977 Battle of the Flesh (II)

[Pseudo-Energy Dominance]

Jiang Behe took out a small orb, releasing a terrifying amount of energy into the Void Battlefield. The universe he accidentally created was immediately in shambles as trillions of galaxies crumbled under the pressure of such a vast quantity of Immortal Qi.

Even the entire Void Battlefield seemed under a lot of pressure as if the boundary that separated it from the Star Beast World was on the verge of being destroyed.

Meanwhile, Wang Wei felt he was in aquagmire. His blood energy was not operating as smoothly as it used to; his soul seemed slightly groggy, and he could tell that even controlling his Grand Dao Source would be an issue.

'Energy Dominance–one of the few saving grace of the Immortal Path,' thought Wang Wei. 'People have seriously underestimated the power of Qi or energy; there is a reason it's one of the modules of the world.'

No one and nothing can completely escape the need for energy. If someone could control the energy needed for an entire Chaos World, they would ascend to the level of Half-Step Transcendence. If they could do it on a scale on par with the entire Chaos Universe, such a person's lowest achievements would be on par with the Six Cardinals.

'It's true that Grand Dao favors the other path, but it does not mean the Immortal Path is useless or does not have a way forward,'analyzed Wang Wei before focusing on his opponent.

"It's time for me to test out some of the new techniques I recently created."

"Let's see how much longer you can remain arrogant," sneered Jiang Behe. He remained calm despite the situation because he saw an opportunity to survive. The strange youth is only using his flesh to fight him. So, as long as he takes this opportunity, there is a chance for him to escape this place.

Afterward, he only needs to ascend to the upper dimension. As for the oath he made to protect his faction for the rest of his life, he would deal with the situation after ascending.

Life is the most important; there is hope for the future as long as he is alive.

Wang Wei no longer talked; he controlled his acupoints and used a new technique. The phantom of the legendary creatures called Kunpeng appeared behind, showing its majestic wingspan.


Before Jiang Behe could react, Wang Wei was already before him. Another phantom materialized behind him, and it was of a phoenix.


The fist landed on Jiang Behe's head, sending him flying in the distance. However, the force of this attack was not the truly deadly aspect–it was the Immortal Phoenix Flame that was rapidly burning every atom of Jiang Behe's body.

His already red skin turned even brighter, but he did not care for such an insignificant change. One of the weaknesses of Star Beast Bodies is attacks that cannot be removed and constantly burning away their flesh and size.

Luckily, the world's civilization has developed for a long time and has developed countless countermeasures for such a situation.

[Flame Sealing Spell]

Jiang Behe acted instantly and sealed the flame on his body. Sadly, in such a short period, he lost more than a million lightyears of his body. Additionally, Wang Wei was not given any time to react.

Like previously, he appeared before him like he was a ghost; Even with the severe restrictions of the surrounding, Wang Wei's speed was beyond what he could follow.

The phantom of a mighty black tortoise appeared behind Wang Wei as he punched his opponent. Jiang Behe felt a terrifying force invading his inside and destroying his organs and all the energy inside his body.

'The power of the Black Tortoise?' he thought. Amongst all the five Sacred Beasts, the black tortoise is the largest and the physically strongest. Today, he felt the creature's power from that punch. Sadly, this was not the end.

A terrifying rotating power emanated from the fist, rapidly grinding his body into dust.

'The rotation of Yin-Yang Power?' Jiang Behe's face was ugly, but he knew this was not the time for hesitation.

[Scattered Atom]

His body dispersed to its atomic components before reassembling themselves in the distance. Jiang Behe looked at his opponent with great concentration; however, Wang Wei was nodding in satisfaction.

Based on the Zodiac Acupoint Technique, he created a new fleshly body technique using Innate Demon Gods and other powerfulcreatures as a basis. For example, he replaced the Rabbit Zodiac, which increased speed for the Kunpeng Manifestation, allowing his speed to reach another level.

With this new technique that he called [Myriad Spirit Manifestation], he broke through the limit of the Zodiac Technique. Of course, he did not abandon all of them, for example, the Dragon Zodiac. He did not want to lose its ability, and Wang Wei had not met a creature with the same as it, so it remained in the new update.

Wang Wei looked at Jiang Behe, "I know you have more potential than this , don't let me down."

Behind him, a creature that looked like a scorpion with a human head appeared, followed by lightning and thunder emanating from its body.

[Primordial God: Thunder God]

Wang Wei's body turned into a lightning streak as he penetrated Jiang Behe's body over and over, turning him into Swiss cheese.

The Immortal Sovereign tried his best to stop his opponent, using countless defensive spells to protect him or spells to reduce his opponent's mobility, but it was futile.

In the end, he could only watch as his body's size drastically reduced for the next minute until Wang Wei stopped. Immediatelyafterward, Jiang Behe's face changed as he sensed a foreign force inside his body.

'Dao Will.'

Wang Wei calmly looked at his opponent, "So, that's what Dao Will do to your strange body."

He could feel that his opponent could no longer use energy to regrow his body until the Dao Will was removed; in other words, Jiang Behe's current size was his limit until he expelled the Dao Will from inside.

Wang Wei felt this Star Beast World's cultivation system truly had its uniqueness.

Although he did not like it, there was a reason their world was one of the best in the Endless Void.

Jiang Behe's eyes were red, full of anger and madness. His aura suddenly increased, becoming more wild, violent, and uncontrollable:

[Rampaging Mode]

Wang Wei's eyes lit up as he realized what had happened. Jiang Behe exploded all the Immortal Qi in his mansion to boost his power and strength.

'His power did drastically increase. However, he lost the ability to cast spells, and his Immortal Mansions will definitely crack afterward and even be destroyed if this fight goes long enough.'

After this battle, Jiang Behe will no longer have Immortal Tier battle prowess and must use a lot of effort and resources to heal his Immortal Mansion.

'This technique is not replicable by other Immortal Venerables unless they also have a powerful body. Otherwise, the rampaging Immortal Qi will instantly annihilate their bodies and souls. Even worse, the Immortal Mansions of most Immortal Path cultivators are not sturdy enough to withstand such a technique.


Jiang Behe appeared before Wang Wei, speed-blitzing him this time around. With one punch, Wang Wei's humongous body flew away as his arms exploded into a pile of nothingness. He destroyed too many things in his way, but he did not care. On the contrary, he had a wide grin on his face.

This was the first time he was injured since proving the Dao. Although it was only a blood clone and he was only fighting with his flesh, he was happy with the outcome.

So, his laughter resonated through this Void Battlefield, "Hahaha, let's go again."

He clashed head-on with Jiang Behe, ignoring how often certain body parts exploded into oblivion. He did not care since his natural regeneration was already monstrous enough, but he also had the [Phoenix Manifestation], which could help him.

So, he went all out without any reservation.

He had an enjoyable battle that allowed him to see the limits of his current flesh cultivation and even push them beyond them.

"Alas," said Wang Wei, looking at the weak and pale Jiang Behe. He sighed as he wished the latter could hold on a lot longer.

'It doesn't matter. I will recreate him in the Dream World and continue our fight,' thought Wang Wei before focusing on something else.

'My experiment failed.'

Wang Wei had a second purpose for this battle. He used his arrogance, behavior, and words to force Jiang Behe to try something crazy, like using his true power as a Tier 11 powerhouse.

His real objective is whether True Heavenly Dao would remove the restrictions on an Immortal Sovereign when fighting him, allowing them to have the same strength they would have in the upper dimension.

Unfortunately, nothing happened during the entire battle.

'There are three ways to explain the situation: True Heavenly Dao will keep the rules no matter the circumstances, it did not allow for any changes because I fought with a blood clone, or it will wait until a later date before removing the restrictions.'

If Immortal Sovereigns have access to their real strength, it will make many of Wang Wei's plans more difficult. As such, he needed to be prepared in advance.