"Roar! Roar! Roar!"

Screams of pain could be heard from within the extraordinary sea. The screams of the Dragon Tribe's powerhouses reverberated across the sky.

There were also the screams of the other sea beasts.

The last few dozens of dragon tribe's powerhouses who were above level three of longevity turned into Dragon Energy and divine crystals under the attacks of Wang Xian and the attacks of hundreds of thousands of dragons and billions of sea beasts.

"Just a little bit more!"

After devouring more than 50 dragon race experts, Wang Xian looked at the divine crystals that he needed to upgrade his level with excitement in his eyes.

He stared at the sea beasts around him and the dragon race members who were only half-killed by the dragon race experts.


He roared wildly and opened his dragon mouth.

All the dragon race members and sea beasts around him flew into his mouth and directly turned into divine crystals.

"We're Here!"

"Ding! Congratulations to host for raising your level to level 5 longevity!"

Name: Wang Xian

Race: Yin-yang Five Elements Divine Dragon (man-dragon unity)

Level: Level 5 longevity (fourth change of the Divine Dragon Transformation)

Divine Crystals: 2,221/100,000

Supernatural ability: ruling over the water clan (ruling over the water clan below their own level)

Devouring creatures (devouring creatures to extract divine crystals)

Control of the five elements

Cultivation Method: Divine Dragon Transformation

Supernatural ability: soul capture, spirit possession, Dragon Eyes of the five elements of yin and yang.

Aspect: Great Mill of the Five Elements, Dragon Kingdom in the palm, Dragon head under the heavens, Dragon body of ten thousand miles, yin and yang poles, yin and yang five elements alms alms alms alms alms alms alms alms alms alms alms alms alms.

Domain: Rainbow Dragon Domain

Dragon Palace: Level 5.

Members of the Dragon Palace: 23433


Wang Xian's body enlarged once again. The Rainbow Dragon Scales on his body flickered with a dazzling radiance.

His pair of dragon horns, dragon whiskers, and flowing lights were overflowing with color. At a glance, it didn't seem like something from the mortal world!

The seven-colored dragon claws were like diamonds under the Sun.

If Wang Xian stood there quietly and didn't move, he would be like a divine object formed from a diamond placed under the sun.

The closer he got to the mirror of God, the more detached he was from the mortal world!


Wang Xian raised his head. The surrounding sea beasts were still flying crazily toward his mouth.

The divine crystal was still growing at an unbelievable speed.

The destruction of the dragon race in the surroundings and the sea beasts in the extraordinary sea were being killed by the Dragon Palace.

When they saw the first elder of the dragon race and all the experts of the dragon race being killed, the sea beasts that were still alive within a radius of a few thousand kilometers immediately fled frantically into the distance in despair.

Billions of demonic beasts were fleeing frantically.

Behind them, more than 20,000 experts of the Dragon Clan chased after them.

This was especially true for Xiao Lan. In just over an hour, her level had risen to rank 7 longevity.

She had devoured countless sea beasts.

The sea beasts scattered and fled in despair!

"How can the dragon clan be so strong and so strange? How can this be? !"

At this moment, the first elder of the Water Dragon Clan, who had teleported more than 10,000 kilometers away, looked back with a frightened expression.

There, it had become a sea of blood!

There, all the members of the Water Dragon Clan had been killed!

The burial ground!

The dragon burial sea area!

"My Water Dragon, My Water Dragon Clan!"

The first elder of the Water Dragon Clan roared in grief and indignation!

Hundreds of thousands of people, hundreds of thousands of people, had all died and were killed by the Dragon Palace!

"I want revenge, I must get revenge. No, they are too strong..."

"And Lord Dragon God, Lord Dragon God, if Lord Dragon God can ignite the divine fire, he will definitely destroy the Dragon Palace, Definitely!"

His crazy roar quickly flew toward the Dragon Clan!

The sea area of the Dragon Palace had become a nightmare for him!

The slaughter wasn't over yet!

The seabed within thousands of kilometers was covered with corpses.

The murderous aura here could make weak people go crazy!

Even a powerhouse at the insightful void tier would not dare to stay here any longer.

This war continued for another five hours even after the Dragons had fled and died!

At the last moment, all the members of the Dragon Palace were so exhausted that they almost could not stand straight.

After five hours, apart from a portion of the sea beasts that had escaped, the rest were all dead.

"All members of the Dragon Palace, follow me into the Magnificent Dragon Pool!"

Wang Xian floated in the sky above the Dragon Palace. His gaze swept across the countless corpses on the ground as he commanded all the disciples of the Dragon Palace.

Now that the dragon blood in the dragon transformation pool had spilled out, Wang Xian stopped the Dragon Palace from absorbing the corpses nearby!

"It's the Dragon King!"

One by one, the exhausted members of the dragon clan flew over slowly. In their eyes, they were filled with excitement.

This time, how much could the strength of the Dragon Palace increase? No one knew!

Wang Xian moved his body and led a group of girls into the dragon transformation pool. He began to absorb the dragon blood inside!

"Bang, Bang, Bang!"

One by one, the members of the Dragon Palace also entered the pool and absorbed the dragon blood without any restraint.

This was the first time that the members of the Dragon Palace could absorb the dragon blood without caring about anything else to increase their strength!

The dragon blood in the dragon transformation pool disappeared at a terrifying speed, but soon, the corpses within a thousand kilometers of the Dragon Palace were slowly absorbed!

Even the blood within a few thousand kilometers was absorbed by the Dragon Palace and turned into Dragon Blood!

Dragon blood poured down from the nine dragon pillars at the mouth of the dragon.

Even though the members of the Dragon Palace were absorbing the dragon blood very quickly, the dragon blood they poured in could still keep up.

The Golden Dragon Blood gave off a magical color and lit up half of the Dragon Palace.

All the members of the Dragon Palace began to improve!

After they came out, they would undergo a huge transformation.

After all, they had killed almost three-quarters of the creatures in the extraordinary sea!

"Is it over? Oh My God, this is the end of the world. The blood has dyed thousands of miles red!"

"Gulp! What's Going On? Why did I hear the screams of the Dragon Clan? They were all the screams of the Dragon Palace experts!"

"The last voice was indeed the voice of the Dragon King. Did the Dragon Palace block it?"

"I heard the screams of the Dragon clan experts just now. What happened in there? How could the Dragon Palace be so strong? How could they block the attack of the Dragon Clan?"

"Oh my God, I can't believe it. Did the Dragon Palace resist the attack? Why were there only the screams of the Dragon Clan's experts and the other sea beasts?"

While all the members of the Dragon Palace were improving their strength in the dragon transformation pool, some experts who had been standing in the sky thousands of miles away were looking at them and discussing in shock.

They saw the end of the battle and looked at the blood in front of them in awe. They vaguely heard the voices of the experts of the Dragon Palace and the Dragon King, and their faces were filled with shock.

Almost all the creatures in the extraordinary sea, hundreds of thousands of experts of the Dragon Clan, who had come to destroy the Dragon Palace, had been blocked?

How... How could they believe it?

But the voices made them extremely dazed!

The Dragon Palace actually withstood the Dragon Clan's attack? And killed many of the Dragon clan's experts, and even caused the attacking Sea Beasts to bleed thousands of miles?