"Oh no, the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace has the strength of a level nine longevity!"

Among the remaining fifty or so dragons, the strongest was the first elder of the Water Dragon Clan, who was also the only level nine longevity expert of the Water Dragon Clan.

When he saw the Dragon King easily devour an elder of level eight longevity, his face revealed a look of shock.

According to the information they received from the Dragon Clan, the Dragon King's strength was at level eight of longevity. However, now...


After Wang Xian devoured an elder of level eight of longevity, the dragon energy in his body received a huge upgrade.

His eyes were burning as he stared at the group of Dragon clan experts in front of him. After devouring them, his level would be upgraded once again.

A roar filled with endless might swept towards the group of dragon race experts. The might of the divine dragon caused the remaining dragon race experts to tremble!

"Flee, flee, Flee!"

The first elder of the Water Dragon Race roared with a face full of terror.

With the terrifying strength of the ninth rank of the ten thousand lifespan, in addition to the strange demon controlling their clansmen and the surrounding sea beasts, their dragon race had lost this battle. They had completely lost!

Even now, it was still unknown how many dragon clan experts could escape.

When they came, they had never expected such an outcome.

They had originally thought that they could look down on the destruction of the Dragon Palace and the Dragon King's kneeling and begging for mercy.

But now...

"Roar! Roar!"

All the remaining Dragon clan experts ran out desperately.

At this moment, they knew that even their great elder might be left behind if he didn't escape immediately.

Not to mention them!

At this moment, they unleashed all their strength and tried their best to escape.

"It's not that easy to escape. Since you dare to attack our Dragon Palace, you must be prepared to die!"

Wang Xian looked at the remaining dragon experts who were desperately tearing apart the surrounding sea beasts and fleeing into the distance. A cold expression appeared on his face.

His body moved and his huge body directly attacked the remaining dragons.

Boom! Boom! Boom

The entire sea region began to tremble. The more than 50 dragon experts who were desperately fleeing continuously launched terrifying attacks.

Even at the bottom of the sea that was tens of thousands of meters deep, each of their attacks caused the waves above to churn.

No, it could no longer be called a sea wave. It should be a blood wave.

The fresh blood had already completely turned this sea area red.

A rich bloody smell rushed into the sky. The entire sea actually slowly emitted a faint red mist.

Even if they were tens of thousands of kilometers away, they could still sense the heaven-reaching murderous aura here.

The sea beasts were still densely packed in a radius of 600 kilometers.

"Wu Wu Wu!"

At this time, a giant beast that was 30,000 kilometers suddenly rushed out of the water. Hundreds of thousands of sea beasts were hanging on its body.


The body of the giant beast shook as if it had a terrifying suction force. Hundreds of thousands of sea beasts actually melted into its body.

The giant beast instantly turned into a bloody demon.

"Woo Woo!"

It let out an excited roar and continued to attack the surrounding sea beasts.

The giant beast was naturally Xiao Lan. It possessed the bloodline of Kun. Although it did not have the terrifying devouring force of Wang Xian, it possessed the bloodline of the peak of the universe. By devouring enough creatures, it could also rapidly increase its level!

Around Xiao Lan, the members of the Dragon Palace were releasing terrifying aoe attacks.

With one attack, at least tens of thousands of sea beasts fell to the bottom of the sea.

Feng Luan and the group of girls also joined the battle!

Especially with Feng Luan's strength, all the sea beasts within a 50-kilometer radius were killed with one move!

One had to know that all the sea beasts within this 50-kilometer radius were sea beasts. Under the weakening of the energy, it was already very powerful to be able to kill the sea beasts within a 50-kilometer radius!

More than 20,000 members of the Dragon Palace were slaughtering the intruders rapidly. The dragon blood in the dragon transformation pool had already spilled out and was flowing in the surroundings.

This time, the dragon blood gathered in the Dragon Palace had reached a terrifying level.

"Roar! Roar! Roar!"

At this moment, Wang Xian's roars were heard from the front of the Dragon Palace.

His gigantic dragon mouth was devouring the dragon experts one by one.

The more than 50 dragon experts who were trying their best to escape were all fleeing for their lives!

Unless the first elder of the Water Dragon Tribe stepped in to stop him, none of the other dragon experts were able to dodge Wang Xian's attack.

"No, no, no!"

"Roar, Roar, Roar!"

At this moment, all the dragon experts knew what despair was.

They were terrified and wanted to escape from Wang Xian's attack. They were trying their best to escape.

However, they soon realized that there were fewer and fewer people in their tribe.

"Water Dragon escape, Dragon Wings!"

At the front, the great elder of the water tribe heard the screams and his face turned pale.

He roared and his entire dragon wings emitted a blue light.

His dragon tail swung rapidly and tore apart all the sea beasts in front of him. He wanted to escape!

"You want to escape!"

Wang Xian saw the great elder of the Water Dragon Clan who was about to escape and stopped his attack on the dragons behind him.

He opened his mouth and the five elements Millstone attacked him at a terrifying speed.

As the Five Elements Millstone flew out, it started to grow bigger and bigger.

"Dragon King, you want to keep me here? Wishful thinking. Do you really think that the Dragon Clan has no foundation after ruling for hundreds of thousands of years?"

Sensing the Great Terror coming from behind, the first elder of the Water Dragon Clan's body shook, and water spirit pearls appeared around him one by one!

Dozens of water spirit pearls rotated, forming an incomparably powerful defense.


The five elements great mill landed on it, and was directly blocked by the water spirit pearls!

"You just wait for our Dragon Clan, we will take revenge!"

The elder of the Water Dragon Clan let out a furious roar. His entire body was moving towards the outside at an even more terrifying speed.

In front of him, all the sea beasts that were blocking him turned into a bloody mist!

Dozens of water spirit pearls surrounded him with the power of the Stars!


When the first elder of the Water Dragon Clan escaped 200 kilometers away, his body flickered slightly and he disappeared.

He teleported and left!

Wang Xian frowned slightly when he saw this scene.

"As expected of the Dragon tribe. They indeed have some foundation. However, the rest of the Dragon tribe can forget about escaping!"

Wang Xian's body stopped moving. He swayed his huge body and looked behind him.

There, dozens of dragons were still fighting desperately, trying to break free.


A dragon roar rang in their ears and rushed into their minds.

The dozens of dragon experts who were trying their best to escape froze as despair appeared on their faces!

"Very soon, I will lead the army of the Dragon Palace to Exterminate Your Dragon Race!"

Wang Xian's extremely domineering voice rang out. It was accompanied by a terrifying killing intent as he charged straight at them!

Among the three major races of the dragon race, the water dragon race, one of them escaped while the rest... Could be considered dead!