Chapter 302

What’s even more pitiful was that – no one thought that the disciple who came to Xuan Jia sect for the mission turned out to be such a scumbag. In the face of such an old rogue, anyone who attempted to suppress Xu Ziyan and the others with their qualifications or experiences needed to consider the consequences thoroughly…

The elders of the Xuan Jia sect all looked pitiful, yet when they mentioned about the completion of the mission, they started becoming excited again.

It’s news discovered by the disciples of Xuan Jia sect! Although the disciples of Liu Guang sect were excellent, those from Xuan Jia sect were not more inferior!

Even though so many people died in front of us, the beloved son of our sect leader acts extraordinarily as soon as he makes a move, and he quickly found out the reason for the evolution of blood-sucking worms!

“So…do you mean that the blood-sucking worms evolved as they found a rare place with mineral resources?” Xu Ziyan tapped the desk with his fingers, looking at the elder of Xuan Jia sect who was talking happily and almost spitting on Lin Xiaotian’s face.

“Of course, it was something that was found out by the son of the sect leader. Do you still think that it’s fake?” The elder looked proud.

Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows, “did cultivator Rong mention what kind of mine it is?”

When the elder heard this, he sighed and shook his head, “the blood-sucking worms are very protective of this mine, and Taiqing tried his best to get only a little bit of pieces of ore. To achieve this, he was even besieged by tens of thousands of blood-sucking worms. If Bai Hua didn’t save him in time, he wouldn’t have made it.”

“Can I get a glimpse of it?”

“Of course, I set this meeting to let everyone brainstorm and see if anyone can identify this ore.”

After the elder finished speaking, he clapped his hands, and a young boy in green clothes came up with a jade plate. In the center of the jade plate, there was a fingernail-sized piece of red powder, and there was a very weird wave on it.

Seeing that the elder took out the ore fragments, everyone gathered around them. Before, everyone was arguing and doubting whether the worms had mutated from this ore, and they all started speculating it more carefully when they saw the real thing.

“It’s an interesting kind of fluctuation.” A demon cultivator in grey robe said in surprise.

“Red ore?” A disciple of Tian Yu sect thought for a while, “there are hundreds of red ores in my Xuan Yu realm, but I have never heard of any that can produce strange fluctuations.”

“This piece of ore is obtained from the blood-sucking worms. If those worms can transform the ore, then how can we analyze the type of the ore from it?”

There was a lot of discussion, but no one could tell which kind of ore the fragment was from.

Since no one could tell what kind of ore it was, the elder ordered the boy to put it away. The rest of them resumed what they were doing, and the council hall fell into a brief moment of silence.

“If you have any thoughts, let’s just say it.” Cultivator Yu Ling leaned on the chair and said weakly.

A demon cultivator in black clothes and his companion glanced at each other, and bowed their hands to cultivator Yu Ling, “then I’ll first tell you how we think.”

Cultivator Yu Ling casually stretched out his hand, signaling him to speak directly.

The demon cultivator in black clothes thought for a while and asked, “how did you get this ore?”

The elder was slightly pissed off, “didn’t I already tell you…”

The man in black waved his hand, “you got me wrong. I wanted to ask where cultivator Rong got that ore, since he couldn’t get near to the entrance.”

The elder frowned, “although Rongtai couldn’t enter the mine, he noticed a lot of blood-sucking worms haunting the mine from a distance, some of them were specially responsible for transporting. He actually seized these pieces from the subordinates of the blood-sucking worms that were responsible for transporting.”

The man in black nodded, indicating that he understood, and then asked, “then how did cultivator Rong determine that this thing is the cause of the mutation of the blood-sucking worms?”

“This is what Bai Hua saw. He said that he’d seen a group of blood-sucking worms becoming larger and more violent after eating this ore, but…he was instantly noticed after seeing this change, and hence he didn’t see the kind of blood-sucking worms that could evolve into a commander.”

The man in black did not continue to ask, he simply sat down after thinking about it, and the rest of the people also asked the elder one after another. They spent quite a long time asking him questions and didn’t miss any detail.

“Cultivator Yu Ling, do you have any suggestions?”

While everyone was circling around the old man, Xu Ziyan asked the head of the Xuan Jia sect in a low voice.

A cold light flashed in cultivator Yu Ling’s eyes, then he smiled at Xu Ziyan, “what else can we do? I’d say that we can simply explode the mine.”

“No way!” An elder immediately stopped him, “leader, we have to mind our words. There are many blood-sucking worms. Although the power of an individual is limited, we mustn’t underestimate that of the mother worm. Until now, there are already three nascent soul cultivators who were killed. It’s all because they went too deep and were ambushed by the mother worm.”

Cultivator Yu Ling looked weak again and said, “sigh…even the worms have become smarter nowadays.”

Xu Ziyan nodded. The blood-sucking worms born by the mother worm had almost no intelligence, yet the mother worm was extremely cunning. Also, it never left its lair and was very good at hiding their tracks, it was extremely difficult to find it even for a high-level cultivator.

“Master Rong, what happened to the intrusion of the worms a few days back?” Lin Xiaotian suddenly asked.

A golden core elder frowned and explained, “it wasn’t an intrusion, but an execution of mission of a disciple of Xuan Jia sect. When he returned, he didn’t notice that there’s a worm hidden in his body and it caused a temporary mess. However, it was resolved and the big array of that protective mountain is going to be closed soon.”

After listening to the old man’s explanation, Lin Xiaotian didn’t seem more relaxed. Instead, he became more serious and slowly said, “but that’s not what I heard.”

The golden core elder looked a bit embarrassed, “those outer disciples were just spreading rumors. They don’t know much and their cultivation level is much lower. That’s why they were in a panic and simply said that it’s an intrusion.”

Lin Xiaotian nodded and didn’t ask any further questions. From his expressionless face, it was difficult for others to see whether he’d believed it or not.

“Well…are we done? Let’s end the meeting if it’s finished. If you have any questions, we will continue the discussion tomorrow.” Yu Ling abruptly ended the meeting.

Many elders of the Xuan Jia sect showed a displeased look, but due to the authority of the sect master, they could only leave the council hall without being satisfied.

Before leaving, Yu Ling quietly sent a message to Xu Ziyan, asking them to investigate the matter before continuing the meeting.

Xu Ziyan looked at the figure of Yu Ling thoughtfully, and after giving Lin Xiaotian a look, he returned to his residence with Xu Zirong.

It didn’t take long for Lin Xiaotian to come quietly, and the three of them closed the door and set up an array to prevent any eavesdropping, then began to exchange their information.

As Lin Xiaotian was only a day earlier than them, he didn’t have a lot of information about the Xuan Jia sect, but they quickly came up with the general context of the incident. After concluding everything, Xu Ziyan looked a bit worried.

“So…it’s actually not the first time that the blood-sucking worms ‘entered by accident’?”

“No.” Lin Xiaotian nodded, “according to my information, there had been at least eigh tor more disciples of Xuan Jia sect carrying blood-sucking worms since half a year ago.”

“Then what happened to these people later?” Xu Ziyan frowned.

“Since it was a ‘mistake’, of course they were let go after just some punishment.”

“Is there anything special about these people?” Xu Ziyan asked again.

Lin Xiaotian shook his head, “I haven’t found out yet, some of them are outer disciples, some are inner elites, and some come from other sects, with different identities and background.”

“How’s the relationship between these people and Bai Hua?” Xu Zirong suddenly interrupted and asked.

Lin Xiaotian frowned, took out a jade slip and put it on his forehead. After a while, he raised his head and looked at Xu Zirong thoughtfully, “four of the eight were once Bai Hua’s guests, and the other four had an argument with him.”

Xu Ziyan’s brows were almost furrowed into a ball, and he really couldn’t understand why Bai Hua couldn’t behave. After letting go of three Gong’s, was it so difficult to find a good man and settle down? Why stir up all this mess?

Xu Zirong raised her eyebrows clearly and asked again, “If I’m not mistaken, these eight people should all have their level of cultivation increased within a certain period of time, right?”

Lin Xiaotian was startled, then nodded slowly, “how did you know that?”

Xu Zirong twitched the corners of his mouth and turned to look at his brother: “this Bai Hua is really ambitious.”

“How so?” Lin Xiaotian and Xu Ziyan asked at the same time.

“I also did a little research on blood-sucking worms.” Xu Zirong said and glanced at his brother.

Xu Ziyan knew that this research must have done in his previous life. After all, the blood-sucking worms had raged in the Xuan Yu realm for fifty years.

Lin Xiaotian was not surprised by Xu Zirong’s remarks. Since the first appearance of blood-sucking worms, countless people had captured them for research, hoping to find the most effective way to kill them. Although Xu Zirong had only been out of the True Dragon maze for half a year, Lin Xiaotian didn’t think that he was lying.

“I have done some experiments with blood-sucking worms. If human blood is sucked by these worms, they can give birth to more blood-sucking worms, but in turn, if humans eat them, they can achieve the effect of stimulating potential.”

Lin Xiaotian said with a solemn expression, “that’s right, someone from the Tian Yu sect also noticed it. However, there’s a large amount of poison with these worms and some people might poisoned to death after eating them.”

Xu Zirong nodded, “yup, but that only applies to shadow worms.”

“Shadow worms?”