1005 Empyrean's Might

Ao Shen did not beat around the bush. He handed Huo Fenghuang a list of the items he wanted in exchange for the transitioning technique, and the latter immediately frowned after scanning it with her Divine Sense.

"Why don't you rob us directly," replied Huo Fenghuang, trying not to yell.

"Although the price is a little high, it's worth it⌜€“especially for someone as prideful as you."

"If you think I will let pride get in the way of our negotiation, then you're underestimating me," replied Huo Fenghuang with a sneer. Such an act should have looked odd with her missing limb, but she still appeared beautiful and noble.

She looked at the list a second time and became angrier the second time. The dragon wanted rare things like Phoenix Tear⌜€“a unique item that allows a Great Emperor on the verge of death to regenerate to their peak state instantly; this is the closest material to a Longevity Resource.

Even by the standard of an immortal, Huo Fenghuang would take a very long time to condense one of these things.

"No, the price must be reduced," she argued.

"Well, we can do this. The price will reduce by a third," said Ao Shen before pausing and smirking; Huo Fenghuang wanted nothing more than to slap his face. However, she remained calm and stoic, waiting for his words.

"But, you have to sign a contract that the method can only be used by you."

Huo Fenghuang frowned as she understood the implications⌜€“the method could not be passed down to her clan and become their foundation.

"No, I refuse this method of exchange."

Although the tribulation for the transition is scary, with a success rate of less than 1% for 5-Star Primarchs and above, this method is still crucial to any powerful lineage.

"That's fine. However, I should warn you I marked some of the items in the list with a star; these items are not for negotiation."

Huo Fenghuang looked at the list for a third time, and as expected, the Phoenix Tears was one of these materials.

"I understand. Chaos is one of the Five Supreme Outlaws, I can imagine how terrifying your tribulation will be - unless you change your Dao.

So, you would need an item like the Phoenix Tear to even have an ounce of a chance at surviving."

"You're right, so you should understand what length I'm willing to go for some of these things."

Huo Fenghuang felt something was wrong, given how fast he admitted such a thing. However, she did not focus too much on this.

"You should know how much time is required to condense a Phoenix Tear?"

"Don't worry about this. The Time Void Empress should come to exchange with me, and one of my conditions will be for her to let you use her Time Acceleration Cultivation Room."

Huo Fenghuang squinted her eyes as this was an excellent opportunity for her. If she plays her card correctly, she can use this opportunity in her favor. Although she can somewhat control time, it's nothing compared to someone who uses it as their primary or secondary Dao.

"Deal, but we still have to negotiate these prices."

Some of the things the dragon asked were unacceptable to her, for example, blood sources from all five of her bloodlines. She would never give him such a thing. Ao Shen knew his asking price was unreasonable. So, they negotiated so that both sides would be satisfied.

After arguing for so long that Huo Fenghuang was already healed, they came to a conclusion and signed an agreement. Ao Shen returned to the Northern Continent with a grin on his face.

'Everything is ready,' he thought. He can abandon his body with the Phoenix Tear before refining it into his Proving Dao Artifact. The next step is to prepare before the tribulation. The stronger his body, the better the weapon Ao Shen can refine.

And with the tear, he can return to his peak quickly.

He immediately organized a task force to hunt bloodlines for him in the Lower Realm and even sent people to the Martial Hegemony World. Ao Shen was ruthless and sent people to hunt the Sea Race's bloodline, not minding their recent alliance.

Of course, he was sneaky about it. Instead, he secretly hired humans to do this job to prevent any connection between him and the demon race.

He knew besides the Heavenly Emperor, he could hide his methods from everyone else in the world.

And even if they discovered something, he would have plausible deniability and could claim some people were trying to ruin the alliance between the two races.

Heavenly Court:

Wang Wei calmly watched their subsequent negotiation and agreement, "These people would make a great couple." With their unique and powerful bloodline, a child between these two would have unparalleled talent.

He shook his head as he knew this would never happen, and the reason can be explained with one word⌜€“pride. The Ancient Clan disdained Innate Demon Gods, viewing them as defeated generals by their ancestors and resources for their cultivation.

Meanwhile, Ao Shen - as an Innate creature and the first one in this era - had his pride and also inherently looked down on humans. To be precise, he has excellent hatred for humans for what they've done to his demon clan. He never displayed such emotion publicly because he knew humans ruled this world, and such an act would doom the human race.

Wang Wei no longer paid attention to their negotiation. He wanted the transitioning method, so he was going to contact someone from the sect to negotiate with Ao Shen. However, right before he sent the order, he saw a corner of the future and smiled.

"Is this what it's like to be favored by fate?"

He stopped his action before focusing on the task at hand. He had to ensure Ao Shen and Huo Fenghuang's battle was recorded in the Dream World's Battle Tower. Afterward, he focused on something else: The Corpse Collecting Sect.

Ever since his coronation and the beginning of this era, nothing has changed for these people.

They continued their business of selling bodies for people who needed them; they never did anything out of line.

'They didn't even pass the news about the Heavenly Court to their other branches,' thought Wang Wei, as his eyes saw countless threads connecting this Corpse Selling Sect to other World Communities.

After years of observing, he never found anything wrong with them. More importantly, he never found the Hidden Branches of the Corpse Selling Sect.

'There is no need to worry, I still have plenty of time,' thought Wang Wei. When the time comes for him to strike, he wants to remove this hidden danger once and for all, not leaving them any chance at comeback.

By then, he might have had to deal with the backhand of the Death Reverence, and his current self was not ready for that. Wang Wei knew that even with his current strength, he was not genuinely invincible in the lower dimension. So, he was never too arrogant or conceited, proceeding with caution one step at a time.

"Oh, right in time," muttered something before a gray ball the size of a volleyball appeared in his hand.

"Thank you for your hard work." His voice echoed in the Sword One's mind, and he saw her smile and waving her hand.

Wang Wei immediately gathered the Power of Nothingness in his blood to nourish this Emperor Tier Void Stabilizing Sphere. Once he finished, he baptized it with the Grand Dao Source before fusing it with the Void Battlefield.

He instantly felt the changes in this place and muttered, "It's time to test this thing."

He gathered the luck or destiny of the entire world and the Heavenly Court to create a terrifying seal. He then connected the Void Battlefield to the Nether Hell, connecting their seal and reinforcing it in the process.

"Old Man Nether, don't you want to kill me? This is your chance," said Wang Wei as he appeared in the Void Battlefield."

"Damn you, little pest." A powerful voice boomed on this battlefield. Luckily, it was refined to a high level and sealed. Otherwise, the voice was enough to annihilate the entire World Community.

Wang Wei saw an enormous palm descend on him with unimaginable power. He immediately became excited as he activated all his power.

His Emperor Artifact became a small crystal in his forehead that boosted all his abilities. Dark-red lightning flashed in his eyes as he combined his Dao Will and Willpower Manifestation. The ten Fate Palaces appeared above him as he [Awakened] his Dao Body.

The blood in his body rushed faster than the speed of light as he mobilized all 76 Infant Fiendgod Force. His eyes were brighter than ever as his soul operated to the limit of his capabilities.

He used his [Force Control Skill], which allowed him to control his body, soul, and Grand Dao Source to a level as if he were a creature born to wield these things.

On top of that, he used his newly created or copied technique. After seeing Xu Shi's use of obsession, he also used his obsession for freedom as a technique, thus achieving a 1% Grand Dao Boost.

[Fate Annihilating Punch]

With this one punch that directly targeted a person or object's fate, Wang Wei knew he could annihilate more than half of the entire lower dimension, which is composed of millions of worlds and an infinite number of sentient beings.

However, it was useless.

The palm quickly swatted his attack before descending on him and removing him from this earth⌜€“at least, it tried to.

"You didn't die?" asked Old Man Nether as he saw the newly condensed Wang Wei in the distance.

He knew the latter did not use any Longevity Technique or resource to revive, which shocked him.

"Ten-Fold Battle Realm? And it's the limit of that realm, almost entering the stage of Taboo?"

He could not hide the shock in his voice.