More than 20,000 members of the Dragon Palace were like a mantis trying to block a chariot against the dragon clan and the billions of creatures in the extraordinary sea!

When the number reached a certain level, it could make up for the difference in quality!

In the eyes of the Dragon Clan, the destruction of the Dragon Palace was destined, and they didn't even need to make a move!

"Disciples of the Dragon Palace, Get Ready!"

Prime Minister Gui stared at the endless enemies in front of him. He took a deep breath and shouted loudly.


The members of the Dragon Palace stared at the front with cold eyes.

Facing the hundreds of thousands of dragons and the aquatic creatures of the extraordinary sea, they weren't afraid at all.

"Wu Wu Wu!"

In the sky above the Dragon Clan, Xiao Lan let out a terrifying roar.

The roar was filled with dignity and caused many sea beasts to panic.

If not for the suppression of the Dragon Clan, many sea beasts would have escaped!

"Ants, kneel down and submit to us. We can consider giving you a way out. Otherwise, my subordinates behind me will drown you all. Roar Roar Roar!"

At this moment, the water dragon in the middle of the Dragon Clan slowly swam more than ten meters forward. He stared at all the members of the Dragon Clan who were twenty kilometers away and roared nobly.

"Prepare to slay the Dragon!"

Wang Xian looked at the Proud Dragon Clan and revealed a faint sneer. He raised his arm slowly and roared loudly.


"Slay the Dragon!"

All the members of the Dragon Palace raised the weapons in their hands and roared loudly!

"A bunch of ants who are seeking death!"

Hearing the roars of all the members of the Dragon Palace and sensing the killing intent that was charging at them, the Dragon Clan Elder's eyes were filled with cold killing intent.

"All the subordinates of the Dragon Clan in the extraordinary sea, attack and drown them!"


The Dragon Elder roared and gave the signal to attack.

"Roar! Roar!"

"Chirp! Chirp! Chirp! Chirp! Chirp! Chirp! Chirp! Chirp! Chirp! Chirp! Chirp! Chirp

"Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!"

The Horn of war sounded, and all the sea beasts roared at once.

Seahorses, sea dragons, sea turtles, sea birds... All kinds of sounds reverberated throughout the extraordinary sea, covering hundreds of thousands of kilometers!

Almost one-sixth to one-seventh of the central continent could hear this roar.

Everyone looked over in shock.


With this roar, the sea beasts at the front began to attack the Dragon Palace.

The front, back, left, right, and above were all surrounded by the sea beasts.

More than 100,000 water dragons raised their heads high and enjoyed this scene!

They were proud and aloof, just like the Celestials!

They were looking down on everything!

"Dragon King, should we activate the attack mode of the Dragon Palace's Array Formation?"

Prime Minister Gui asked Wang Xian when he saw countless sea beasts attacking.

"No need. If we attack, it would be bad if the rest of the sea beasts escape!"

Wang Xian narrowed his eyes slightly and shouted, "Members of the Dragon Palace, Kill!"


With an order, all the members of the Dragon Palace charged forward.

There were more than 20,000 of them against billions of sea beasts. They were not afraid at all.

The billions of demonic beasts in the Sea of extraordinariness was a complete advantage in terms of numbers. Their strength was much lower than the members of the Dragon Palace.

Boom! Boom! Boom

The collision instantly dyed the surroundings red with blood.

In just an instant, the wave of attacks from the Dragon Palace had killed at least hundreds of thousands of sea beasts.

However, these hundreds of thousands of sea beasts were only a drop in the ocean among the billions of sea beasts that had invaded!

"Woo! Woo! Woo!"

In the sky, Little Blue, which was 20,000 meters tall, opened its huge mouth.

It was like a blue whale swallowing a small fish. With a single bite, more than 100,000 sea beasts were swallowed into its stomach. It was extremely terrifying.

Countless corpses fell down like rain.

The corpses fell to the bottom of the sea and melted slowly.

At the Dragon Transformation Pool of the Dragon Palace, large amounts of dragon blood flowed out from the dragon heads on the ten dragon pillars!

Wang Xian and the group of girls stood quietly below and watched the surrounding seawater turn into blood.

"Xiao Xian, should we make our move now?"

Guan Shuqing and the other girls looked at Wang Xian and asked.

"No need. Let's Wait a little longer!"

Wang Xian's eyes sparkled as he looked up at the bloody battlefield.

He did not make his move immediately. His draconic aura was not a domain. With his current strength, he could only control aquatic creatures of a lower level within a radius of 500 kilometers.

The area within a five-hundred-kilometer radius was not small, but compared to the demonic beasts within a radius of several thousand kilometers, it was still far from enough!

Setting a king bomb at the beginning would make the dragon race wary and even flee!

He was waiting, waiting until the last moment.

For this reason, he did not even activate the offensive array formation that the level five Dragon Palace had!

"Roar Roar Roar!"

"Boom Boom Boom!"

The roars echoed within a radius of thousands of kilometers. The 20,000 Dragon Clan members exploded with five times the strength of the Dragon Palace.

In this space, they formed an indestructible iron bucket array and blocked all the sea beasts within a radius of 20 kilometers.

Each attack of the Dragon clan members could kill more than 100,000 sea beasts.

In just five minutes, the number of demon beasts killed by the Dragon Palace had reached six to seven million!

The area around the Dragon Palace turned blood-red, and the entire sea area was sticky.

A large amount of dragon blood poured into the dragon transformation pool.

Quantity could cause a qualitative change. Even though the level of the sea beasts wasn't high, they could still make the dragon palace accumulate terrifying amounts of dragon blood.

"Roar, the strength of this dragon palace is beyond our imagination. It can withstand the attacks of so many sea beasts!"

In the center, more than 100,000 Dragons said in surprise as they watched the sea beasts die one after another!

"The Dragon King of the Dragon Palace has the strength of level eight longevity after all, and this is their nest. There should be a powerful array formation here. However, we aren't in a hurry. Not even one percent of the sea beasts have charged through!"

The Dragon Clan was not worried at all and continued to watch leisurely.

Hundreds of millions of sea beasts could exhaust the Dragon Palace to death!

Not to mention the Dragon Palace, even the experts of the water dragon clan would be exhausted to death when facing so many sea beasts.

Even half of the sea beasts could exhaust them to death!

There were so many of them that even ants could bite an elephant to death!

Time passed slowly, and the corpses of all kinds of sea beasts, thick blood, and the smell of blood filled the area of more than 10,000 kilometers!

The blood, blood, and corpses didn't scare the sea beasts, but made them even more berserk!

They didn't dare to disobey the orders of the Dragon Clan, but now that they were fighting, the blood made them even more berserk and excited!

The body of the sea beast was so huge that even the Dragon Palace couldn't keep up with the absorption.

The pond in the Magnificent Dragon Pond was almost full of blood!

It was the Dragon Transformation Pond! The Dragon Transformation Pond of a level-five dragon palace had never been filled with dragon blood before!

As a powerful dragon of the Divine Dragon Clan, the members of the Dragon Palace had terrifying patience!


Time passed slowly. Half an hour later, a member of the Dragon Palace was accidentally hit by a powerful Demon Beast and fell toward the Dragon Gate with serious injuries.

At this time, the members of the Dragon Palace slowly began to show signs of decline!