981 Senior Sister?

Wang Wei listened to Xu Shi's sermon, taking this opportunity to learn something new and consolidate his already existing cultivation and knowledge. The entire process lasted three years before ending.

He opened his eyes, which were full of wisdom, exhaling deeply. It was always helpful to hear the understanding of cultivation from someone with the same cultivation as him,

'It won't be long before it's Tong Ruobing's turn,' thought Wang Wei, thinking that the Myriad Emperor World will experience the same thing a few more times. He glanced at Xu Shi in the distance, and before she disappeared, he contacted her:

'How is the process of reviving Lin Fan?'

She was surprised that he asked such a question, but she decided to reply truthfully, 'I've almost learned the technique.'

'You should hurry up.'


'I will give all the people in our generation a great opportunity. If you don't want him to miss it, you better hurry up.'

'Great opportunity?'

'I cannot say much, but you should prepare.'

Xu Shi frowned. If even Wang Wei said it was a great opportunity, it won't be something simple. However, she also wondered what his motives were. Unfortunately, there was too little information to speculate.

'I will."

'Another thing. Try to contact Emperor Kong and say I want to see him,' added Wang Wei.

'Can I know what's this about?'

'Not now, but know it's crucial that I meet him as soon as possible..'

'I will try, but there is no guarantee he will answer.'

'Just try.'

The conversation ended, and Xu Shi returned to the Academy. However, she was somewhat distracted by this conversation. She wanted to know what he was planning.

After being unable to figure out these things, she decided to hold a meeting and see if the others could help her brainstorm. Once they finish, then she will contact the upper dimension.

Meanwhile, in the Dao Opening Sect, Wang Wei returned to the court after the sermon. One of his projects was completed during the past three years, so he needed to take care of it.

In his cultivation room, he held a soul in his palm⌜€“Yu Zhou's soul.

'Finally completed,' thought Wang Wei. After receiving the soul from Tong Ruobing's hands, he pondered what to do with it. He could not search the memories because their memories were protected. Wang Wei was sure this soul would self-destruct if he tried to mess with it in any shape or form.

He did not dare absorb or use it as a form of resource. For a moment, he found the soul utterly useless⌜€“until he had an idea. He refined the karma thread connected to the soul into a talisman that would allow him to discover the traitors in other world communities.

Wang Wei held a green jade talisman before him. He would not have succeeded if he had not been super careful and ensured the process was slow. He waved his hand to open a portal before him, sending the talisman to Wang Ju.

He tasked her to send the Fate Shadow Guard to find the identity of these traitors⌜€“especially the one who proved the Dao. He needed to prepare for the external expansion of the court and the Dream World.

Once he finished, he focused on his friends and family, checking on them. His father and grandfather were still in retreat, experiencing rigorous training.

Yan Liling was creating her Immortal Rune System; she now had great achievement in the process after the fusion of her new bloodline. Li Jun was also training extremely hard, using the baleful aura from the Dao Burial Ground to the best of its use.

He chose to walk an alternative path of the Nine Extremity Foundation by tempering her body to be on par with Dao Ancestor.

'With his current talent, walking the unorthodox way should not be a problem. However, this method is indeed the best despite the downside.'

Having such a strong body is not the same as having a successful Nine Extremity Foundation, and that's because Nine Extremity involves all aspects⌜€“flesh, soul, law, and Dao Heart.

'It's fine. Once his flesh is powerful enough, he only needs to use the Yang Energy in his blood to temper his soul.

Afterward, he can make up for the other aspect through intense battles against the Heaven Chosens from the Endless Void.'

Such a path was more fitting for Li Jun's personality, Slaughter Dao, and Battle Human Fiendgod Bloodline.

Wang Wei sent him a message to use the Battle Tower more often before focusing on someone else: Tie Gang.

Wang Wei frowned after seeing the state he was in. The latter was in a more relaxed state since he proved the Dao.

'He lacks motivation and is doing things because of his promise. However, his mind is already not here, preparing for his reincarnation.'

Wang Wei pondered for a moment whether he should allow Tie Gang to leave and reincarnate. However, after pondering briefly, he realized the latter's Innate Talent might still be useful in the future. So, he also sent him a message, telling him to prepare for the major competition in the Battle Tower.

If Tie Gang could make a name on any of the lists, the Qi Luck and destiny he acquired would greatly benefit him in his reincarnation. Wang Wei saw his words seemed to have some effect and nodded.

His gaze then shifted to others, Wu Ming and Miscellaneous One, to be precise. Unfortunately, their research is almost finished but still not completed.

'It's good they are almost done. My next retreat will focus on my profession Dao,' thought Wang Wei before his eyes shifted to Elder Dan⌜€“the other Emperor Tier professional of the sect. He handed all the bodies from the Dao Burial Ground to him so he wanted to check on the progress of his pills.

Sadly, too little time had passed, and the results were slow, even with the use of Time Acceleration Formation he left for the other.

Finally, Wang Wei checked on another individual⌜€“Desolate One. A slight surprise flashed in his eyes when he realized the latter succeeded; he re-established his foundation, achieving strength on par with Eternal Emperors.

Desolate One was now cultivating the [Fiendgod Body 12 Revolution], trying to increase his strength to an even higher level.

'The sect has another Eternal-battle strength.'

He nodded in satisfaction, especially since Desolate One hid his cultivation level and did not announce it to the public, and only a few people in the sect knew.

'Low-key development will be our motto from now on, so I'm glad he has already got in the mood.'

He flickered his hand to send the latter a copy of the [Metamorphosis Art]. Desolate seems talented in body refining, so he could learn something from this strange technique.

Wang Wei no longer paid attention to the world as he accessed the Dream World to continue his fight with Jiang Behe. However, he soon detected something that drew his attention.

'A new form of destiny is being gathered? Who is the source?'

He used his authority in the Dream World to see through one of the settings. A young woman in blue was simulating refining a pill. She had thousands of materials before her.

'Senior Sister Hou Shu?' Wang Wei remembered her from the Origin Pill Dao Sect. The latter was a die-hard advocate for Material Alchemy. However, the sect is primarily based on Rune Alchemy, making her suffer countless bullying and derision over the years.

'Has she acquired the destiny to revive Material Alchemy in the world?' thought Wang Wei. 'The world is changing, and resources are abundant. With the addition of the Dream World, material alchemy can return to the world stage and even prosper.'

After a brief analysis, he understood it made sense for Heavenly Dao to revive this lost form of alchemy at this stage of the world's development.

Wang Wei observed for a moment, not hiding his surprise and admiration. The limit of material alchemy has always been Earth Tier Pill because many recipes were secretly destroyed or lost to history. Adding the fact that no one wanted to support this type of alchemist, no one successfully created a Heaven Tier Pill.

However, Wang Wei could tell that Hou Shu was attempting to refine a Saint Tier Pill, meaning she had already created a miracle and revived material alchemy to the level of Earth Tier.

'This pill will probably fail,' he thought, and as expected, a few minutes later, the cauldron exploded, and the pill failed. However, Hou Shi was not discouraged but smiled instead. She condensed another cauldron and material to refine another batch without wasting time.

Hou Shi repeated the process a few times before stopping and closing her eyes. A few hours later, she reopened them and continued her refining, displaying rapid progress in such a short period.

'Hard work, extreme focus, great destiny, and potent Dao Heart⌜€“she's only lacking in the talent department,'

analyzed Wang Wei, who suddenly had the urge to accept a disciple. However, he soon removed that idea from his mind.

However, he still chose to meet the girl.