980 Another Merit Opportunity

The meeting soon ended, and Mu Lei and Tong Ruobing walked into the back garden where Wang Wei was fishing. Without looking at them, he asked:

"How does it feel? Sitting on the throne?"

"Invigorating," said Mu Lei. "Also, very addictive."

He was confident in his Dao Heart, but even he felt a sense of losing control after realizing how much power he had.

"Such a power should not be spread lightly," warned Mu Lei. He also realized the lower dimension was about to change, entering an era where everybody competed to become Heavenly Emperor.

Great Emperors are still human with six desires and seven emotions, so they cannot escape the desire for power and glory. As such, he knew the Endless Void would soon be in turmoil.

"If you can think this, do you think True Heavenly Dao won't?"


"Have there already been changes?" asked Tong Ruobing.

"Yes. There is a new order, and people must pass True Heavenly Dao's trial if they want permission to establish a court."

"So fast? I thought there would be a few more before the rules changed."

Wang Wei stopped fishing and looked at her, "Were you planning to sell my ideas to others?"

Of course not," replied Tong Ruobing; she was not this stupid⌜€“especially knowing what kind of person Wang Wei was.


"Really; I just thought True Heavenly Dao would be slow to react. Well, at least, not until the third Heavenly Emperor appeared."

Wang Wei moved his head while nodding; he also had similar thoughts as Tong Ruobing, thinking a few more would appear before the new rules manifested.

"You remind me that the news of the court won't be a secret yet because of your world's connections to the Commerce Hub and other World communities. I should take precautions to protect my idea."

Wang Wei looked in the distance as he activated one of his old abilities: [Emperor Words Are Law].

"I cast a Curse of Suffering. Anyone who becomes a Heavenly Emperor in this generation will suffer for eternity until they pay me compensation for this idea and changing the era."


The entire lower dimension trembled slightly, almost undetectable by most sentient beings. Then, a terrifying curse enveloped the entire Endless Void, attaching itself to the concept of the Heavenly Emperor.

"You!" Mu Lei was speechless, not only because of what Wang Wei did but because of the latter's strength. He could feel this curse enveloping the entire lower dimension in a matter of seconds.

"How can these people use my ideas without paying a patent fee?" said Wang Wei with a sneer.

"What's a patent?" asked Tong Ruobing, making Wang Wei pause as he realized another opportunity to get merit.

The concept of patent and fee does not exist.

'I remember complaining about how each World Community functioned as its own independent universe.

A person can take an idea from one World Community and apply it to another and still receive merits as long as they pass it as their own.

'My solution to this problem was to use curses to guarantee my creations. A patent system that governs all World Communities is a better solution, and one with great merit.'

The creation of the patent system can guarantee the work or creation of all cultivators, motivating people to innovate. Previously, such a system would be difficult to enact on a scale as large as the entire lower dimension.

One of the core themes of the world is the law of the jungle, so True Heavenly Dao might not care if someone lost their creation because they were too weak to protect it. Although it values innovation, it wants more if people struggle in this cruel system and strive to reach the top.

However, the Dream World has now appeared, intensifying the competition in the lower dimension while ensuring many people's lives. As such, True Heavenly Dao will also place more emphasis on innovation and encourage people to be creative.

In other words, the patent system is perfect for the current development stage of the world.

'Why didn't I think of this sooner?' thought Wang Wei, shaking his head. He realized this situation was another form of assimilation. Although his memories from Earth dominate his personality, he will be influenced by the world the longer he lives. So, when facing certain problems, how he solved them will lean more toward this world than Earth.

"You don't need to know what a patent is for now," said Wang Wei, and Tong Ruobing sighed to herself. She knew it was probably another great idea that would revolutionize the world. Unfortunately, she cannot use it for herself.

"I'm here to ask about the Dream World," continued Tong Ruobing, giving Wang Wei a strange look; she wondered how he could come up with so many ideas. People have long speculated that the Heavenly Emperor was a reincarnated powerhouse, hence why his ideas and views of the world were so unique. However, no one could guess what kind of world was so special or what kind of powerhouse he was in his first life.

However, all signs indicate that he was a scary individual in his previous life. Some people even believe his current strength is because he is slowly regaining the power from his former life.

"The Dream World will be available to other world communities, but not now," replied Wang Wei, as his hook caught a fish, making his eyes twinkle. He caught a small black fish; however, he could tell the real size of that thing was enormous, allowing him to have a feast.

"Could we⌜€“"

"No," replied Wang Wei calmly while also trying to catch another fish. "There can only be one Dream World."

"Is there any room for negotiation?" continued Tong Ruobing.

"Unfortunately, no."

She frowned before changing her tactic, "What about choosing us as your first step of expansion? Better yet, we can negotiate a price to give us a time buffer before opening it to everyone else."

"Hehehe," replied Wang Wei. He was unsurprised that Tong Ruobing could see the advantage of early access to the Dream World. "For the right price, I can agree to your request. However, I can only give you a maximum buffer of 500 years."

"500 years? That's too short. At least 10000 years."

Wang Wei ignored her shoddy method of raising the price for negotiation. "Five hundred years is a long time if you take this opportunity and use all the resources available to train Heaven Chosen.

"So, either take it or leave it."

"Is there really no room for negotiation?" asked Tong Ruobing with gritted teeth.


"Fine, but can you let him use it in the meantime?"

Wang Wei looked at Mu Lei. If he had access to the Battle Tower, his progress would indeed be impressive.

"Alright. Anyway, we can be considered acquaintances, so it's not a problem to give early access," replied Wang Wei before raising his hand to condense a special talisman for Mu Lei.

Stars flashed in his eyes, showing his excitement. He could not wait to battle the Emperors of the Myriad Emperor World to see how he compared. Wang Wei was a freak and an anomaly, but all their Eternal Emperors cannot be like this, right?

Wang Wei stood up and put his fishing gear away: "You better train for a while if you want to challenge our Eternals. Otherwise, you'll embarrass yourself," warned Wang Wei.

"I know," replied Mu Lei as he smiled wryly.

"It's time for me to leave. You can send someone to discuss the price for the Dream World Access," said Wang Wei as he directly looked into Tong Ruobing's eyes.

"Based on your past experience, I feel I should give you this warning: don't forget you're a member of the Myriad Emperor World." He disappeared after saying this.

"Are you alright?" asked Mu Lei.

"I'm fine," said Tong Ruobing, shaking her head. She knew why the latter warned her, but she had no plan to betray her homeworld or have her faction move to the Star Beast World.

She knew even if she proved the Dao, they would never agree to move to another World Community⌜€“especially since their faction holds the destiny of Talisman Ancestor. As such, she would never make such a bad move.

Mu Lei looked at his wife. In his eyes, she was perfect in every way. But if he had to choose a flaw, it would be that her ambitions can blind her mind, making her have no bottom line when doing things.

However, as long as he is by her side and reminds her, he can prevent her from going too far. Meanwhile, she is the driving force, forcing him to be more ambitious and less laidback. They complement each other perfectly.

'Wait, she will soon prove the Dao. With her talent, her strength will definitely surpass mine by leagues.'

Mu Lei was suddenly worried. Although he long accepted she was more talented and powerful than him, he did not want the difference to be too large.

"I will retreat immediately. In case of an emergency, you're in charge of the court's affairs."

After saying those words, he kissed her on the cheek before disappearing.