Just as all the members of the Dragon Palace were rapidly increasing their strength in the dragon transformation pool!

Just as some of the powerhouses were shocked by the armageddon-like war in the extraordinary sea!

An extremely shocking event happened in the Aoshan Empire.

The Aoshan Emperor, whom everyone thought had been destroyed, suddenly appeared in everyone's line of sight.

This was a day ago. The Dragon Emperor of the Drakonid Empire led fifty dragon emperors and a million soldiers into the Aoshan Empire.

The DRAKONID Empire slaughtered more than ten cities of the Aoshan Empire like a hot knife through butter.

Soon after, they slaughtered another five or six cities.

In an instant, the entire Aoshan Empire was in a bloody mess, and everyone's faces were filled with terror.

The entire transcendence continent was shaken by the brutality of the Drakonid Empire.

Without the help of the Dragon Palace, the Drakonid Empire was unstoppable with the help of fifty Dragon Emperors!

Even the four legions led by the Great Emperor Aoshan were unable to stop the Drakonid Empire.

Just when everyone thought that the Aoshan Empire was about to be destroyed like the Dragon Palace, an unexpected existence appeared on the battlefield.

A burly old man holding a weapon that looked like a mountain appeared!

His appearance, when he saw the people of the Ao Shan Empire being massacred, in a short three minutes, he killed everyone except for the Dragon Emperor and the Dragon Emperor.

The old man's terrifying strength shook the entire transcendence continent!

When the Dragon Emperor and the dragon race shouted the name of the Ao Shan Emperor, everyone was even more shocked.

The Great Emperor Aoshan, the invincible existence who had fought against the strongest of the dragon race for three days and three nights, was still alive!

The appearance of the Great Emperor Aoshan made the Dragon Emperor and the Fifty Dragon Emperors leave with an embarrassed expression.

However, just as everyone thought that the Dragonman Empire and the dragon race would give up, the next day, the Dragon Emperor and more than a hundred dragon race experts returned to the Aoshan Empire and started a massacre!

This time, they slaughtered more than ten cities in a short period of time!

"Dragon Race, do you know that you are challenging the bottom line of the Aoshan Emperor? Yesterday, I let you all leave because I gave the dragon race enough face!"

In front of the Tianhuazun City, the entire city had already turned into a river of blood!

Fresh blood slowly seeped into the ground and was absorbed by an unknown energy!

Behind them, nearly ten million people watched this scene in horror!

Emperor Ao Shan stared at the dragon race experts and the Dragon Emperor, the son of the dragon race, with a face full of killing intent!

"Grand Supreme Elder, what should we do now?"

The Dragon Emperor looked at Emperor Ao Shan, whose face was full of killing intent, and a trace of fear flashed across his eyes.

Yesterday, when Emperor Ao Shan had appeared, he had already bypassed them once. This time, it was probably not going to be so simple!

"How's the collection of fresh blood coming along?"

At the center, the 20-meter-tall Great Elder of the Dragon Race looked at the Dragon Emperor and asked in a deep voice.

"Reporting to the Great Elder, the fresh blood has already been collected!"

The Dragon Emperor immediately said.

"That's Good!"

The great elder of the dragon race nodded and raised his head slightly to look at the Ao Shan Emperor. "Go!"

He said to the dragon race members beside him.

"Go? Do you think you can leave just because you want to?"

The Ao Shan emperor stared at them with murderous intent as he roared with a cold gaze.

Behind the Ao Shan Emperor, all the experts and citizens of the Ao Shan Empire stared at the Dragon Race members angrily!

"What, Ao Shan Emperor, do you still want to attack our Dragon Race?"

The group of dragon race members stared at Emperor Aoshan fearlessly and said proudly!

"Hahaha, if I let you go today, I, Emperor Aoshan, will not have the face to face all the citizens of the Aoshan Empire!"

"Today, all of Your Dragon race will die!"

The Berserk Emperor Aoshan's aura rose rapidly, and an earthen yellow mountain peak slowly gathered in the sky above him.

"Emperor Ao Shan, do you really think that our Dragon Race is afraid of You? Haha, today, let me, Lie Liuyan, come and consult you. I want to see just how powerful the divine weapon in your hand is!"

"Roar Roar Roar!"

The first Supreme Elder of the Dragon Race, Lie Liuyan, roared wildly. He flapped his huge flaming dragon wings, and clouds of fire instantly condensed in the sky above him.

"Hiss! Lie Liuyan, that seems to be a peak expert of the Dragon Clan!"

"A peak expert of the Dragon Clan? An existence at the half-step God realm? This... This is an existence at the peak of our transcendence continent!"

"A peak expert of the Dragon Clan actually came here personally. What on Earth is the Dragon clan doing?"

Behind them, everyone from the Ao Shan Empire revealed shocked expressions.

Aliliuyan, a peak existence of the dragon race. They still knew this name.

"With just you, even if the god of the dragon race comes, I won't be afraid. Today, I'll take your head and use it as a sacrifice for the hundreds of millions of people of our Aoshan Empire!"

The killing intent filled Aoshan Emperor waved his arm, and the towering mountain divine weapon in his hand flew up into the sky.

"Roar! Roar! Roar!"!

Aliliuyan roared, and strings of fire spirit pearls appeared around him!

His body was covered in golden metal!

Flames shot up into the sky.

"Crack! Crack! Crack!"

The air started to burn, and all the buildings below began to melt into water.

The dragon race experts and the dragon emperor around him quickly retreated into the distance.

"Grand Supreme Elder, kill that old fart. Anyone who challenges US must die!"

The Dragon Emperor and the group of Dragon race experts roared loudly!

On the opposite side, Ao beiming and the group of experts hurriedly released their protective powers to block the aftershocks of the Flames!

"Roar! Roar!"

Lie Liuyan let out a wild roar and flew into the sky.

His entire body was like a blazing sun, exuding endless divine might!

The might of a half-step God realm expert was as terrifying as the sun!

"Towering mountain, mountain of Ten Thousand Mountains, suppress!"

Emperor Ao Shan's expression was cold as he raised his hands and poured a wave of earthy yellow energy into the divine weapon.

The towering mountain that was half a meter in size grew at a terrifying speed.

In less than two seconds, a mountain that was ten thousand meters in size stood in the sky.

The indestructible yellow rocks and the terrifying pressure were not something that mortals could resist!


A vast voice came from the towering mountain. The voice was full of judgment!

This voice came from a divine weapon!

"Great Sun Mad Dragon, fight with the Sun!"

A serious expression appeared in the dragon's eyes. He spread his wings, raised his head, and opened his mouth.

A fireball slowly rose into the sky. The fireball rapidly expanded, forming a blazing sun that covered a radius of nearly a hundred kilometers!

It looked as if a sun was slowly rising within a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers!


The incomparably terrifying great sun berserk dragon charged towards the towering mountain!


The towering mountain was much smaller in front of the great sun berserk dragon. However, the towering earthen yellow mountain exuded divinity!

The artifact collided with the full power of the half-step godly state!