"Oh my God, how can there be so many demon beasts!"

"Hiss, Little Xian, this... what a terrifying dragon race. Have they gathered all the demon beasts in the entire extraordinary sea?"

The scene in the array formation's detection screen made the girls look shocked.

More than 100,000 water dragons were in the center, and behind them were countless sea beasts.

In the sky above the sea, demonic beasts like seabirds that blotted out the sky completely covered the entire sky of the Dragon Palace.

The area of the Dragon Palace had now reached more than a thousand kilometers. However, just these water dragons alone could cover more than a thousand kilometers of the sky. One could imagine how terrifying it was.

Endless, truly endless!

Not to mention the demonic beasts and fierce beasts behind the 100,000 water dragons of the Dragon Clan. It was no exaggeration to say that they could drown the Dragon Palace!

"Are they gathering all the powerful demonic beasts and ferocious beasts in the entire extraordinary sea?"

Feng Luan was also filled with shock when she saw this scene.

The girls'faces were filled with worry.

"The strongest one at level nine of longevity?"

Wang Xian looked at the level displayed on the detection screen without the slightest hint of worry on his face.

In fact, there was even a glimmer of light in his eyes.

"Fortunately, our dragon palace has leveled up to level five. We can completely withstand the attacks of experts below the Godly State!"

Guan Shuqing's face was slightly pale as she looked at the scene on the screen. She patted her chest lightly.

"Prime Minister Gui, get ready to face the enemy!"

Wang Xian revealed a faint smile on his face and ordered Prime Minister Gui directly.

"It's the Dragon King. All the disciples of the Dragon Palace are ready!"

Prime Minister Gui replied immediately.

"Ah, Little Xian? We are going to face the enemy? There are simply too many of them!"

The group of girls were slightly shocked as they looked at him in astonishment.

"In the Dragon Palace, I can sense that my strength has increased by five times. I can at least fight a level higher!"

"Therefore, the strength of the members of the Dragon Palace can increase by another level within a radius of 2,000 kilometers with the support of the Dragon Palace!"

"This level may seem small, but it can increase the combat strength of the Dragon Palace by thousands of longevity experts!"

"With the defense of the Dragon Palace, it's not impossible to fight against them!"

Feng Luan looked pensive as she spoke slowly!

"This is secondary!"

Wang Xian heard Feng Luan's analysis and smiled faintly. "The members of the Dragon Palace possess the might of a dragon. They are able to suppress creatures of the same species!"

"Take turtles for example. Prime Minister Gui has the strength of level three longevity. He is able to suppress turtles below level three longevity. The rest of the members of the Dragon Palace are also able to suppress them!"

"Most importantly, I can also control all creatures below my level!"

As Wang Xian spoke, a smile appeared on his face. His body moved and he flew out directly.

"All Disciples of the Dragon Palace, prepare to kill the enemy!"

As he spoke, his eyes were filled with excitement.

The endless number of aquatic creatures that came to attack was so adorable in his eyes.

As a member of the Divine Dragon Clan, the most powerful talent was to be able to control the aquatic creatures that were weaker than him.

This ability was often used by Wang Xian when he was on Earth. However, ever since he came to the extraordinary mainland, he rarely used it because he had always fought against those of a higher level.

Since the other party's level was higher than his, the ability to control the water tribe was completely useless.

Moreover, when he was facing the Dragon tribe, the Dragon Emperors of the Dragon tribe were also of a higher level than him. Hence, they did not have any suppression towards the dragon emperors.

However, it was different now!


The group of girls were slightly shocked. Their faces were slightly stunned as their eyes sparkled.

"Doesn't that mean that you, Xiao Xian, can control almost all the water clans here?"

The group of girls hurriedly followed behind and flew towards the Dragon Gate of the Dragon Palace. Their eyes sparkled.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh

When Wang Xian had just arrived in front of the Dragon Palace which was a thousand meters tall and a thousand meters long, all the members of the Dragon Palace were gathered behind him.

In addition to the special department, the 11 divisions of the Dragon Palace were all gathered behind Wang Xian.

All the members of the Dragon Palace held their weapons tightly as they stared at the black mass of demonic beasts and ferocious beasts in front of them!

The sky above the sea was completely covered by seabirds. Billions of demonic beasts were swimming towards them under the leadership of the water dragons of the Dragon Clan.

There were more than 100,000 water dragons and more than 1,000 longevity-level dragon emperors.

These powers could sweep across the entire extraordinary continent and even wipe out all humans.

They were getting closer. They were still about 100 kilometers away!

"Hiss, look over there. Oh My God, there are so many sea beasts. is that the territory of the Dragon Palace?"

"The seabirds are all hovering in the sky, covering an area of at least 1,000 kilometers. Oh My God, that should be the nest of the Dragon Palace!"

"I've seen the experts of the Dragon Palace flying over from that direction. It seems that the dragon palace has really been discovered. The Dragon Palace is finished, and the Dragon King is also finished!"

"It's too terrifying. The strength of the dragon race is simply too terrifying. If they want to deal with us humans, they can also wipe us all out!"

The Dragon Palace was located near the sea of transcendence. Although it was some distance away from land, it was still quite a distance away.

However, when the seabirds, which covered an area of more than a thousand kilometers, circled there, it was still noticed by some experts.

Some brave people even flew a distance in this direction, only to see this terrifying scene.

"Unless a god makes a move, the dragon palace is completely finished!"

"A God? is that possible? The Dragon Palace has been destroyed, and the Drakonid Empire has suffered a bloody massacre. The Overlord is still the Overlord!"

"The Dragon clan probably doesn't need to send so many subordinates. They are announcing that this is a roar. The Dragon Clan is still the Dragon Clan!"

The dozens of elders looked at this scene with shocked faces and sighed slightly.


At this moment, a violent roar came from the bottom of the sea. Hearing this voice full of majesty and pressure, the dozens of people's faces turned pale.

They fled in fear.

"Even a roar is so terrifying, oh my God!"

They retreated for thousands of kilometers.

"Reckless ants, how dare you put your nest in the territory of the Dragon Clan!"

In the depths of the sea, hundreds of thousands of water dragons led billions of sea beasts and slowly approached the Dragon Palace.

All the water dragons'faces and eyes were full of pride and judgment.

The leader of the elders of the Dragon clan stared at the Dragon Palace in front of them and shouted in surprise.

"What a huge and majestic palace. After we destroy those ants in the Dragon Palace, we can occupy this place!"

The dozens of dragon emperors also looked at the huge Dragon Palace in surprise!

"Looking at the Dragon Palace in front of us, why do I feel an impulse from the bloodline? It seems that there must be something good in their Dragon Palace, Haha!"

The other experts of the Dragon Clan looked at the underwater palace, which was even more majestic than their nest, with excitement on their faces.

As for the more than 20,000 creatures in the Dragon Palace in front of them, they didn't take them seriously at all.