"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

It was like a comet crashing into a planet, or a meteorite crashing into a huge mountain!

The huge sun dragon crashed into the towering mountain like a sun.

Aliliuyan stared at the collision in the sky!

More than ten thousand years ago, he had witnessed the battle between the Ao Shan Emperor and the Dragon God. At that time, he was only at the ninth rank of the longevity realm.

Now, with half a foot into the deity realm, he was confident that he was stronger than the Dragon God. Facing the Ao Shan Emperor, he was not afraid at all!

Around him, everyone was staring at the collision. Their eyes were wide open, filled with shock.


After the towering mountain's divine weapon collided with the Great Sun Raging Dragon, an earthen yellow light suddenly shot out from the monstrous flame!

The earthy yellow light was like tiny dust, but these tiny dust quickly extinguished the enormous great sun.


Lie Liuyan's expression changed drastically, and his eyes revealed a shocked expression.

"A mountain can reach the sky, a mountain can stand in the sky, a towering mountain can stand in the world!"

"Suppress, everything in the world!"

Emperor Aoshan spread out his arms, and waves of powerful earthy yellow energy vibrated around him.

His eyes were filled with violent killing intent.

His extremely cold voice was like a voice from the heavens, and it spread out in all directions. Every word he said caused the mountain to devour the Great Sun Raging Dragon even faster.

As soon as he finished speaking, the Great Sun Raging Dragon disappeared, and a divine mountain that seemed to have stood in the sky for billions of years began to shine with divine light.

The mountain continued to press down on Lie Liuyan at a terrifying speed!

"Demigod body, Dragon Wings, Slash!"

Lie Liuyan looked at the towering mountain that was pressing down on him. He raised his head and spread his dragon wings.

All the flames converged and condensed into lava that looked like rocks!


Two sharp flaming dragon wings slashed toward the towering mountain.


An intense collision sounded, but the massive mountain didn't move at all.

"Dragon Race, do you really think that I, the Ao Shan Emperor, have lived for nothing these ten thousand years?"

The Ao Shan emperor stared at Alialiliuyan with a cold expression and shouted in a dignified manner.

"No... It's impossible to defeat me!"

"The Dragon Sea is boiling!"


He flapped his gigantic dragon wings and spat out countless amounts of lava.

The lava covered an area of more than a hundred kilometers!

Crack! Crack! Crack

The lava was like a sea, and mountains of lava rose from the sea and crashed toward the towering mountain.


However, the towering mountain wasn't hindered at all. It crashed through the rising mountains, broke through the sea of lava, and continued to press down on Lie Liuyan.

"Not good!"

Lie Liuyan looked at the indestructible towering mountain with fear in his eyes. He flapped his wings and quickly fled into the distance.

"You want to escape? Can you escape?"

"The current you is almost as strong as the god of the Dragon Race. With such strength, you dare to provoke the wrath of my Ao Shan Emperor!"

Ao Shan Emperor roared in a low voice that was filled with killing intent. After he finished speaking, his figure disappeared.


When this voice sounded, Ao Shan Emperor's figure had already appeared at the peak of the towering mountain. He looked down and shouted.


He shook the space below!

He suppressed all evil spirits!

The earthen yellow light directly enveloped the area below. The entire mountain seemed to have intersected with the earth, forming a single space.


Aliliuyan instantly felt as if he had fallen into a deep abyss. He felt as if his entire body was carrying over a dozen mountains, causing his speed to be like that of a snail!

"Roar! Roar! Roar!"

A terrified expression appeared on his face. He raised his head and looked at the sky-high mountain that was pressing down on him in fear. He let out a terrified roar.

"No, no! Emperor Ao Shan, if you dare to kill me, our God of the dragon race will not let you off!"

Lie Liuyan's face was filled with fear as he roared loudly!

"God of the Dragon Race, HMPH! Even if your God of the dragon race is here, I can still suppress him!"

Ao Shan Emperor roared coldly.

He stood at the peak of the towering mountain and looked down arrogantly at everyone around him.



The towering mountain landed on the ground, and the entire ground caved in for over a thousand meters. As for Aliriyan, he was completely silent.

"Hiss! Our Ao Shan Emperor is so strong, he actually suppressed the peak experts of the Dragon Race!"

"Long Live Ao Shan Emperor! Long live Ao Shan Emperor!"

"Hahahaha! Good Kill! Good Kill! Destroy the Drakonid Empire! Destroy the Dragon Race!"

"Ao Shan Emperor is mighty! Ao Shan Emperor is invincible!"

Seeing this scene, all the people in the city had excited and excited expressions on their faces. They couldn't help but shout out loud.

He suppressed a peak expert of the Dragon Race! That was a half-step god-level existence, yet he was easily killed by Ao Shan emperor!

He was invincible and looked down on the transcendents!

In the entire transcendence continent, who else could be a match for their Ao Shan Emperor?

At this moment, their emperor was invincible!

"Oh no, let's Run!"

The Dragon Emperor and the other members of the dragon race, who had already seen the situation go awry, saw their grand supreme elder being suppressed and immediately turned around to run away.

At this moment, their scalps went numb and their eyes were filled with fear.

The Ao Shan Emperor was actually strong enough to suppress an existence at the half-step divine realm!

The first Supreme Elder was the second strongest expert of the dragon race, and his realm was the same as the Dragon God!


The Ao Shan Emperor stood on the towering mountain and took a deep breath. With his strength, controlling the divine weapon still consumed too much of his energy.

Seeing the Dragon Emperor and the group of dragon race experts leave, he did not continue to chase after them. The other party had already escaped the range of his domain, so it would be very difficult for him to catch up.

"Dragon race, if you dare to do any more evil, I, Ao Shan the Great Emperor, Will Kill Your Dragon Race!"

"Even if I die, I can drag your entire dragon race with me!"

Ao Shan the Great Emperor looked at the departing figure and coldly roared!

When the people below heard Emperor Ao Shan's words, their blood boiled!

"He's too strong! We, Emperor Ao Shan, can completely contend with the dragon race! Haha!"

"An emperor is invincible. If the dragon race dares to be arrogant again, we'll let them know how powerful we are!"

Everyone in the city below was in an uproar!

Emperor Ao Shan had suppressed the peak experts of the dragon race. This battle would definitely shock the entire transcendent continent!

Emperor Aoshan swept his gaze across his surroundings and flew off into the distance, leaving behind a group of people who were filled with shock and discussion.

This matter spread to the other regions of the central continent at a terrifying speed.

When everyone learned that Emperor Aoshan had killed the Dragon Race's grand supreme elder, they were extremely shocked.

Emperor Aoshan had actually made the dragon race lower their heads and flee!

Was it true that in the future, humans would have the strength to contend against the dragon race.

However, just as everyone was shocked by the fact that Emperor Aoshan had killed a peak expert of the dragon race, another piece of news swept across the entire continent!

The Dragon Palace had withstood the attack of the Dragon Race!

The Dragon Race had been defeated!