“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

The roars of the war pets rang out. In the surrounding void, more than 10,000 war pets at the level of celestial thearch were exuding a violent aura.

Just now, the appearance of these war pets had subdued all the factions.

However, at this moment, Wang Xian had set his sights on these war pets.

The red fog race was very strong. Even though Ming Xuanzhi had restrained celestial thearch Hong Tian, the red fog race still had four level nine celestial thearch powerhouses.

Among the four level-nine celestial emperor powerhouses, three of them were wizards. Even though Wang Xian’s speed was extremely terrifying, he was still not their match.

However, Wang Xian was not prepared to fight them head-on.

Instead, he wanted Celestial Emperor Hong Tian to pay a heavy price.

He wanted the red fog race to pay a heavy price!

Their Dragon Palace was not so easy to bully.

If they wanted to kill them, they had to pay a price.

“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

One by one, the war pets were not as intelligent as the red fog race’s experts. When they saw Wang Xian’s attack, they were terrified and immediately dodged to the side.

However, their speed was too slow.

Wang Xian narrowed his eyes slightly and locked onto the level eight war pet of the celestial thearch. Then, he charged forward in an instant.

“Oh no, don’t let him kill the Twin Koryo Roar War Pet!”

The four level nine celestial thearch powerhouses of the red fog race had a drastic change in their expressions when they saw Wang Xian charging toward their war pet.

The great elder of the red fog race immediately roared loudly.

He waved his arm and a pitch-black shield covered with all kinds of patterns flew toward the twin-m roar to protect it.

“Hehe, you can’t protect what I want to kill!”

The pair of dragon horns on Wang Xian’s head flickered with a luster.

“Yin-yang realm-breaking!”

He let out a low roar. Two rays of black and white light shot out from the pair of dragon horns. The rays of light interweaved like sharp arrows and instantly landed on the black barrier.


The terrifying attack instantly caused the black barrier to collapse.

“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

The gigantic twin-maned roar sensed the threat to its life and let out a terrified roar. The two heads spurted out terrifying flames as they tried to escape.


Wang Xian flapped his wings and penetrated both of his heads instantly. With a wave of his arm, he kept the corpse of the twin roar.


The four level nine celestial thearch powerhouses of the Red Fog clan saw this scene and shouted with bloodshot eyes.

A level eight celestial thearch war pet was extremely valuable.

Now, it was actually killed by the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace!

Killed directly!

Back then, their master, Celestial Emperor Hong Tian, spent a thousand years to tame this war pet.

He was killed directly just like that!


Wang Xian ignored their anger and charged toward the surrounding war pets.


The four level nine celestial emperor powerhouses of the red fog race were enraged and immediately chased after Wang Xian.

“This... this... the level eight celestial thearch battle pet was actually killed by the Dragon King!”

“This is a level eight celestial thearch battle pet. There’s only one of it in our galaxy, yet it was actually killed!”

“The Dragon King of the Dragon Palace’s speed is so terrifying. His strength should only be at level nine celestial thearch, but his speed is comparable to the peak of celestial thearch. The four level nine celestial thearch powerhouses of the red fog race can’t catch up at all!”

“The people of the Dragon Palace are not prepared to fight them head-on at all. Instead, they are hunting down the other experts of the red fog race. There are already 2,000 celestial thearchs who have died at the hands of the Dragon Palace’s Dragon King, and there are even a few rank 8 celestial thearchs among them!”

“The red fog race has suffered heavy losses this time. Not only did they fail to intimidate everyone on the day of establishing the race, but they were also massacred by the Dragon Palace. This time, they have lost a lot of face!”

“There are very few core disciples of the red fog tribe to begin with. This time around, many of them have been killed.”

The experts from the various tribes and races had already retreated to the last position. They watched the battle in front of them and began to discuss.

They were also filled with fear towards the Dragon Palace’s Dragon King’s speed.

This was especially so for the ancient rare tribe and the brain spirit tribe. Their expressions continuously changed when they saw this speed.

The strongest expert of their two great domain-level races was only at the ninth level divine emperor realm. Now, when they saw the speed of that Dragon Palace expert, they felt some fear.

Facing such speed, even the strongest expert of their race could be killed.

This Dragon Palace could not be provoked.

The two great tribes immediately decided.

“Dragon Palace, you are courting death. If I, God Emperor Hong Tian, do not destroy you, I will not be human!”

God Emperor Hong Tian sensed the situation below and shouted sternly.

His voice was filled with hatred.

“Hahaha, Old Man Hong Tian, don’t be distracted when you fight with me. Do you really think that you can suppress me just because you have a postnatal numinous treasure?”

At this moment, Ming Xuanzhi, who was in front of him, said with a loud laugh.

He was laughing loudly, but he was also full of energy as he stared fearfully at the origin magnetic light ring above his head.

“Ming Xuanzhi, get lost!”

God Emperor Hong Tian’s eyes were blood-red, and the origin magnetic light ring above his head emitted blood-red light pillars.

The light pillars reached the sky, and the sky and earth changed color.


Ming Xuanzhi snorted and waved his arm.

He had been sealed by the array for tens of millions of years. Although he had not broken through due to his lack of spiritual energy, he had mastered all the knowledge of sorcery recorded in the black magic of Mohan.

One had to know that the black magic of Mo Han was a universe knight who had killed existences of the same level.

If it were not for the fact that he was afraid of the other party’s acquired spiritual treasure, he would definitely be able to completely suppress Hong Tian God Emperor.

Even so, he was not afraid of the other party.

“Hong Hong Hong!”

A terrifying explosion sounded in the sky. Some of the shockwaves from the attack hit the area above and were blocked by the array left behind by the ruins of Mo Han Room.

However, the area below was not so lucky. A large number of buildings were destroyed by the powerful energy impact.

“Kill them, kill them!”

At another location, all the rank eight divine emperors of the red fog race, as well as the other divine emperors, stared at the eight-limbed demon fiend and the Heaven Array. They surrounded and attacked crazily.

After the sudden attack of the eight-limbed demon Fiend and the others, the red fog race also reacted. They immediately stopped and surrounded the three of them.

With the strength of the other party, the eight-limbed demon fiend of the heaven’s formation could not withstand it at all.

“Dragon King, we will escape First!”

When the eight-limbed demon Fiend Heaven’s formation saw their attack, its expression changed drastically as it roared loudly.

As soon as it finished speaking, its figures slowly disappeared.

Since they could not defeat it, they could only escape. Otherwise, if they were sealed by the other party’s formation, they could only let an lie come and save them.

However, if an lie came, he would expose the trump card of the Dragon Palace!

Wang Xian’s gaze swept across the Heaven Formation and the rest. A faint smile appeared on his face.

“Hahaha, our Dragon Palace doesn’t care if you are Celestial Emperor Hong Tian or the red mist race. As long as you dare to provoke us, we will dare to kill you. Who’s Afraid of Who!”

“From now on, it’s best for you to hide in a safe place. Otherwise, we will let you know the fear of being assassinated!”

Wang Xian let out a maniacal laugh and roared loudly.

Since they were going to play, the Dragon Palace would play along with them.

He wanted to see who would be the first one to collapse in the end!