"Oh my God, there's news from the extraordinary sea. The place where the Dragon Palace is located has turned into a sea of blood. Blood flowed for tens of thousands of miles. The battle lasted for five to six hours. Finally, the screams of the dragon race and the sounds of despair were heard!"

"It's almost certain that the experts of the Dragon Palace blocked the attack of the dragon race and caused the entire dragon race to suffer heavy losses. This is too shocking!"

"How is this possible? Back then, someone saw more than 100,000 experts of the Dragon clan leading countless sea beasts of the extraordinary sea to attack the Dragon Palace. How could they fail? !"

"It's true that the Dragon Clan didn't destroy the Dragon Palace and was completely defeated. It's possible that not many dragons managed to escape. Countless Sea Beasts fled in Panic!"

"The Dragon Palace is too powerful. They were able to block the attack of the Dragon clan and even killed many experts of the Dragon Clan!"

When everyone heard the news from the extraordinary sea, they were all shocked.

Many people couldn't believe that the Dragon Palace could withstand the attack of the Dragon Clan.

When the Dragon Clan attacked the Dragon Palace, many people saw endless sea beasts and sea birds that covered the sky and the Sun.

Under such power, many people didn't doubt that they could kill the entire human race!

However, such a powerful force was completely blocked by the Dragon Palace!

Furthermore, the dragon race that attacked the Dragon Palace was completely defeated and suffered heavy losses!


"The Dragon Palace's strength should be much stronger than expected. Now that Emperor Aoshan has just suppressed the Dragon Race's peak experts, and now that the Dragon Palace has defeated the Dragon Race, the dragon race might have to withdraw from their position as the overlords of the transcendental continent!"

"They definitely have to retreat. Hundreds of thousands of dragon race experts led countless sea beasts in the transcendental sea and failed to destroy the Dragon Palace. The peak experts were also killed by Emperor Ao Shan. Now that the Dragon Palace and the Ao Shan Empire are allies, the Dragon Palace and the Ao Shan Empire can easily contend against the dragon race when they join forces in the future!"

"What has happened recently is unbelievable. With the return of Emperor Ao Shan, the Dragon Palace has risen in power!"

The entire transcendence continent was talking about the dragon palace and Emperor Aoshan.

With the two forces, the transcendence continent would no longer belong to the Dragon Clan.

This made many humans happy. After all, the rule of the Dragon clan was extremely brutal.

Just like the Dragonman Empire, no one would dare to say anything even if they slaughtered a city.

In the future, the Dragonman Empire and the Dragon Clan wouldn't dare to be so arrogant.

The human race could be considered to have truly risen.


"Hu hu, Roar, how could that Ao Shan the great be so powerful, to actually be able to suppress our Grand Supreme Elder!"

"Grand Supreme Elder was killed, and after our dragon God came out of seclusion..."

Within the Sea of Dragons, a group of dragon race experts and the Dragon Emperor had escaped back, their expressions incomparably ugly as they lay on a sea peak!

They looked at each other in shock. They could see the fear in each other's eyes.

The first Supreme Elder was an expert on the same level as the Dragon God. Now that even the first Supreme Elder was suppressed, could the dragon God be a match for the Great Emperor Aoshan?

"Keep all the human blood that we have collected well. I hope that our Lord Dragon God can ignite the divine fire this time and become a god!"

An elder of the Dragon Clan looked at the Dragon Emperor and said to him.

"Yes, Elder. The blood has been properly preserved!"

The Dragon Emperor replied respectfully, his face somewhat embarrassed.

"Roar, first Supreme Elder, you must avenge our water dragon clan!"

At this moment, a sorrowful and angry roar resounded throughout the entire dragon sea.

The group of Dragon clan experts were slightly stunned as they looked towards the south.

"Elder Blakeshi!"

One of the dragon race elders was slightly stunned as he immediately shouted.

"Where's the Grand Supreme Elder? Is He the Grand Supreme Elder?"

When Blakeshi heard the voice, he immediately flew over. His expression was somewhat malevolent as he roared in a low voice!

"Elder Blakeshi, what's wrong? What happened? Where are the other water dragon disciples?"

The experts of the Dragon clan immediately asked when they saw the ferocious and even crazy water dragon Grand Elder.

"Dragon Palace, the Dragon Palace destroyed all the disciples of our Water Dragon Clan. I'm the only one who escaped. Ah, I hate the Grand Elder. Let him take revenge for our Water Dragon Clan!"

Bulakui roared in pain.

"What? All the disciples of the Water Dragon Clan were killed!"

"How is this possible? How could hundreds of thousands of disciples of the water dragon clan and countless subordinates of the extraordinary sea be defeated by the Dragon Palace? !"

All the powerful figures of the Dragon clan were shocked.

Only the first elder of the Water Dragon Clan managed to escape from the hundreds of thousands of disciples of the Dragon Clan. This was almost one-third of the strength of the Dragon Clan!

"The Dragon King of the Dragon Palace has at least the power of a level nine longevity. They can also control the sea beasts and our disciples in a strange way. They are all wiped out, and the entire water dragon clan is wiped out!"

Bulak Shui's eyes were bloodshot as he roared, "Where is the first elder? I want to see the first elder!"

"The first elder was suppressed by Emperor Aoshan and fell!"

The experts of the Dragon Race said with extremely ugly expressions.

The water dragon race had led billions of sea beasts, but they were all destroyed by the Dragon Palace. was the dragon race really going to decline?

"What? How is this possible?"

Black Water's body trembled and his eyes widened when he heard the news of the first Supreme Elder being killed!

"Hu Hu hu, we can only wait for Lord Dragon God to avenge our dragon race!"

An expert from the Dragon Clan roared in a low voice.

The Water Dragon Clan had been exterminated and the first Supreme Elder had been suppressed. Their Dragon Clan's strength had suffered heavy losses.

Now, they could only wait for Lord Dragon God to come out of seclusion.

The entire Dragon Clan's strength and reputation had sunk to the bottom.

After the matter of the extraordinary sea was confirmed, the Dragon Clan's might plummeted.

Everyone on the extraordinary continent believed that in the future, the overlord of the continent would no longer be the Dragon Clan.

In the next few months, all the members of the Dragon Clan gathered in the Dragon Sea. At this time, they could only wait for Lord Dragon God to come out of seclusion.

Time slowly passed, and the extraordinary continent gradually returned to peace.

The prestige of the Ao Shan Empire and the Dragon Palace had reached its peak.

The drakonid empire lay dormant and kept a low profile.


Crack! Crack! Crack

The surroundings of the Dragon Sea had always been calm, and the sound of the waves had never been loud.

In the middle of the Dragon Sea was the Dragon God Valley, the Sacred Land of the dragon race.

On this day, the enormous dragon God Valley suddenly collapsed, with cracks appearing one after another!

Thirteen cracks spread out in an orderly manner, as if they were going to split the entire Dragon God Valley!

"Hahaha, hahaha, I've succeeded, I've finally succeeded!"

"Dragon God Valley, Dragon Fire Lotus, I've finally succeeded!"

At this moment, an excited roar resounded throughout the entire dragon sea.

When all the Dragon Clan members heard this voice, they immediately flew over and spread out in worship!