985 Plan B?

Lin Fan walked out of the Battle Tower, breathing heavily with an extremely pale complexion. He knew he had pushed himself too far but did not care. He looked back at the tower with awe, fear, and great desire.

'It's one thing to hear about it and another to experience it,' he thought. He had just watched the final battle between Wang Wei and Di Tian, using the setting mode that contained their auras and Dao Rhyme. As a mortal, he almost collapsed in the process.

If not for the protective mechanism of the Dream World and his willpower, he would have never watched the entire battle from beginning to end. He used a breathing method to calm down his heart and spirit.

"It was truly the best and worst era for all geniuses," he muttered with a deep sigh. He wished nothing to participate in the final battle. Even if he knew he would lose, such an experience is not something to be missed.

'Now that I know what my peers are capable of, I have something to pursue. Even if I cannot reach their level, I will never lose if I make them my target.'

He summoned his Dream Imprint; his next target was the [Home] setting. A few hours later, he walked out of a battlefield full of blood, limbs, and other bodily fluids.

'This place is an excellent way to temper the Dao Heart.'

His next destination was to see Xin'er. His teacher told him the latter might solve his current marital problems.

So, Lin Fan spends another hour talking to this Dao Heart Spirit.

"Yes, she can definitely help us," muttered Lin Fan as he left her room. 'As long as Shi'er and I spend a few more sessions with Xin, our problems should be dealt with.'

Lin Fan walked away with a little bit more joy in his steps.

Before returning to the Academy, he first tried the other settings and went directly to see Xu Shi.

"How was the experience?" asked Xu Shi, glancing at Lin Fan before her.

"Overwhelming at first. But now, I can say I've adapted."

"That's good. The world is changing every day and probably will continue to do so. People who cannot adapt to these changes will be left behind by the time."

"I had the same feeling," nodded Lin Fan. "By the way, can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead."

"Do we know why these two were so powerful?"

"Yes," nodded Xu Shi. Many people were curious about this fact, including herself. However, her main objective in searching for the truth was to increase her strength.

After discovering the truth, Xu Shi has been considering re-establishing her foundation.

Unfortunately, it's more complicated for Great Emperors⌜€“let alone Eternals⌜€“to re-establish their foundation because of the Death Tribulation. If she fails the tribulation, she will experience [True Death], so she has been weighing the pros and cons.

Xu Shi told Lin Fan about the Nine Extremity and Ten Supremacy Foundation.

"So, that's how it is," muttered Lin Fan before his eyes sparkled. "Do you think I could use any of these methods?"

Xu Shi pondered briefly, "You've had your [Existence] erased, so after you refine the Primordial Qi and increase your talent, there is a high probability of walking the unorthodox way. However, if you want to succeed in the final fusion of Nine Etxremity, you must work on one of your major weaknesses⌜€“Dao Heart."

"As long as I have hope, it's worth trying⌜€“no matter how difficult it will be."

"It's a good mindset to have," nodded Xu Shi. "Rest for a few days, and then, we can begin."

Lin Fan was excited. Although he wished to start immediately, he knew he was not in the best shape for cultivation. So, starting a few days later was the optimal choice.

He then looked at her, his face a little more reserved, "What about us?"

"Have you made a decision?"

"No, but I was thinking that Xin should be able to help our situation."

Xu Shi nodded, "Even if you didn't bring it up, I would have. She has a special [Couple Session] to help Dao Companions with issues; it would greatly help our situation."

"Good." His greatest worry is she would not be willing to work on their issues. Now that she agreed, he felt relieved. Lin Fan chatted with her for a few minutes before leaving; he had a long journey ahead of him and needed to prepare.

Dream World:

Wang Wei walked out of the Battle Tower, feeling refreshed for a long while. After this long battle, he finally knew the limits of his fleshly body and could use it to a 1000%. He discovered it from the dream world and opened his eyes in the court.

He immediately frowned as he checked things.

"It's been a year, and there has been no response from Emperor Kong? Did something happen, or is he just busy?"

Wang Wei's finger tapped on his throne as he pondered, "I've given him another four years before I use plan B."

Plan B was risky since it was based on his deduction and analysis and had no tangible basis. Things could escalate out of control if he is not prepared. Wang Wei closed his eyes, and a mysterious aura enveloped his body.

More than half an hour later, he exhaled out loud as he returned to normal.

"True Heavenly Dao was more accommodating than I anticipated."

With the latter's help, he could traffic these people to the upper dimension without worrying about Supreme Unity's secretly influencing the lower dimension. He smiled as he looked in the distance.

'Profiteering during war is truly the best way to make money,' he thought. 'However, I should be careful.'

Wang Wei decided to reinforce the seal in the Nether Hell after sending these people to the upper dimension to prevent any variable from Supreme Unity.

Furthermore, if his Fate Shadow Guy can identify the spies, this might be an opportunity to deal them a significant blow.

"Is Tong Ruobing about to make her move?" muttered Wang Wei as he saw the future of the world.

"It's a shame I cannot sell her."

After shaking his head, he headed to a particular room in his cultivation place. After the battle with Jiang Behe, Wang Wei had an idea for a fleshly body cultivation room.

In the early stages, he could use gravity to temper his body. However, at some point, no amount of gravity had any effect on him, even if they were quintillion times that of the average gravity on Earth. Only gravity that reaches a conceptual level can have an effect, and such a thing was not easy to establish with his current Professional Grand Dao Source.

Luckily, the Immortal Sovereign showed him another way⌜€“Energy Dominance.

As Wang Wei walked into the room, his body felt a heavy pressure.

'So, it did work,' he thought; this room was full of energy as he had one of his clones open a large tear to the Source Qi Space. The energy intensity of the room was so high that even his current body was affected.

'Extreme training in such a room should increase my strength by a few Infant Fiendgod Force. And if I take Zhen Chao's Dragon Binding Grass that I raised to Emperor Tier, the effect should be better.'

Wang Wei did not hesitate. He first left all his power using the Golden Fur Monkey Technique from his [Myriad Spirit Manifestaion]. The Golden Fur Monkey was an Innate Demon with the ability to turn the furs on his body into powerful clones, just like Sun Wukong in Wang Wei's previous life.

So, he created this technique based on that creature and the previous Rat Zodiac.

With the new clone, Wang Wei had no problem weakening himself for training, so he ingested the poison.

As he felt his body drastically weakened, the effect of the Qi in the surroundings increased.

Wang Wei immediately began to do basic things like push up, but he did not stop after doing more than a trillion of them. The process was not as easy as it sounded; his weakened body was like a malnourished individual exercising under the pressure of ten times gravity.

However, Wang Wei did not stop as he continued doing push up without his shirt on. It had been a long time since he could increase his strength by doing simple and mundane training methods, so he enjoyed himself.

'This Dragon Binding Grass is truly a marvelous spiritual herb for body refiners,' thought Wang Wei. After being nourished by the Grand Dao Source, the herb mutated and became the nemesis of the very concept of [Essence] in the three flowers.

In other words, anyone with sufficient body strength will be affected if they have not opened the Gate of Power.

However, the wonder of this grass was not as simple as it seems. The Emperor Tier Dragon Binding Grass was in perfect harmony with Yin and Yang. As such, it will drastically weaken body refiners, but it's also the perfect material to help them temper their bodies as they train and build immunity.