I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It?

Chapter 403

On the way back to Xu Zirong’s room, Tianle discreetly disappeared.

Xu Ziyan tried his best to keep on his poker face as he walked into Xu Zirong’s room. As soon as he closed the door, the temperature on his face instantly rose to a level that could boil an egg…

_(:3∠)_ He did not think that his relationship with Xu Zirong was embarrassing, but being in a situation where everyone knew that they were going to dual cultivate in the room was just too awkward.

Seeing Xu Zirong, who was unconscious but with extremely violent spiritual power fluctuations, Xu Ziyan thought of what he needed to do next, and could not help but silently light a candle for himself.

It was not like he had never done actions, like riding… before, but to make the other party hard without his knowledge… Damn it, I feel so ashamed no matter how I think about it! (*/w *)

Although the shame in his heart was through the roof, thinking of Xu Zirong’s dangerous state at the moment, Xu Ziyan did not dare to delay any longer.

He took off his clothes in a few moments and stripped Xu Zirong naked. Currently, he did not care about foreplay. For Xu Zirong’s safety, Xu Ziyan got him hard and then lubed himself up. He immediately raised his legs and rode…

…You know, combining as one…

After finally draining the spiritual power from Xu Zirong’s body, to his amazement, Xu Ziyan discovered that the effect of their love actually almost made him reach the mid-level of the nascent soul stage. With just a slight impact, he could successfully enter the middle stage of nascent soul.

He looked at Xu Zirong, who was still advancing. After some thought, he decided to hit the middle stage of nascent soul.

When he was discussing with City Master Qi earlier, he was too worried about Xu Zirong’s injuries, so he did not have the chance to ask City Master Qi about her demands. However, no matter what, the stronger his power, the more confident he would be. If he and Zirong could advance to the middle stage of nascent soul, there would be more capabilities to handle the demands made by City Master Qi.

There was an air of weirdness everywhere in that city, and he did not want to be tricked out of nowhere.

This time, it took both of them a long time to break through and stabilize. By the time they woke up, three whole days had already passed.

Xu Ziyan slowly opened his eyes. The familiar scent in his arms made him involuntarily curve his lips.

“Brother…” Xu Zirong woke up a while before him and was nestling in his embrace, stroking him.

“Stop it.” Xu Ziyan smiled as he patted away Xu Zirong’s mischievous hand that reached into his embrace.

Xu Zirong licked his lips regretfully. He was not mentally involved in the affection with his brother before the breakthrough. He thought of waiting for both of them to wake up, so they could do it again, but unfortunately, his brother would not cooperate.

“Let’s go. If we want to find the way out, I’m afraid we have to depend on the city master.”

“City master?” Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows in confusion. He had been unconscious since he was sucked into the crack, so he did not know who the city master was.

Xu Ziyan recounted the events of the past two days, and Xu Zirong was also quite surprised to learn that the Blood Sea Heart Sutra he cultivated was related to the devils.

However, it was fortunate in a way. Otherwise, even if the red veil converted the devilish energy into spiritual energy, he might not be able to absorb them, which would lead to the fate of his spiritual body exploding.

“Thousand Miles of Fated Marriage…” Xu Zirong could not help laughing when he heard the name of the red veil. He had no idea which craftsman had such creativity to create a piece of red cloth with such functions.

Thinking about that, he felt a stir in his heart. If he remembered correctly, when they obtained the red veil, they examined it very carefully. However, that thing indeed showed no trace of spiritual energy fluctuation. It looked like an utterly ordinary piece of red cloth, yet they did not expect that precise piece of red cloth to save their lives at such a critical moment.

Xu Zirong sighed in his heart. God was indeed fair. He suffered so much torment in his previous life, and in his current life, he was given his big brother.

Compared to Bai Hua, who had three lovers in this life but had been abandoned by all of them, his brother seemed more like the Heaven’s favored child.

“Why are you smiling so foolishly?”

The two of them were walking in the corridor. Xu Ziyan looked at Xu Zirong’s bright smile inexplicably and could not help asking.

Xu Zirong’s lips curved up, “I was just thinking that Brother must be Heaven’s favored child. Otherwise, how can Brother be so lucky to find the doll in the rice jar?”

Xu Ziyan’s mouth twitched when he heard that. In fact, he really did not want to be the male protagonist. However, it seemed that it was not something he could decide…

Yet, when it came to luck, he had to admit that he was quite the fortunate one, or he would not have suddenly came up with the idea of digging through the rice jar.

However, the red veil still looked slightly mysterious. After all, if such a magical artifact that absorbed devilish energy was taken to Xuanyu Realm and used effectively, it could be an easy feat to kill high-level devils. It would definitely be a deadly weapon with unexpected victories.

It would be even better if there was a weapon refiner who could study the principles of that magical weapon, or even replicate more weapons with similar functions. Basically, there was no need for the war between humans and devils. Just by having cultivators throw their magical artifacts, the devilish energy of the devils could be sucked dry.

Unfortunately, Xu Ziyan himself knew that if that item could be easily replicated, it would not have remained hidden for so long.

Just when Xu Ziyan was thinking about how to make the most of the magical artifact, they arrived at the main hall of the city master’s mansion.

City Master Qi was still seated at the top position, as if she had not moved from the spot in the past three days.

Seeing the two of them enter, City Master Qi forced a smile, but Xu Ziyan noticed with keen eyes that City Master Qi seemed to be in a bad mood, vaguely worried about something.

“You both have arrived.” City Master Qi raised her hand, gesturing for them to sit down, then looked at them with a strange expression, “You both actually had a breakthrough?”

“Yes.” Xu Ziyan nodded calmly, but he was going crazy in his heart. Did City Master Qi think they had been doing some inappropriate things in the room for the past three days?!

City Master Qi seemed to realize that her expression was too obvious, so she picked up a cup of tea and took a sip, as if to conceal it.

She was clueless that Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong had advanced to the golden core stage. Their auras could blend together seamlessly without any hindrance. The effect of them dual cultivating once was equivalent to dozens of times for other. However, she had estimated based on the efficiency of an average person, which led to that mistake…

“Ziyan, you’ve finally come out!” Tianle looked at Xu Ziyan with teary eyes. His pitiful gaze plainly expressed his resentment towards him.

“Yes, how have you been living here these days?” Xu Ziyan cleared his throat twice, ignoring the embarrassing topic from before.

“Not good…” Tianle said with a bitter face, “The day before yesterday, I went out with someone else. Outside of this central city, there’s devilish energy everywhere. It’s endless and makes it impossible to live.”

“There’s devilish energy everywhere outside the city?” Xu Ziyan was slightly surprised. He still remembered the lush green field that was abundant in spiritual power when he woke up. There was not a trace of devilish energy.

He looked at City Master Qi with confusion, and City Master Qi grinned, “That’s the backyard of the city master’s mansion. There’s a magical artifact buried underneath, which is similar to the red veil, but its effect was much weaker.”

Xu Ziyan nodded in understanding. If that red veil could convert devilish energy into spiritual energy, the artifact buried underground must have a similar effect. According to Tianle, the devilish energy there was endless, so the converted spiritual energy would naturally be endless. While humans might struggle to withstand that power, spiritual flowers and herbs were different. They were not very picky about the quality of spiritual energy, and once they successfully grew, they could also be used to refine cores and enhance cultivation bases.

In that place, those spiritual flowers and herbs served as a kind of filter. Otherwise, amidst the limitless devilish energy, even with protective arrays in the city, the people there would still die from depleted spiritual power.

The constant conflict between humans and devils was primarily due to the completely incompatible nature of devilish energy and spiritual energy.

Xu Ziyan was confused and could not help glancing at City Master Qi. Her cultivation base was comparable to his, but he could not figure out why she chose to live in such a place. There were some cultivators who advocated for rigorous training, yet her situation was not due to rigorous training, but a form of self-inflicted torment.

“What are you looking at?” City Master Qi was extremely unhappy with Xu Ziyan’s seemingly foolish gaze.

“Nothing.” Xu Ziyan averted his gaze, not intending to inquire at that moment.

It seemed that the other party had no ill intentions towards them, so Xu Ziyan would naturally not deliberately provoke or ruin their relationship. After all, they were unfamiliar with the situation there, and without City Master Qi’s help, leaving the place would be quite difficult.

City Master Qi saw Xu Ziyan turning away his face and snorted discontentedly, “Do you know where this place is?”

Xu Ziyan shook his head honestly, “I don’t.”

City Master Qi hummed, “When you entered the city, did you feel that the layout around you was very familiar?”

“The central city.” Xu Ziyan pointed out what City Master Qi meant.

“Exactly. This is the central city, but it’s not the central city.” City Master Qi said something very perplexing, “The people living here were once residents of the central city, but something happened later…” She paused, her expression appeared very composed and rational.

Xu Ziyan followed up and said, “From the traces left in the central city, it’s apparent that people left abruptly. What happened?”

City Master Qi rubbed her temples with force, “This happened too suddenly, but you came in from Ghost Jiangnan, and you’ve seen the situation there. At that time, there was a crack similar in nature but much larger, just below the central city. In an instant, the people throughout the entire city were sucked into that crack.” She sighed silently, “The incident happened so suddenly, so the residents couldn’t adapt to the environment here and the surrounding dangers. The losses were severe, and later on, everyone slowly settled down and rebuilt this central city.”

Xu Ziyan nodded thoughtfully. City Master Qi’s statement was indeed in line with the traces left in the central city. After all, aside from such sudden and strange occurrences, it was difficult to explain how an entire city of people could suddenly disappear.