"What's going on in the Dragon God Valley? What kind of terrifying technique has our Lord Dragon God cultivated?"

"The entire Dragon God Valley is slowly cracking. Heavens, what happened!"

The Dragon God's laughter rang out as all the members of the dragon race flew over to pay their respects to the Dragon God Valley.

Upon seeing the neatly cracked dragon God Valley, all the members of the Dragon God Race revealed expressions of shock.

This Dragon God Valley was transformed from the largest volcano on the extraordinary continent. It had been standing in the dragon sea for hundreds of thousands of years.

It was the habitat of the strongest dragon clan. Similarly, it was also transformed and strengthened by countless peak experts of the Dragon Clan.

Now, the entire Dragon God Valley was slowly cracking.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

At this moment, a vibrating sound was suddenly heard. The entire Dragon God Valley started to crack.

"What is Lord Dragon God doing?"

All the members of the Dragon Clan saw that the Dragon God Valley was actually broken. Their eyes were wide open and filled with shock.

"Boom Boom Boom!"

"Roar Roar Roar!"

At this moment, a loud bang and an excited roar came from the Dragon God Valley.


All the dragon clan experts swallowed their saliva and looked in front of them in shock.

The entire Dragon God Valley slowly flew into the sky, and pieces of rock began to fall from the cracks.

Gradually, the entire dragon God valley began to emit a faint red flame.

The flame slowly burned, and the entire Dragon God valley began to bloom!

The appearance of a fire lotus appeared in the sight of all the dragon race members.

In the middle of the fire lotus, the thirty-meter-long god of the dragon race floated in the sky, his face full of excitement as he spread his wings!

"When the fire lotus of the Dragon Race Blooms, my fire will raise this lotus of prosperity, using my body as the wick and human blood as the dye to ignite the godly fire!"

"The fire lotus of the dragon race will turn the endless godly fire into my divine kingdom and become my divine position, hahahaha!"

The God of the dragon race who was floating in the center of the Fire Lotus of the Dragon Race roared in excitement!

"Is our Lord Dragon God going to ignite the Godly Fire?"

"God! Our Lord Dragon God is going to become a god! The first true God of Our Dragon Race!"

All the members of the dragon race were filled with excitement when they heard the Dragon God's words.

"Congratulations, Lord Dragon God! You are about to become a god! You are about to become the only true god of the transcendence continent!"

"Congratulations, Lord Dragon God! You are about to become a god! You are about to become the only true god of the transcendence continent!"

The members of the dragon race also shouted excitedly.


The God of the dragon race flew around the Dragon Fire Lotus.

The Dragon Fire Lotus, which was fifty kilometers in size, gave off a terrifying power of fire.

"Lie Liuyan!"

The God of the dragon race looked forward with a dignified gaze and shouted softly.

"Dragon God!"

When the members of the dragon race heard the name that the Dragon God called out, their expressions became slightly ugly.

One of the fire dragon elders immediately said, "Lord Dragon God, you have to avenge the first Supreme Elder. He was killed by Emperor Aoshan!"

"Lord Dragon God, you have to avenge our water dragon clan. All the members of our water dragon clan were killed by the Dragon Palace. You have to avenge us!"

As soon as the Fire Dragon Elder finished speaking, the Water Dragon Clan's first Elder's sorrowful and indignant voice immediately sounded.

The two dragon race elders'words caused the dragon race's God to be slightly stunned. His face slowly darkened.

"What exactly happened!"

He flapped his wings and asked everyone with a dignified expression!

The first elder of the water race and the fire dragon elder immediately told the Dragon Race's God what had happened!

"Lord Dragon God, the prestige of our dragon race has been reduced to the extreme in the transcendental continent. Even some of the sea beasts in the transcendental sea have distanced themselves from us, disobeying our orders!"

In the end, the Dragon Elder roared angrily.

"How's the collection of human blood coming along?"

The Dragon God asked them with a gloomy face.

"Reporting to Lord Dragon God, all the blood has been collected!"

The dragon son immediately flew over and knelt in the air. The blood in containers flew towards the Dragon God.

"Dragon Palace, Ao Shan the Great Emperor. Good, very good. He actually killed our dragon race members!"

"Then use their corpses as fuel to help me raise my divine kingdom high up!"

The God of the dragon race received a large amount of blood, his eyes flashing with violent killing intent.

"Very soon, all the creatures of the transcendence continent will be prostrating at my feet, singing my divine splendor!"


As the god of the dragon race spoke, the vessel containing the blood directly shattered.

Large amounts of blood poured onto the dragon fire lotus.

"Summon all creatures of the continent to the Aoshan Empire. I want the entire continent to see what a true God truly is!"

A majestic voice resounded throughout the entire extraordinary sea. The blood within the Dragon Fire Lotus slowly flowed to the center according to the patterns.

"Roar Roar Roar!"

An earth-shattering sound rang out.

All the members of the Dragon Race prostrated themselves in the void with excited faces, looking up at their God.

The extraordinary continent had been peaceful for four months after the dragon race had completely retreated into the dragon sea.

These four months were the four months that the various major powers on the continent were extremely excited.

The disappearance of the Dragon Race's overlord position made everyone of the human race feel elated.

However, just today, a voice from the Drakonid Empire once again stirred up the waves of the entire extraordinary continent.

"The dragon race will enter the peak of the Ao 'Tian Mountain of the Ao 'Shan Empire in seven days. Please Consult Emperor Ao 'Shan and order all living beings on the continent to head there!"

A piece of information caused everyone to reveal shocked expressions!

"This... The Dragon Race is heading to the peak of the Ao 'Tian Mountain. What are they trying to do? Take Revenge?"

"What are the dragon race trying to do?"

"Why are they gathering all the living beings on the continent? What do the Dragon Race Want?"

"With Emperor Ao Shan's strength, he shouldn't be afraid of the strongest expert of the Dragon Race, right? What are they trying to do?"

The news of the drakonid empire spread through the entire transcendence continent at a terrifying speed.

Countless factions and countless people were filled with shock and bewilderment.

After witnessing Emperor Ao Shan's strength, no one believed that the dragon race still had the same ruling power as before.

With a divine weapon in his hand, unless the strongest person in the dragon race also had a divine weapon, he wouldn't be able to defeat Emperor Ao Shan.

Unfortunately, the only divine weapon in the entire continent was in the hands of Emperor Ao Shan of the Ao Shan Empire.

"Oh? The dragon race is coming to our ao Tian Mountain Peak? Announce it, then our ao Shan Empire will wait for the arrival of the Dragon Race!"

"Also, see if you can contact the Dragon Palace and ask the Dragon King to come!"

After receiving the news, Emperor Ao Shan frowned slightly and said with a wave of his hand.

He wasn't really afraid of the dragon race.

He was just afraid that the dragon race would take revenge on the Ao Shan Empire after he died!

"The Ao Shan Empire welcomes the Dragon Race!"

After Emperor Ao Shan gave the order, the voice immediately spread to the entire transcendence continent.

Seeing how confident the Aoshan Empire was, everyone was secretly amazed.

The current dragon race was really not as terrifying as before!