"Four years?"? The earth had changed a lot, especially with the appearance of the tomb of the Eternal God. The tomb of the Southern Light Wing God was a dead tomb. Unless one was powerful enough to break it open, one could not enter it

"As for the tomb of the Northern Light Wing God, it has a feeling of choosing a successor. I wonder how many more god-level experts will appear on Earth in the next four years!"

An old man said slowly, his eyes shining.

"The others are improving, and so are we. With our strength and the Holy Church, if we can't be invincible for four years, then our lives will be in vain!"

A woman said faintly.

"Don't worry, everyone. So what if the Dragon King's strength is now? So what if someone has received the inheritance of the god Lord?"

"Don't worry, I'm still here. In these four years, we have no fear of anyone or any force. In four years, everyone will either submit or die. HMPH!"

Yuan Kui glanced at the gods around him and snorted with confidence.

He was full of disdain and contempt for the gods'worries.

"Oh? Lord Yuan Kui's strength has increased?"

A young God looked at Yuan Kui in surprise!

"Gather all the disciples of the Lingxiao treasured palace within these ten days. This time, we will unite and show our might!"

Yuan Kui didn't answer him directly. He simply said one sentence and disappeared in an instant.

"Haha, there is no need for us to worry over nothing. With our current strength, even if we destroy the Dragon King's forces, we will only lose some!"

"Now, only if all the gods work together can they pose a threat to us!"

A middle-aged man laughed and disappeared in an instant.

"They've all improved?"

Seeing Yuan Kui and the middle-aged man's confident expression, a young man said in surprise.

The other gods fell silent and slowly disappeared one by one!

When they arrived, more than a dozen God kingdoms had appeared, and the gods had obtained a large number of resources and treasures.

Among them, there was definitely someone whose strength had improved again!

"The gods of the Lingxiao treasured palace want to marry the gods of the Sacred Hall. What's going on? Are they going to join forces?"

"Obviously, they are going to join forces. Hiss, if the Lingxiao treasured palace and the Sacred Hall join forces, no force on Earth will be their match!"

"It should be because of the appearance of the Dragon King. Some forces of the Fire God Palace and the pyramid have been destroyed, forcing the Lingxiao treasured palace and the sacred hall to make some preparations!"

"I heard that the Lingxiao Treasured Palace has invited all the gods this time. Even some of the forces established by the demigods have also sent invitations!"

The next day, the matter of the Lingxiao Treasured Palace inviting all the gods and all the forces to attend the God Engagement Party of the two forces ten days later broke out on the Internet.

While everyone was shocked, they also guessed the intentions of the two forces.

Obviously, the marriage between the gods of the two forces was not just for the wedding banquet.

Many people could guess that it was the alliance of the two forces.

And the gods and forces that had received the invitation couldn't refuse the invitation.

Regardless of whether it was the rise of the Dragon King or the establishment of the True Dragon Association, the strength of the Lingxiao Treasured Palace and the holy church was still unfathomable.

Now that they had joined forces, the gods had to give them some face.

Five days slowly passed, and in the sky above River City, a primordial flame enveloped the entire river city.

The fire element let out joyful celebratory sounds.

The entire world was enveloped in joy.


An incomparably huge divine kingdom was raised high in the sky over 100,000 meters high. Xiao Ran's face, which was covered in flames, was filled with excitement and excitement.

"I, Xiao ran, have finally become a god!"

His face was filled with excitement as he raised the divine kingdom high above his head.

A wisp of divine fire appeared above his head!

"I can finally step into this era!"

Xiao ran clenched his fist tightly. This was the era of the gods. He had finally stepped into this era.


At this moment, an eight-story pagoda flew toward Xiao ran from below.

He looked at the crimson-red pagoda. Each floor contained a terrifying flame. His eyes revealed a burning expression.

"Divine weapon!"

A word flashed across his mind. He looked at the figure below and was filled with gratitude. "Thank you, Master!"


Xiao ran stretched out his arm and held the divine weapon. He was extremely excited as he felt the majestic power coming from the divine weapon.

It was a divine weapon with three wisps of divine fire. With the divine weapon in his hand and the physique of the origin fire, he had the ability to fight against two wisps of divine fire.


He shouted softly and the divine kingdom entered his body. His figure appeared in front of Wang Xian.

"Thank you, Master!"

Xiao ran knelt on the ground and said excitedly.

"Get up. Mengxin has prepared some delicious food. Come and eat!"

Wang Xian smiled and said to him.

"Brother, Congratulations on lighting the divine fire and becoming a god. Among all the humans on Earth, you are the first person to become a god!"

Liu Mengxin walked over happily and said to Xiao ran.

"With master's help, even a pig can become a god!"

Xiao ran smiled faintly. He did not have the slightest bit of pride because he became a god.

"Hehe, with master around, it's also because of your luck and strength, brother. The world is not fair to begin with!"

Liu Mengxin said with a smile.

"Teacher, brother, try my desserts!"

The three of them sat at a table and chatted as they ate.

"Mengxin, you and Xiao ran can eat here!"

Half an hour later, Wang Xian got up and left. He told Liu Mengxin.

"It's teacher!"

Liu Mengxin saw Wang Xian leaving and knew what he meant. She nodded slightly.

"HMM? Why, Little Sister, why do I feel like there's something going on between you and Master?"

Xiao ran saw his master leaving and his little sister was acting strangely. A puzzled look appeared on her face.

"Brother, there's something I need to tell you!"

Liu Mengxin hesitated for a moment and passed the invitation letter to her brother!


When Xiao ran saw the contents of the invitation letter, his expression changed drastically.

"I gave Sister Ling Fei a call a few days ago. I can tell that this marriage was not of her own free will. Brother, do you want to give Sister Ling Fei a call? She still doesn't know that you're still alive. Who knows..."

Liu Mengxin saw the change in her brother's expression and said worriedly.

"No need. I'll go and ask Ling Fei personally. I also want to ask Ling Xiao Palace!"

Xiao ran clenched his fists tightly and said with a face full of unwillingness.

He wanted to ask Consort Ling personally if this was her original intention!

He wanted to question the Lingxiao Palace and why they wanted to kill him!

"Keke, Little Xiao ran, with your strength, going to the Lingxiao Palace is simply courting death. When the time comes, call us and we'll bring some people for you!"

"No matter what, you're still the disciple of our Dragon King. Not everyone can bully you. As for women, I don't care what she thinks. Just snatch them over. Keke Keke!"

At this moment, a few figures slowly walked up from the staircase on the top floor of the villa!