1000 Experiment

Ye Lao walked into a dark and damp room. He saw his other disciple, Lan Ling, waiting at the entrance of one of the rooms. "How is he?" he asked, his steps becoming more brisk as he rushed over.

"He's getting worse," she said, not hiding the worry in her eyes. "He's been in there for over a week and refused to see me."

Ye Lao frowned as he noticed his apprentice's downward spiral ever since the Heavenly Emperor proved the Dao and crowned himself. Ever since that day, he became more reclusive, stopped paying attention to the sect's affairs, and only focused on refining pills.

At first, Ye Lao did not pay much attention to this behavior since he knew Lou Cheng's goal. He believed it may not be a bad idea to give a hundred percent of his focus on that pill.

However, as time passed, as the latter received more news from the outside, his situation worsened at a speed observable to the naked eye.

Then, things take a turn for the worse after hearing about Yan Liling's creation of the Immortal Rune System.

"It was a bad idea to tell him the news," sighed Ye Lao, full of guilt and sadness. They had noticed Lou Cheng was very sensitive to any news related to the Heavenly Emperor. As such, they hesitated on whether to tell him the latest news.

However, Ye Lao was worried about Fu Caiyun and wanted his disciple to use his talent and quickly suppress the latter's resurrection of power. Sadly, his ambitions aggravated his disciple's situation.

Ye Lao took a deep breath before walking into the room. He could not describe the emotions that blasted into his soul as he saw Lou Cheng's state.

The young man was now extremely thin, with disheveled hair and burned clothes.

His eyes were bloodshed, and he kept pulling his hair full of white streaks. Ye Lao knew that a cultivator's appearance sometimes relates to their state of mind. Some people age instantly after experiencing a terrible event, even when they have millions of years of lifespan.

'Not good. His Dao Heart is almost non-existent, reaching the point he's going mad,' thought Ye Lao as he rushed over. He forced a few pills down Lou Cheng's throat, but the latter only kept repeating the phrase: "Why me?"-- like he was a broken record.

Ye Lao held his most proud disciple in his arm, and his heart ached as he saw how unresponsive the latter was. He shook Lou Cheng, hoping his mindless action could return some sense to the young man. Alas, his effort was futile.

"It's my fault," Ye Lao muttered; his ambition and desire for power pushed his disciple over the edge.

"Master, you should not blame yourself."

Ye Lao stiffly turned his head to see Lan Ling looking at them with uncontrollable tears dripping down her eyes. He secretly sighed. She placed his well-being above her even in this situation⌜€“she was such a kind soul.

Ye Lao fed Lou Cheng a potent sleeping pill before embracing Lan Ling and leaving the room.

"Master, what should we do?"

"I...I don't know," replied Ye Lao, who was, in fact, lying. In this situation, only one person could help his disciple, and that person is the cause of his downfall. However, there is also a chance that his presence would escalate the situation and make it worse. Not to mention how he could justify asking the latter for help.

"Master...if you have a way, don't hesitate."

Ye Lao looked at her. Yes, although she was always quiet and unseen, she was also the most clever of all his disciples; it's just that her personality that hid her unique traits.

"Lang'er, you know it's not that simple."

Lan Ling sobbed even louder after hearing this. Ye Lao rushed over to reassure her, and he did not stop until more than half an hour later.

"I should keep an eye on him," muttered Lan Ling after regaining her composure."

"No need."


Primordial Chaos, Primordial God World:

A young man dressed in a black robe with flame patterns embroidered, long flowing black hair, perfectly chiseled jaw opened his purple eyes. His action immediately raised the temperature of this entire normal Chaos World by a few degrees.

All the top creatures of this world immediately knew that man had awakened for some reason, and this idea immediately made them feel scared.

They hoped someone was not stupid enough to confront him.

"Did something happen?" muttered the Flame Emperor. His intuition warned him something detrimental to his plans and success had

happened. So, without hesitation, a gray flame composed of strings appeared in his pupil.

"Huh?" muttered the Flame Emperor as he discovered something.

'The danger of returning home has reduced exponentially. Did something happen to these two?'

He never dared return to his home because of the danger he always sensed. But now, his calculations tell him he won't have much issue as long as he remains low-key and hidden.

The idea of returning home momentarily enticed the Flame Emperor. However, he shook his head after a few seconds.

'There is no point in jumping into that pool of chaos when I have my own path to follow.

However, it seems that I need to contact Lou Cheng.'

He grunted as he realized the danger of his action. The lower dimension was blocked, so contacting the latter will cost significantly. More importantly, his actions might alarm people he did not want to know of his existence.

'Is he worth it?' However, he did not think for more than ten seconds before deciding. The gray flame in his eyes danced for a moment before he took out an all-white pill and closed his eyes. The River of Time appeared around him, and a few seconds later, the pill disappeared.

Eternal Ascension World, Lower Dimension, Myriad Emperor World, Origin Pill Dao Sect: An illusory Flame Emperor appeared in Lou Cheng's house. He immediately frowned after seeing the latter's state. He pointed at the sleeping Lou Cheng, awakening him from his slumber.

"It's you," yelled Lou Cheng as a manic aura encapsulated him. However, another aura soon soothed his mood, returning to a calmatmosphere.

"Have you calmed down?" asked the Flame Emperor.

"Barely," gritted Lou Cheng, and the Flame Emperor said nothing. Instead, he paused as he looked around. A look of realization dawned on him.

"So, you're in this terrible state because of him?"

Lou Cheng said nothing for a few seconds, "Why didn't you choose him? Or better yet, that woman -his sister."

"He's not a pure alchemist, so he was removed. As for her?"

The Flame Emperor remembered the little girl he saw after scanning the world.

"She's indeed a talent, one I've seen only a few times in my life. However, her background is too complicated, and I don't want complications."

"So, it's true. You chose me because I was an easier pawn to control," sneered Lou Cheng; he did not know where he had gained the courage to speak to this man like this, but he did not care.

His life was falling apart, so he was fearless before his last moment.

The Flame Emperor looked at him, disregarding his rude behavior and words. "You're overthinking things."

"What does that mean?"

"What is it you think I'm trying to achieve?"

"Control me, make me your puppet, or kill me after refining the pill for you."

"And why would I do that?" continued the Flame Emperor.


"I've already proven the Dao, so the pill is useless to me."

"Maybe you lie about its true purpose."

"Like I said, you're overthinking things," sighed the Flame Emperor. "I don't care about the pill. My purpose is the aftermath after this pill is refined."

"I don't understand what you mean."

"I'll be more direct. I'm doing an experiment to gather information about something. Don't ask what it is; you would not understand even if I told you. You're one of the many people I chose to help me with this experiment. Once you succeed, nothing will happen to you besides benefiting."

Lou Cheng frowned, "Doesn't that mean I'm still a pawn in your experiment."

"You could see that way, or you could see it as a transaction. I gave you my inheritance, and you prospered because of it. Participating in the experiment is how you repay my karma."

Lou Cheng's furrowed eyebrows relaxed, "Why don't you refine the pill yourself?"

"I need information about a mortal refining the pill," said the Flame Emperor directly.

"I see," muttered Lou Cheng. "I still feel you should have chosen him or someone else."

The Flame Emperor shook his head but did not say anything. He knew Wang Wei had a high chance of figuring out his plan, and once he knew, the Dao Opening Sect in the upper dimension would soon know.

He was not willing to reveal that to anyone, let alone such a powerful faction. Even Lou Cheng's choice was risky because of his connection to the Pill Ancestor.

"Any more questions?"