9-11 minutes

“Ai ......”

Everyone looked at Huang Rumeng in the crystal coffin and shook their heads and sighed.

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign walked up to Sun Hao and knelt down in one go, “My lord, I am incompetent, please punish me!”

“Xiao Lei, I don’t blame you!”

Sun Hao helped the Thunder Tribulation Master up and looked at Luo Liuyan and the others, “Today, thanks to everyone for buying me time!”

“Young master, you’re welcome!”

“Young master, we owe you for everything!”

The people clasped their fists one after another.

Sun Hao nodded slightly and looked at Huang Rumeng in the crystal coffin and asked, “Xiao Lei, you have seen a lot, tell me, is there still hope for her?”

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign looked at Huang Rumeng and sighed slightly, “My lord, Miss Rumeng used the soul-burning method, there is no possibility of survival!”


Thunder Tribulation Sovereign raised his eyebrows and looked at Huang Rumeng, his eyes shining, “She ...... she still has a soul and a spirit!”

Speaking of this, the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign looked at Sun Hao, “My lord, what’s going on here?”

“It’s like this ......”

Sun Hao told the matter of gathering Huang Rumeng’s soul.

After Sun Hao finished speaking, everyone present felt cold air pumping backwards and cold sweat flowing.

They looked at Sun Hao, as if they were looking at a master of the universe.

The expressions on their faces were shining and uncertain.

“Why are you all looking at me like that?” Sun Hao asked.

“Young master!”

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign took a few long breaths, which calmed him down.

“After a person dies, those whose souls are well preserved will be sent to the River of Reincarnation for reincarnation!”

“And there are some people whose souls are broken for some reason, they are sent to the River of the Underworld, where they are reorganized with other soul fragments to form a new soul for reincarnation!”

“If Miss Ru Meng used the Soul Burning Technique, which caused her soul to be shattered, I think all the soul fragments will be sent to the River of the Underworld.”

“And you, my lord, actually locked up one soul and one body of Miss Ruemeng with great magic power, which is completely competing with the River of the Underworld, the means is heavenly!”

Speaking of this, the Thunder Tribulation Master looked at Sun Hao, worship and awe essence light, kept sweeping in.

“At the same time, you give Miss Rumeng a glimmer of hope for resurrection!” Thunder Tribulation Sovereign said.

Hearing these words, Sun Hao’s dangling heart finally dropped, and the whole person let out a sigh of relief.

No wonder that power was extremely strong. Thinking about it now, he was scared for a while.

This was completely a tiger’s mouth, if it had been reversed, his soul would have been torn clean by that power.


Finally, there is hope.

“Then how can I bring Rumeng back to life?” Sun Hao asked.

“If you want to resurrect Miss Rumeng, there’s only one way, go to the River of the Underworld to find all the pieces of her soul!”

“However, it’s extremely dangerous there ......”

Before the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign finished his words, Sun Hao immediately interrupted him, “Where is the River of the Underworld?”

“My lord, the River of the Underworld is in the Underworld Realm, if you want to break through the barriers of the Underworld, unless your strength reaches the God King Realm!” The Thunderbolt Sovereign said.

“God King?”

Sun Hao frowned tightly, with a thoughtful look. Although his own strength was strong, he thought he was only a demigod.

Above a demigod was a deity. And to become a god king, I think it was far from that.

“My lord, above a demigod is a god.”

“There is also a hierarchy of gods, which are lower gods, middle gods, high gods, prime gods, and supreme gods, and above that is the god king.”

“It is said that there are realms above the god kings, but that is not something we can understand.”

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign’s words dazzled Sun Hao.

“In this world, aren’t there no gods present?” Sun Hao asked.

“My lord, just because they don’t exist doesn’t mean they are not there!”

“After the Dark Era, there were still some gods left behind, distributed all over the world!”

“Those gods, I think, must have been afraid, so they found a place to hide.” The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign said.

Hearing these words, Sun Hao’s face, showed a depressed look, “Breaking through the earth barrier, isn’t there any other way?”

“My lord, of course, there are ways, finding a God King to help is also possible.” The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign said.

“Find a God King? Where do I go to find one?” Sun Hao asked.

“God kings usually live in the upper realm, which is what we call the heavenly realm.” The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign said.

“Heavenly realm?” Sun Hao frowned slightly.

This world was divided into three realms. The Heavenly Realm, the Earthly Realm, and the Human Realm. In addition to that, there were three thousand small worlds. Like what Demon Ancestor Realm, Earth Dragon Realm, Dragon God Realm ......These small worlds, all dependent on the three worlds exist.

The Heavenly Realm, that is the place where the real gods live.

However, through the Dark Era, hadn’t the Heavenly Realm been destroyed?

“The Heavenly Realm is still there?” Sun Hao asked.

“Of course it’s there, after millions of years of recuperation, the Heavenly Realm has been restored to life!”

“However, to go to the Heavenly Realm, you can only go there when the Heavenly Path opens once every hundred years, and, only when your strength reaches the God Spirit realm, you can possibly adapt to the power of the laws of the Heavenly Realm!”

“Even if a demigod goes up there, basically there is death without survival.” The Thunder bolt Lord said.

“God Spirit?”

In that case, one had to become a god spirit to have a chance to go to the heavenly realm?

Finding a suitable technique for oneself was the main thing at the moment.

However, could Rumeng wait that long?

“Is there no other way? Is Rumeng soul fragments, are they all reincarnated?” Sun Hao asked.

“My lord, the River of the Underworld needs an aeon to reunite the soul fragments, as long as you find Miss Rumeng’s soul fragments back within this period of time!” The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign said.

One aeon was also sixty years. In that case, I still have time.

“When will the Heavenly Path open?” Sun Hao asked.

“There are still ten years left!” The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign said.

Ten years?”

That was just in time.

Within these ten years, I would find a suitable technique for myself, and then I would go to the Heavenly Realm and find a God King to help me break the barrier of the Earth Realm.

Sun Hao calmed his mind, and looked at the Thunder Tribulation Master, continuing to speak, ” Xiao Lei, do you know the Forbidden Land, what’s really inside there?”

When these words came out, the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign’s face changed slightly.

He seemed to have encountered some great terror, his gaze swept in all directions, with a face of fear.

“My lord, that is a place that cannot be told!”

The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign lowered his voice and spoke.

“It is said that the Forbidden Land, is suddenly formed in the Dark Era.”

“Every living planet has one, making people feel that it is like an eye, overseeing the life of every planet.”

“No one who has entered there has ever come out.”

“Even the gods are no exception!” The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign said.

Hearing these words, Sun Hao drew a breath of cold air, and a trace of fear appeared on his face.

Surprisingly, it could oversee the life of every planet, no wonder it could calculate the time of his weakness. Could it be that the Forbidden Land was a lackey of the Heavenly Dao?

Or is it that there is a terrifying existence in the Forbidden Land?

Isn’t it a forbidden area for Immortal Emperors there?

How come even the gods, can not come out.

In that case, wouldn’t it be a forbidden area for gods and spirits?

At this thought, Sun Hao drew a few breaths of cold air backwards.

Luckily, he didn’t get angry and run through the forbidden land to take revenge for Rumeng.

Otherwise, I don’t even know how I died.

The matter of revenge, has to be considered in the long run, must not be reckless.

However, this Forbidden Land, must be eradicated.

” Xiao Lei, many thanks!” Sun Hao nodded his head slightly.

“My lord, the one who should be thanked is me.”

After the Thunder Tribulation Sovereign finished speaking, he bowed deeply to Sun Hao again, “My lord, can I follow you as a guard now?”

“Yes!” Sun Hao slightly nodded his head.

“Many thanks, my lord!” The Thunder Tribulation Sovereign knelt and bowed down, performing three bows and nine kowtows.

“Please rise!”

After saying that, Sun Hao fixed his gaze on the Flower Immortal and spoke, “Miss Xiaolan, I have a matter to ask you for advice.”

“Young master, you can ask, as long as I know, I will definitely know everything!”

The Flower Immortal came forward and spoke.