Back then, the battle between Emperor Aoshan and the god of the dragon race was known by everyone on the continent.

No one knew the cause, but it wasn't because Emperor Aoshan had offended the dragon race, nor was it because the dragon race wanted to destroy Emperor Aoshan.

After that battle, Emperor Aoshan admitted that he had relied on the divine weapon, or else he would have been killed by the god of the dragon race.

After that, Emperor Ao Shan admitted that the dragon race was the Lord of the continent. The Ao Shan Empire was willing to be on good terms with them.

Everyone knew that the god of dragons had only just risen. On the other hand, Emperor Ao Shan was known as a genius that only appeared once every 100,000 years. Furthermore, he had lived for more than 7,000 years!

Emperor Ao Shan, who did not have much time left, naturally had to compromise with the dragon race for the sake of the future of the Ao Shan Empire.

"Haha, Hand It Over?"

Wang Xian looked at the powerhouses from the Drakonid Empire and the dragon race who were flying towards him. When he heard the words of the fire dragon, he laughed out loud.

"My Dragon Palace admits that our strength is inferior to your dragon race. However, you are dreaming if you want to destroy my Dragon Palace!"

As he spoke, he slowly stood up from the Dragon Chair. The Dragon Eyes of the Yin-yang five elements swept across the group of demonic beasts behind the Fire Dragon.

His gaze paused at the center of the Black Cloud for a moment, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

"When our Dragon Clan finds the place where your Dragon Palace is hiding, we'll see how a Puny Dragon King like you can still be complacent!"

The fire dragon's eyes were filled with fury!

"Ao beiming, you're in such a hurry to come and throw your life away?"

When the Dragon Emperor heard the conversation between the Dragon King and the Fire Dragon Elder, he glanced at the Dragon King with slight fear.

He had some misgivings about this guy who dared to kill the Dragon clan in their Dragon City.

Even someone as powerful as the Ao Shan Emperor didn't dare to be arrogant towards the dragon clan, but this guy did.

Even he wasn't a match for a level eight longevity dragon.

The Dragon Clan originally didn't want to participate in this war, but because of the appearance of this Dragon King, they had no choice but to send an elder.

"You killed more than 30 million disciples of my Ao Shan Empire. Son of the dragon, I Will Make Your Dragon Empire pay back tenfold!"

Ao beiming stared coldly at the Dragon Emperor!

"Soldiers of the Dragon Empire, Get Ready!"

The Dragon Emperor narrowed his eyes and a dragon saber appeared in his hand.

"Hua Hua Hua!"

Behind them, the soldiers with dragon horns clenched their weapons.

"Move the mountain, control the sky, shake the Earth, and seal the spears. Let the enemies in front see your strength!"

Ao beiming roared coldly.


The four legions of the Ao Shan Empire immediately roared.



The Legions of the Ao Shan Empire and the Drakonid Empire charged forward.

In the sky, Ao beiming and the DRAKONID Empire stared at each other.

The group of longevity experts didn't move either. They stared at each other coldly.

"King Ao Shan, do we need the members of the Dragon Palace to make a move?"

When Wang Xian saw this scene, he asked Ao beiming directly.

"There's no need!"

Ao beiming shook his head indifferently. He looked at the Fire Dragon and the group of demonic beasts behind him.

"If the dragon race is going to make a move against that group of demonic beasts, I'll have to trouble the Dragon King to get his subordinates to make a move!"


Wang Xian nodded.


At this moment, the core army of the DRAKONID Empire clashed with the four armies of the Aoshan Empire.

In the blink of an eye, more than a thousand people were killed. There were the soldiers of the Aoshan Empire as well as the Drakonids of the Drakonid Empire.

The battle began. It was a brutal battle.

When the Dragon King saw this scene, his expression did not change at all. He looked at the blood that was flowing down below quietly.

For the great cause of the god of dragons, it was worth it even if the drakonid empire suffered heavy casualties.


At this moment, Wang Xian suddenly realized that the fresh blood dripping down below was instantly absorbed by the ground.

Furthermore, the blood was spreading in the direction of the Drakonid Empire.

The corpse that was killed had dried up within a few minutes and lost all its blood.

"What does the DRAKONID Empire need this blood for?"

Wang Xian raised his eyebrows slightly.

Ao beiming, who was at the side, also frowned and shook his head.

"Hiss, this is too tragic. They are the elite troops of two empires. Now, they are actually fighting like this. This is simply killing a thousand enemies at the expense of 800!"

"What is the Drakonid Empire trying to do? Why are they willing to risk the lives of their soldiers to fight against the Aoshan Empire?"

"If they didn't have the support of the dragon race, the strength of the DRAKONID Empire would be inferior to that of the Aoshan Empire!"

In the two surrounding cities, the mercenary group and the people from the trading firm looked at the battle in the center with shocked expressions.

"Elder, please have Haiming Take Action!"

The drakonid empire floated in the sky. Seeing that the soldiers below were slightly at a disadvantage, it frowned and said to elder fire dragon beside it.

"Alright, Hei Ming, let's do it!"

Huo long looked down and his expression didn't change at all.

As soon as the Fire Dragon gave the order, there were no fluctuations coming from behind.

Wang Xian, who was floating in the sky, suddenly raised his eyebrows and looked in front of him with some surprise.

On the opposite side, there were over a thousand demonic beasts whose bodies were pitch-black and were shrouded in black shadows. They were sneaking into the battlefield.

They were hidden in the shadows and no one could see them.

Even ao beiming, who was at the side, didn't notice the group of demonic beasts at such a distance.

"Ao Yao, move!"

"Kill them and collect all the corpses!"

Wang Xian transmitted his voice to Ao Yao gently and revealed a faint smile on his face.

"King Ao Shan, how many members are there in the Dark Nether Assassin Group?"

He turned his head and asked Ao beiming plainly.

"Dark World? They only have over a thousand assassins, but they are the number one assassin organization in the continent. Their strength is extremely terrifying. The leader of the Dark World is able to assassinate a Wanshou Master!"

Ao beiming raised his eyebrows slightly when he heard Wang Xian's words and said directly.

"Over a thousand?"

Wang Xian nodded his head and looked ahead. There were about 1,200 people.

From the first level of the void interpretation stage to the second level of the longevity stage, there were only five people in the longevity stage. They possessed a strong ability to hide shadows. They were indeed very strong!



All of a sudden, screams of pain could be heard from the bottom of the battlefield.

These screams of despair were exceptionally ear-piercing. Following that, under everyone's astonished gazes, corpses appeared out of thin air on the ground.

The corpses were pitch-black and had incomparably sharp claws. Their legs were very thin and they looked like ghosts.

However, the appearance of more than a thousand of these corpses on the ground out of thin air immediately attracted everyone's attention.

"The number one assassin organization on the continent, Dark Nether, is it? After today, I'm afraid it will no longer exist!"

At this moment, Wang Xian's voice, which was full of smiles, rang out, causing everyone's expression to change drastically.

Even the King of Ao Shan, who was standing at the side, was slightly shocked when he saw the dark nether killer who had suddenly died at the bottom of the battlefield!

"How... How is this possible?"

At the front, the Dragon King was completely stunned when he saw this scene!