"The Dragon Palace is going to be finished. I'm afraid the Ao Shan Empire is going to be finished as well!"

After more than ten minutes, the people on the beach finally finished watching the entire army.

How many sea beasts were there? They didn't know!

However, they were 100% sure that the Dragon Palace wouldn't be able to resist such a powerful force.

There were too many of them!

The news by the sea and the roars of the dragon race spread to every corner of the continent at a terrifying speed.

When the entire continent heard the news again, it was shocked again.

"50 dragon race experts and the Drakonid Empire are attacking the Aoshan Empire, and more than 100,000 members of the dragon race are leading the demon beasts and fierce beasts of the extraordinary sea to attack the Dragon Palace. What are they trying to do?"

"The Dragon Palace is completely finished this time. The Dragon Palace has no power to resist the power of the entire extraordinary sea!"

"It seems that the dragon race is really angry this time. They actually used all their power to destroy the Dragon Palace. This time, the Dragon Palace and the Dragon King are doomed!"

"After all, they are the overlords of the extraordinary continent. When they roar, everyone and all the factions will tremble!"

All the forces on the continent were discussing in shock.

Respect for the roar of the dragon race rose once again!

The overlords of the transcendental continent were the overlords of the transcendental continent after all.

The Dragon Palace was completely defeated this time.

When all the citizens of the dragon-phoenix Empire received the news, their expressions changed drastically. They could only pray that the Dragon Palace would be able to escape this calamity!

They hoped that their lord king wouldn't be killed by the dragon race experts!

"Crap, the dragon race has found the Dragon King's Location!"

At this moment, the expressions of several experts of the Aoshan Empire changed slightly in the aotian mountain peak of the Aoshan Empire!

When the fifty dragons and the Dragonmen Empire attacked, the Aoshan Empire immediately wanted to ask the Dragon Palace for help.

Now that they had received this news, their faces darkened.

"The Dragon Clan actually found the Dragon Palace's lair, and hundreds of thousands of dragons and billions of water clans went to attack the Dragon Palace. This..."

"I wonder if my little friend Dragon King will survive. It would be a pity if he dies!"

Sitting on the side, the Ao Shan Emperor's face was also extremely ugly. The Dragon Clan and the Drakonid Empire had made a comeback, and the Dragon Palace had suffered a fatal attack from the Dragon Clan!

With the strength of the Drakonid Empire and the Fifty Dragon Emperors, the Aoshan Empire could not withstand it at all.

Emperor Aoshan knew the strength of the dragon race very well. He knew that no matter how strong the Dragon Palace was, it would not be a match for the dragon race.

The Dragon King was already considered lucky to be able to escape!

"Beiming led an army to the battlefield. What's the situation now?"

Emperor Aoshan leaned back on his chair, his hand touching the divine weapon, the towering mountain, as he slowly closed his eyes and asked.

"Forefather, the emperor has already guarded a city and set up a formation to meet the enemy. However, the Drakonid Empire and the fifty dragon race experts didn't attack the city. Instead, they went around and continued to slaughter the other cities!"

"They didn't leave any civilians behind in the cities they passed by. The rivers of blood are simply too cruel!"

An expert's expression was ugly as he clenched his fists and said.

A city alone had tens of millions of people!

"I wonder what plan they have for collecting human blood!"

Ao Shan emperor muttered as his brows twitched. He had a bad feeling about this!

"The dragon race didn't send out many experts. Fifty Dragon race experts and the Drakonid Empire's experts, we can't defend against them at all!"

"But they didn't choose to attack head-on. Is it because they're afraid that I'll attack?"

As the Ao Shan Emperor spoke, the few experts in front of him frowned and fell into deep thought.

"No matter what conspiracy it is, the dragon race, the Dragonman Empire, after all, you have massacred more than ten cities of our Ao Shan Empire. That's hundreds of millions of people, hundreds of millions of people!"

As he spoke, his body trembled slightly. He slowly took the towering mountain that was placed at the side and opened his eyes to caress it.

"Ancestor, are you trying to..."

When the few experts in front saw Emperor Aoshan's actions, their hearts trembled slightly!

"No matter what, I can not watch our empire's citizens be massacred wantonly. I can not watch our humans be massacred wantonly by a foreign race!"

Emperor Aoshan opened his eyes, and an incomparably dense killing intent surged in his eyes.

He slowly stood up and dragged the towering mountain with his right hand as he took two steps forward!

"Everyone thinks that I, Ao Shan Emperor, have already fallen. Today, I will fight the dragon race again. In my lifetime, I will be able to fight the dragon race twice. I have no regrets, Haha!"

Ao Shan emperor laughed loudly and disappeared from where he was!

"With the ancestor here, even the dragon race has nothing to fear!"

In the room, a few elders revealed determined expressions!

So what if it was the dragon race that had the patriarch holding the divine weapon!

The Dragon Race's roar made the entire continent panic.

Even the nine God Empire and the dragon-phoenix Empire were on full alert.

No one on the continent knew how long the Dragon Race's roar would last.

In the extraordinary sea, countless demonic beasts swam toward the southern sea.

There were more than 100,000 water dragons in the front of the entire water dragon race. More than 1,000 longevity-level water dragons were giving off a terrifying aura.

They were all subordinates of the Dragon Clan in the tens of thousands of kilometers behind them!

"We don't need to do anything. We can submerge the Dragon Palace with just our subordinates!"

An elder of the Water Dragon Clan said proudly in the middle of the hundreds of thousands of dragons!

"Just watch as those ants are torn to shreds!"

A water dragon said lightly.

The Water Dragon Clan led the sea beasts of the extraordinary sea to attack the Dragon Palace. They did so to show the dignity of the Dragon Clan.

They told all the forces on the continent that the Dragon clan was supreme!

Any ant who dared to provoke them would be destroyed!

They didn't care about the Dragon Palace, which was rumored to be extremely powerful, or the combat division of the Dragon Palace.

There was only one dragon king who would make the Dragon Clan take this seriously.

But at most, they would send an elder to kill him.

The huge team advanced, and it took the entire team five days to get close to the sea area where the Dragon Palace was.

The Dragon Clan was not afraid that the Dragon Palace would get the news and flee in advance. This time, even if the experts of the Dragon Palace escaped to the Ao Shan Empire, they would still chase after them.

"Reporting to Dragon King, a large number of demonic beasts and ferocious beasts have entered our territory!"

At this moment, Wang Xian was accompanying the girls and Feng Luan in the Dragon Palace. He was slightly taken aback when he heard the report from the Yaksha.

"Reporting to the Dragon King, the Dragon Palace's formation has issued a warning. More than 100,000 dragon race experts are leading countless armies to attack our Dragon Palace!"

At this moment, Prime Minister Gui flew over anxiously and reported to Wang Xian from afar.

"Eh? The dragon race has discovered our Dragon Palace?"

Wang Xian was slightly taken aback. With a wave of his arm, the images detected by the Dragon Palace's detection formation were displayed in front of them.

When they saw the terrifying members of the Dragon Clan and countless demonic beasts, the girls'expressions changed drastically!