"Roar! Roar!"

A dragon roar resounded throughout the Dragon City of the Drakonid Empire. It was filled with a majestic roar that shook the entire city.

"It's the Lords of the Dragon Clan!"

"Greetings, lords of the Dragon Clan!"

When everyone in the Dragon City heard this voice, they immediately knelt on the ground and worshiped.


The Dragon Emperor in the Dragon Palace moved and immediately flew up the mountain.

Recently, the Dragon Emperor had been most frustrated and frustrated.

The battle half a year ago had caused the drakonid empire to suffer heavy losses. The reputation of the Drakonid Empire had received a huge blow.

The mission of the god of the dragon race was only half completed. A year's time was coming, and there was still half to be completed.

If he could not complete it, he might die under the dragon breath of the god of the dragon race.

"Elder Wind Dragon!"

Seeing more than 50 dragon experts appear on the mountain peak, the dragon emperor quickly bowed and replied.

"Son of Dragon, Our Dragon Race has sent 50 Dragon Emperors to help you complete the mission of Lord Dragon God. Do it as soon as possible. No mistakes are allowed!"

Elder Wind Dragon immediately ordered the Dragon Emperor.


The dragon emperor was slightly stunned, "Elder Wind Dragon, if the experts of the Dragon Palace come to help the Ao Shan Empire, I'm afraid that 50 Dragon Emperors might..."

"Dragon King of the Dragon Palace? Those ants will soon disappear from the transcendence continent!"

Before the Dragon Emperor could finish his words, elder wind dragon interrupted him and spat out a gust of wind.

"Elder Wind Dragon, we've found the location of the Dragon Palace? That's great. In front of the Dragon Clan's power, the small dragon palace can be easily destroyed!"

The Dragon Emperor's face lit up and he quickly said.

"If the Ao Shan Empire dares to attack, immediately report that the first Supreme Elder of the Fire Dragon Clan will come out to deal with it!"

"Don't have any fear. It's been a long time since the Dragon Clan's roar was heard on the transcendence continent!"

Elder Wind Dragon said arrogantly.

"Yes, the Dragon Clan's roar will make all clans submit!"

"It's been a long time since the Dragon Clan's roar was heard on the continent!"

The Dragon Emperor revealed an excited expression. He immediately knelt in front of elder wind dragon and roared loudly.

"Very good, go, listen to the arrangements of the son of Dragon!"

Elder wind dragon arrogantly flapped his wings and disappeared!

"Roar Roar!"

Seeing Elder Wind Dragon leave, the Dragon Emperor raised his head and roared.

His pair of dragon horns emitted flames. His body slowly transformed into the form of a fire dragon.

His body was more than ten meters long, and his dragon wings were thirty meters long.

This was the strongest state of the Dragon Emperor. As the son of a dragon, he was the only dragonman who could transform into a dragon to fight!

"Transcendence continent, begin to listen to the roars of the Dragon Race!"

A dragon's roar was accompanied by an excited roar. The Dragon Emperor flapped his wings and flew directly into the Dragon Palace.

Fifty Dragon Emperors followed behind him, flapping their huge wings.

In Dragon City, all the citizens of the Drakonid Empire heard the Dragon Emperor's roar, and their eyes sparkled with a magical luster.

Soon, the army in the Drakonid Empire moved.

Fifty extremely powerful Dragon Emperors and an army of more than a million soldiers followed behind the Dragon Emperor and sailed majestically in the direction of the Aoshan Empire.

Some of the merchants in Dragon City and everyone on the road were shocked when they saw this scene.

"What are the Dragon Emperor and the others doing? They are actually following fifty dragon race experts!"

"Oh my God, the Dragon Emperor has almost led all the armies of the Drakonid Empire. What are they doing? Are they attacking the Aoshan Empire?"

Everyone looked at the Drakonid Empire's army and the fifty dragon race experts in shock.

After half a year, the dragon race was finally going to make a move?

The news of the DRAKONID Empire quickly spread to other parts of the continent.

The actions of one army and fifty dragon experts instantly caused a huge commotion across the entire continent.

When the news reached the Aoshan Empire, the entire Aoshan Empire's expression changed drastically.

Just as AO beiming was about to lead his army to welcome them, news had arrived from the borders of the Aoshan Empire.

More than ten cities had been massacred by the Drakonid Empire!

When the news arrived, the entire Aoshan Empire was furious!

"If we join forces with the experts of the Dragon Palace, even if they have fifty dragon race experts following them, we can still destroy everyone in the Drakonid Empire!"

"Kill them. We must kill them this time. They have slaughtered more than ten cities of the Ao Shan Empire!"

The entire Ao Shan Empire was furious. All the people shouted that they would join forces with the Dragon Palace and swear to destroy the dragon-man Empire.

With the combat divisions of the Dragon Palace, they were not afraid even if there were fifty dragon emperors.



"All the creatures in the nearby sea area gather and head to the southern sea area. They will trample on the Dragon Palace and devour all the ants of the Dragon Palace!"

At this moment, at a beach in the extraordinary sea.

Countless people were playing on the beach when the waves suddenly surged.

Just when they thought that a tsunami was coming, a dragon roar made everyone look shocked.

Soon after, a voice filled with fury and majesty resounded in their ears.

Everyone's eyes widened as they stared in disbelief in front of them.

Demon Beasts, fierce beasts, and sea beasts, as far as the eye could see, were advancing in the extraordinary sea in an orderly manner.

All kinds of sea beasts, from the extraordinary realm to the powerful profound void realm, could not be seen at a glance.

In the sky, countless sea birds, demonic beasts, and fierce beasts covered the entire sky.

There were one billion of them, or ten billion of them. There were countless of them.

All the demonic beasts and fierce beasts moved forward. They didn't dare to speak or roar. Only the dignified voice of the dragon race was heard!

"My God, the dragon race is ordering all the sea beasts in the extraordinary sea to destroy the Dragon Palace. They are going to destroy the Dragon Palace!"

"This... My God, there is no end to the demon beasts and fierce beasts. The Sea of Demon Beasts, the sea of fierce beasts... if all the demon beasts and fierce beasts rush to the continent, they will be able to destroy almost all the humans!"

"I've been hearing that the Dragon Clan is investigating the Dragon Palace's lair. has the Dragon Clan found it? My God, how can the Dragon Palace resist such a terrifying team?"

"Ten billion creatures from the extraordinary sea are attacking the Dragon Palace, and there are more than a hundred thousand dragon clan experts leading them. No matter how strong the Dragon Palace is, it will be destroyed!"

"Is this the terror of the Dragon Clan? The creatures that command the entire extraordinary sea, hiss!"

On the shore, everyone watched this scene in horror as the ten billion demonic beasts headed toward the southern sea.

Not long ago, they had just learned that the Drakonid Empire and the fifty dragon clans had once again attacked the Aoshan Empire. Now, the Dragon Clan had led the billions of extraordinary sea demonic beasts to attack the Dragon Palace.

The Dragon Clan had roared for the first time in the past tens of thousands of years.

It was the first time they had displayed the power of the continent's overlord!

It was so terrifying that it made people's hearts palpitate!