Empire wouldn't be carried out rashly here.

After all, although the drakonid empire was strong and had the dragon race behind them, they would not provoke the demon Hunters Association and the world's trading city for no reason.

These two existences could represent almost all the forces under the Empire!

Moreover, the DRAKONID Empire and the world's trading city, the Demon Hunters Association, also had countless benefits.

The outbreak of war took place in the surrounding cities. After the outbreak, the two empires'trading city became the two cities at the forefront.

The two Shangliu cities were now covered by a huge array, and the city walls were filled with powerful legions and soldiers.

Here, the mountain moving army of the Aoshan Empire was stationed at the border with 500,000 soldiers.

The Drakonid Empire's Shangliu City was also stationed with close to a million soldiers and experts, and almost half of the Drakonid Empire's forces were stationed there.

The atmosphere in the entire sky was extremely solemn.

In an area of fifty kilometers on both sides of the north and south, tens of millions of people had gathered in the demon-hunting mercenary city and the world's merchant city. They were also looking at the two empires that were confronting each other in astonishment.

They were also a little frightened.

If a great battle really broke out, it was very likely that even they would be affected.

When that time came, the aftermath of the battle could destroy both of their cities.


Suddenly, a roar filled with killing intent came from the heavy sky.

One by one, thick earth pangolins flew over from the south. Soon after, Ao beiming led the four armies of the Ao Mountain Empire over.

Wang Xian and the members of the Dragon Palace followed closely from the side!

"It's the Army of the Ao Mountain Empire. Those are the Dragon King and the powerhouses of the Dragon Palace!"

"They're here. The Ao Shan Empire is about to launch a counterattack!"

When Wang Xian and Ao beiming arrived, they immediately attracted the attention of the other three cities.

As the four cities were trading, they were very close to each other. If there was any movement from the four cities, the other cities would know.

The arrival of the Army of the Ao Shan Empire was not too surprising.

Because, up until today, two cities of the Aoshan Empire had already been destroyed.

The number of deaths had increased from the initial 20 million to over 30 million.

It was an extremely bloody massacre!

"Welcome, Monarch!"

Within the Aoshan Empire's merchant flow city, a group of soldiers saw their monarch's arrival and immediately greeted him loudly.

"How is the strength of the Drakonid Empire?"

Ao beiming landed on the city wall with a dignified expression. He stared at the city in front of him and asked coldly.

"Reporting to the Emperor, the Dragon Army of the Dragonmen Empire has arrived not too long ago. According to the news, their Dragon Emperor should arrive soon!"

A general immediately reported.

"Prepare to attack!"

Ao beiming did not hesitate at all and immediately shouted.


"Open the city gate and prepare to attack!"

With the arrival of the Army of the Ao Shan Empire, they immediately counterattacked without any hesitation.

Boom! Boom! Boom

The city gate opened, and the soldiers rushed out.

"Hiss, attack directly. After the Emperor of Ao Shan arrived, he attacked directly. It seems that the Ao Shan Empire is really angry!"

"After the alliance between the Dragon Palace and the Ao Shan Empire, the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace has personally led a group of subordinates to help the Ao Shan Empire. The Dragonmen Empire should not be their match!"

"The dragon race is behind the Dragonmen Empire. The dragon race will definitely not sit idly by!"

On both sides of the demon-hunting mercenary city and the world merchant city, everyone stood on the city walls and looked over, their faces filled with shock.

"Not good, general. The emperor of Aoshan has led the four legions of the Aoshan Empire and the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace to Attack!"

On the city walls of the Drakonid Empire, a soldier immediately warned loudly when he saw the city gate open and a million soldiers walk out of the city.

"Don't Worry!"

The general standing in the middle raised his head slightly, his eyes filled with killing intent.


At this moment, roars came from the back of the city of the Drakonid Empire.

"Haha, Ao Beiming, Dragon King, you guys just destroyed a city of our drakonid empire, and now you're attacking us in such a hurry. Aren't you a little too anxious?"

A maniacal laughter sounded, and everyone's gaze turned towards the direction of the Drakonid Empire.

When ao beiming saw the arrival of the Dragon Emperor, his expression didn't change at all!

"Ao Shan Empire, hand over the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace to the dragon race. Otherwise, the dragon race will wreak havoc in your Ao Shan Empire and kill everyone in Your Empire!"

Just as the Dragon Emperor's voice sounded, a violent voice filled with killing intent sounded.

This voice made everyone slightly shocked.

"That is? An expert of the dragon race. I didn't expect the Dragon Race to directly intervene. Oh My God!"

"Look behind that expert of the dragon race. What is that? The ten directional great demon is the strongest demon beast race in the transcendence sea. Also, what is that Black Fog?"

"There's only one expert of the dragon race. Why didn't the dragon race send more experts to directly destroy the Dragon King? Could it be that they're afraid of something?"

"There's something strange about the Dragon Empire attacking the Aoshan Empire this time. Now that the Dragon Race has joined in, they didn't send an army of the dragon race. This is even stranger. Could it be that the Aoshan Empire has an expert that the Dragon Race is afraid of?"

"More than ten thousand years ago, the Aoshan Emperor was able to fight against the god of the dragon race. The Aoshan Empire has a divine weapon. Perhaps the Aoshan Empire has a power that the Dragon Race is afraid of and doesn't dare to force them into a corner!"

The cities on both sides were shocked when they saw the Aoshan Empire, the Dragonman Empire, and even the dragon race experts flying over.

At the same time, everyone was filled with shock and doubt towards this war.

Logically speaking, with their superficial strength, it should be very easy for the dragon race to destroy the Aoshan Empire.

However, the dragon race didn't make a move!

The Dragon Kill Order had already been issued, and after the Dragon Palace and the Aoshan Empire Allied, the Dragon Race didn't send out any powerful forces to kill them!

This was very strange, completely inconsistent with the Dragon Clan's dominance and tyranny!

Although 10,000 years ago, the AOSHAN emperor had sparred with the dragon god of the Dragon Clan, and the Aoshan Emperor had not lost, he had not won either. Moreover, it had been more than 10,000 years, and the AOSHAN emperor should have already fallen!

From the looks of it, the actions of the Dragon Clan and the Dragonman Empire were indeed very strange.

There could only be one possibility, and that was that the Aoshan Empire possessed a power that the dragon clan was somewhat afraid of!

It should be a divine artifact!