God was high and mighty. Those who did not enter the realm of God would eventually become ants!

Those who did not enter the realm of God would forever be trapped in a world.

Once one stepped into the mirror of God, he would be able to roam the starry sky and enter the domains of other planets!

Although Wang Xian had not reached the realm of true God, his strength was comparable to a true God who ignited a wisp of divine fire.

After reaching the level of a true God, the strength of a true God would not be divided by one or two levels. Instead, it would be divided by the number of divine fires!

The divine palace represented the source of the strength while the divine fire represented the medium to ignite the strength for one's own use!

The strength of a true God and the number of divine fires ignited were related to the quality of the divine palace!

There was no specific division of the quality of the divine palace. However, the deeper the foundation of the divine palace, the more powerful the divine fire would be!

Wang Xian had yet to ignite the divine fire!

Looking at his 5,000-meter-sized human form and the five elements great divine grinding device on his head, Wang Xian smiled faintly.

His body moved and flew towards the group of girls. His body shrunk rapidly while the Divine Shadow Kingdom entered his body directly.

"Xiao Xian, do you have the strength that is comparable to a god now?"

When the group of girls saw Wang Xian flying over, they felt like they were out of this world. They asked happily.


Wang Xian nodded with a smile on his face. "I am at level six of longevity. With my foundation, I can fight against or even kill a true God who has ignited a wisp of divine fire!"

"That's great. It has been hundreds of thousands of years since a god appeared on the transcendental continent. With your strength, all the living beings on the transcendental continent have to submit to you!"

"Our Dragon Palace will stand at the peak of the transcendence continent!"

The group of girls revealed excited expressions.

With the current strength of the Dragon Palace and Wang Xian's combat strength at the true God level, they would be invincible on the transcendence continent!

"Haha, How Was It? I said that I want to stand at the peak of the continent within ten years. Now, I've done it!"

Wang Xian looked at Feng Luan and laughed out loud happily as well.

"Look at how smug you are!"

Feng Luan rolled her eyes at him. "Oh right, there's news from the Aoshan Empire. They want us to lead the Dragon Palace experts to the Aotian mountain peak of the Aoshan Empire!"

"Huh? What happened in the past few months?"

Wang Xian was slightly stunned and asked in puzzlement.

"While we were improving our strength, the great emperor of Aoshan made a move and killed the first Supreme Elder of the dragon race, a top-notch expert of the dragon race who was at the half-step godly state."

"Not long ago, the god of the Dragon Tribe announced that they were going to the Aoshan Empire. We don't know what exactly they are going to do!"

"Now, all the forces and experts on the continent are heading to the Aoshan Empire. Should we rush over?"

Feng Luan continued.

"The Dragon tribe is heading to the Aoshan Empire? All the forces on the continent are gathering?"

Wang Xian raised his eyebrows as his eyes sparkled. "What is the dragon race trying to do? However, this time, we can't miss it!"

As he spoke, a smile appeared on his face. Since the entire continent had gathered, it was just the right time for him to announce his dominance!

"There are still two more days before the time the dragon race mentioned. If we head over now, I don't know if we can make it in time!"

Feng Luan said.

"It's fine as long as they haven't left!"

Wang Xian shook his head and swept his gaze across all the members of the Dragon Palace. "We have to let all the living beings on the continent experience the strength of our Dragon Palace!"

"Prepare to leave for the Ao Shan Empire!"

Wang Xian shouted softly and ordered the members of the Dragon Palace.

"It's the Dragon King!"

All the members of the Dragon Palace shouted excitedly.

Soon, their Dragon Palace would be able to dominate the world and stand at the top of the supernatural continent.

"Roar! Roar! Roar!"

The roars of the nine flood dragons could be heard. They pulled their dragon chairs and flew over.

"Let's Go!"

Wang Xian moved his body. Other than the members of the Dragon Palace who were holding back, the rest of the 20,000 strong warriors of the Dragon Palace followed behind him.

A group of girls stood on Xiao Lan and flew into the sky proudly.

They looked down at the sky. An era that would soon belong to the Dragon Palace was about to be born!

"Roar! Roar! Roar!"

A carefree roar was emitted from the mouths of the members of the Dragon Palace.

An extremely powerful aura filled the world. Every member of the Dragon Palace followed behind the Dragon King proudly as they flew towards the direction of the Ao Shan Empire.

Just as Wang Xian was leading a group of disciples of the Dragon Palace towards the direction of the Aoshan Empire.

In the east of the central continent region, more than 300,000 Dragon clan powerhouses were also flying towards the direction of the Aoshan Empire.

At the front of the Dragon Clan, the god of the Dragon clan was floating on a gigantic dragon fire lotus.

The Dragon Fire Lotus, which had a circumference of 50 kilometers, was exuding a terrifying power.

The Dragon Race's God, who was loftily floating above the fire lotus, had an intense excitement and disdain in his eyes!

He spread his wings, as if he was embracing the entire world.

Along the way, all the citizens of the Drakonid Empire saw this scene and hurriedly knelt on the ground to worship!

Time slowly passed!

Seven days passed very quickly.

At this moment, at the lofty mountain peak of the Lofty Mountain Empire, countless people were floating in the sky.

The eleven lofty mountain peaks represented the highest mountain peak in the entire transcendental continent.

The seven-day date was about to arrive. At least a few billion people had swarmed into the Ao Shan Empire.

With the vastness of the lofty mountain peak, it was enough for a few hundred million people to gather around without appearing crowded.

They came from the four great empires of the transcendental continent, the various major factions!

There were countless humans and demon beasts!

In the middle of the two peaks in the sky of the Aotian Mountain Peak, a group of experts from the Aoshan Empire stood in an orderly formation.

They were waiting for the arrival of the Dragon Race!

"The time is almost up, why hasn't the dragon race arrived yet!"

"I wonder what the Dragon Race is up to this time, will there be a fight?"

"It shouldn't be, you have to know that this is the base of the Aoshan Empire, with countless arrays. Even if the dragon race is here to start a war, they wouldn't be stupid enough to choose this place!"

"Quick, Quick Look! The Dragon Race's experts are here. Hiss, all the members of the dragon race are here. Oh My God, there are actually hundreds of thousands of them!"

In the surroundings, everyone was floating in the sky and talking softly.

Right at this moment, a cry of surprise was heard, and everyone looked towards the east.

A huge team of the dragon race appeared in everyone's line of sight!

The Dragon Fire Lotus that was 50 kilometers in radius!

The powerful dragons that were flapping their dragon wings!

That terrifying and violent aura caused everyone's faces to reveal shock!

This was the first time everyone had witnessed all the power of the Dragon Race!

The former overlord was indeed the former overlord!

"Welcome, Dragon God, Welcome, Dragon Race!"

At the easternmost position, tens of millions of people of the drakonid empire knelt in the void under the leadership of the Dragon Emperor and shouted loudly.