"This... This is a war. This is definitely not torture!"

"My God, this... the combat divisions of the Dragon Palace are so terrifying. The great demons of the ten directions and the experts of the Drakonid Empire are no match for the Dragon Palace at all!"

"Why do I have the feeling that the experts of the Dragon Palace are able to annihilate the great demons of the ten directions and the DRAKONID Empire without the need of the Aoshan Empire? This is too powerful. The combat strength of the members of the Dragon Palace doesn't seem to be any weaker than the sixth level of the profound void tier!"

"No wonder the Dragon King dared to be so powerful and directly kill the members of the Dragon Clan. The members of the Dragon Palace are too terrifying. The Heavenly Eye Arrow Division, the Dragon Guard, the Devil Combat Division, and the incomparably terrifying dragon Spike Combat Division. This is simply heaven-defying!"

The moment the ten directional great demons and the Dragon Palace Combat Division entered the battlefield and clashed, everyone instantly felt the terror of the Dragon Palace Combat Division!

The violent demon monkey, the icy cold sword light, the deadly arrows, and the assassins hiding in the surroundings!

The lowest level was the sixth rank of the profound void tier, and there were 50 Wanshou first rank experts among them.

The ten great demons and the Dragon Empire only had 40 wanshou experts, which was not even as many as the Dragon Palace.

With the longevity experts of the Aoshan Empire present, the instant they clashed caused a terrifying suppression.

The drakonid empire had no ability to resist at all as they were quickly massacred.

Corpses fell to the ground one after another.

"This... is so powerful!"

Ao beiming, who was at the side, opened his mouth slightly when he saw how powerful the members of the Dragon Palace were!

His face was filled with shock.

Looking at the one-sided massacre, he was a little dazed!

With the full power of the Dragon Palace, even if they were facing the four armies of the Ao Shan Empire, they could easily slaughter them.

Too strong, simply too strong.

There were 50,000 to 60,000 void interpretation experts in the entire Ao Shan Empire, but there were only 5,000 to 6,000 people above the fifth or sixth level of the void interpretation realm.

The rest were all at the fifth or sixth level of the void interpretation realm.

However, the combat strength of the members of the Dragon Palace was at least at the sixth level of the void interpretation realm!

Even if the four great armies of their empire joined forces, they wouldn't be a match for the Dragon Palace!

"Not good, how can the Dragon Palace be so strong!"

The Dragon Emperor's expression changed drastically when he saw the soldiers of the Drakonid Empire and the ten great demon beasts being slaughtered.

"Those killers are collecting all the corpses. Damn it, they put the corpses into their interspatial rings!"

Soon after, when the Dragon Emperor saw the corpses disappearing one after another, his face turned ugly.


The Dragon Fire Dragon Elder's face turned dark, and he immediately ordered the Dragon Emperor.

"Retreat, all the members of the DRAKONID Empire retreat to the city!"

The Dragon Emperor roared with a gloomy face.

"Quick, retreat to the city!"

"The combat divisions of the Dragon Palace are so powerful! How could they be so powerful?"

"Run, run!"

All the soldiers of the DRAKONID Empire ran frantically toward the city behind them when they heard the Dragon Emperor's words.

"They've retreated! The people of the DRAKONID Empire have retreated!"

"This is not a fight of the same level at all. If the Dragon Clan doesn't send their experts over, the Drakonid Empire will be in trouble!"

"Terrifying. A short exchange of blows caused the drakonid empire to retreat and flee!"

In the cities on both sides, all the experts watched this scene in shock.

The drakonid empire's soldiers and the ten great demon beasts fled frantically towards the cities behind them.

Meanwhile, the experts of the Dragon Palace and the four armies of the Aoshan Empire were frenziedly hunting!

Now, they could kill as many as they could!

In the short distance of twenty kilometers, they left behind fifty to sixty thousand corpses.

The entire ground was covered with the corpses of the experts of the DRAKONID Empire.


After the DRAKONID Empire and the ten directional demons escaped back into the city, the massive city gates were immediately closed.

An array formation that suppressed the world shot into the sky, enveloping the entire city into an invincible city.

The four legions of the Aoshan Empire and the members of the Dragon Palace stopped!

"Ha Ha Long's son, you invaded us, why are you hiding in the city now!"

"You killed more than 30 million people of the Aoshan Empire, and I will make you pay back tenfold. If you continue to hide in there, I, AO beiming, will lead my army to slaughter ten of your cities!"

Ao beiming looked at the fleeing soldiers of the drakonid empire, his face filled with excitement as he roared.

"AO beiming, you better not force us!"

When the Dragon Emperor heard his words, his expression changed drastically as he roared furiously.

"Haha, Force You? Why didn't you say that when you killed the citizens of the Aoshan Empire? I, AO beiming, swear that I will slaughter 10 cities of yours!"

Ao beiming roared with a ferocious expression as well.


The Dragon Emperor's expression was twisted as he clenched his fists tightly.

However, when he saw the Dragon King and the experts of the Dragon Palace, he was both shocked and furious!

They and the entire dragon race didn't expect the Dragon Palace to be so powerful.

They thought that with Hei Ming and the ten directional great demons, they could completely suppress the Dragon Palace.

The Dragonman Empire fought against the Ao Shan Empire, killing their experts and collecting their blood.

They didn't expect the Dragon Palace's strength to completely crush them. They even collected all the corpses.

How could they still collect the blood now?

If they couldn't complete the Dragon God's order, his son would probably...

"Elder, the Dragon Palace is so powerful now. What... What should we do?"

The Dragon Emperor looked at the fire dragon elder beside him and asked with an uncertain expression!

"Damn the Dragon Palace, Old Undying Great Emperor Ao Shan!"

The Fire Dragon Elder's face was also filled with anger.

The strength of the dragon race had exceeded his expectations. However, even though the dragon race was extremely powerful, if it was not for Great Emperor Ao Shan, the dragon race could have sent hundreds of dragon emperors to destroy the Dragon Palace in a matter of minutes!

Now, they had to suffer such humiliation because they were afraid that Emperor Ao Shan would attack!

"Don't move for now. I'll go back to the Dragon Palace and ask the Grand Elder!"

Elder Fire Dragon said with a gloomy face.

He couldn't make the decision in this situation!

The Dragon Palace was so powerful that they would need at least one or two hundred dragon emperors to deal with them.

However, the dragon ancestor wasn't sure if one or two hundred dragon emperors would trigger Emperor Ao Shan to attack.

"It's the Elder!"

"After a year, if the Dragon God can ignite the divine fire, he will turn the Dragon Palace and the Ao Shan Empire into ashes!"

The dragon emperor growled in a low voice full of killing intent.

"Since the Dragonman Empire is hiding in the city, let's go deep into the Dragonman Empire and slaughter the city!"

Ao beiming saw that the city was closed. He glanced at all the soldiers and ordered loudly.

"Roar! Blood shall be repaid in blood! Kill!"

"Blood shall be repaid in blood! Kill!"

The soldiers of the Aoshan Empire roared with murderous intent!

"Dragon King, thank you for the battle today. The Aoshan Empire will definitely repay you generously in the future!"

Ao beiming looked at Wang Xian and said with respect in his eyes.

"Since we are in an alliance, we don't need to care so much!"

Wang Xian smiled faintly and said, "I just don't know if the Dragon Emperor of the Dragon tribe will come over next. If they send a large number of powerhouses over, I'm afraid..."

"Don't worry, Dragon King. My grandfather has spoken. This time, the DRAKONID Empire will repay you tenfold. If the dragon tribe really dares to send a few hundred powerhouses, he will come over personally to settle it!"

AO beiming said proudly!

"That's Good!"

Wang Xian nodded his head. His eyes were sparkling.

It was good to enjoy the shade under the big tree. With the help of the Great Emperor Ao Shan, he could also make enemies with the Drakonid Empire and the dragon tribe without any scruples.

Even if they were to really fight to the death and the Dragon tribe mobilized all their forces, as long as the Great Emperor Ao Shan could withstand the highest combat strength of the Dragon tribe.

He, Wang Xian, had the confidence to obtain the final victory of the war!