986 New Empress

A month later, Wang Wei⌜€“who has not stopped doing push-ups⌜€“finally stopped as he noticed something. His eyes penetrated the endless distance as he gazed above the Great Talisman City.

Visions of different kinds appeared above the sky, alerting everyone worldwide. The process only lasted half an hour before ending. Immediately afterward, the Great Talisman City contacted the Heavenly Court.

They asked Wang Wei to use the Dream World for a world-wide announcement or event.

'Interesting,' thought Wang Wei as he remembered certain technology events that announced new creations, the most famous of which was the birth of the first smartphone. He did not hesitate to grant them permission.

As such, the next day, every Dream World member⌜€“ mortal and cultivators⌜€“had the choice to participate in this new announcement. Once the time arrived, Tong Ruobing showed up to show her latest development:

[Talisman Weapons]

Tong Ruobing had created a new path for Talisman Dao⌜€“creating weapons made entirely from talismans or runes. Under her presentation, people finally understood what talisman weapons were.

There were two types of this weapon: the first one was the weapons made of paper talismans that were perfectly combined together. This weapon was interesting because it was less expensive than regular weapons. The market was more toward loose cultivators in small numbers and toward large sects for mass buying.

These weapons were more powerful than regular or less powerful talismans but less potent than normal origin weapons. According to Tong Ruobing, these weapons are best used for large-scale war to replace low-tier talismans that have devastating effects when there were many.

In her announcement, Tong Ruobing showed the world a comparison. One image showed a small army detonating millions of Fire Talismans, while the other showed the same army doing the same thing with a million Paper Talisman Weapons.

The destructive nature of these weapons was exponentially higher than the talismans, while the cost was only slightly higher. Tong Ruobing also showed the crowd the destruction of using low-tier Origin Weapons and its costs. As expected, the destruction was only slightly higher while the price was astronomically higher.

Afterward, Tong Ruobing displayed the second type of Talisman Weapon⌜€“the one made entirely of runes. This type of weapon outclassed Origin Weapon in all categories, from the Profound Tier to the Quasi-Emperor Tier.

The reason is runes are the languages of Heaven and Earth, and when weapons are made entirely of them, they will be boosted by the power of Heaven and Earth, similar to how Primarchs are. However, the talisman weapon has a significant disadvantage in balancing out its power⌜€“it cannot last.

Even a Quasi-Emperor Tier Talisman Weapon will disappear and return to Heaven and Earth after a hundred thousand years.

Tong Ruobing did not hide such information and revealed everything. However, despite this weakness, countless people could not wait to get their hands on this new weapon. After all, cultivators naturally craved strength and power.

After this event, the Great Talisman City's Qi Luck and Destiny rose like a comet. Countless people rushed to their territory to buy a talisman weapon. Meanwhile, Tong Ruobing directly came to see Wang Wei.

"Why didn't you tell them the truth?" asked Wang Wei as he saw her in the garden.

"Don't tell me you're not interested in the Weapon Business," she asked back with a smile, and Wang Wei rolled his eyes. The truth of the matter is Rune Talisman Weapons can be fused to Origin Weapons, increasing the overall power of both. Such a fusion can even prolong the duration of these talisman weapons by at least 10%.

However, Tong Ruobing kept her mouth quiet because the rise of Talisman Weapon would deal a significant blow to the Origin Weapon Business and the Origin Weapon Mountain's destiny. Then, she can take this opportunity for her factions to get more control over the weapon industry worldwide and prepare until the news is revealed.

Of course, Wang Wei⌜€“who knew this truth⌜€“had the same plan, so he would not say anything.

"What brings you here? You should be preparing for your coronation?"

"I've brought news to you," said Tong Ruobing with a serious look.

"News about the Heavenly Court was leaked."

"It's much later than I anticipated," replied Wang Wei. He knew the Star Beast World was too connected to the Commerce Hub, so the information was impossible to hide for long.

"Has anyone else already become Heavenly Emperor?"

"As far as I know, the answer is no," replied Tong Ruobing.

"Right now, the upper echelons of the Commerce Hub have kept the news secrets while trying to get more information from our side. Many people have visited or secretly infiltrated the Star Beast World in the past few years."

Tong Ruobing secretly sighed. Mu Lei was in retreat, so she had to deal with everything in his absence.

Unfortunately, without the realm of a Great Emperor, she did not have the prestige or strength to deal with everything effortlessly.

"Is that why you seem to be in a hurry?"

"Yes, only by proving the Dao as soon as possible can I deal with the current situation," nodded Tong Ruobing.

Wang Wei was in deep thought. He did not care whether the news was revealed, but some people did not want to sit in the position without any issue.

'It seems I need to secretly help the people from the Battle Spirit World to ensure the Spirit Genesis Sect does not have full control of the court,' thought Wang Wei with squinted eyes. 'Then, there are also the communities with the upper dimension spies. If they have complete control of a court, dealing with them will be even more of a headache, so I need to support insurgents in their world to reduce their power."

Wang Wei suddenly felt this recent development could keep him busy for a while. The Myriad Emperor World was still in a state of semi-isolation, but the Endless Void was undergoing a rapid change. Many of his plans would encounter severe resistance if he were not careful.

'The Fate Shadow Guard needs to accelerate the development of the spy network across the lower dimension. Secondly, I also need to send an ambassador to other Heaven Will Worlds to form like-minded allies and friends.'

The first thought that came to Wang Wei's mind was his mother. After proving the Dao, she would be the best ambassador. However, he swiftly stopped this idea as it could have negative effects on her. After all, it's not simple to 'deceive' True Heavenly Dao.

'Wait, wasn't this the reason I created the Department of Foreign Affairs post?' He immediately sent a message to the Steward to enact his plans. He also gave the latter a list of people who could easily become their allies, including Ji Lanfang, the devil Wrath, and the people from the Demon Supremacy World.

"Is there anything else?"

"About my ceremony," she asked.

"Don't worry, I won't stop you."

"No, I know you don't care, but I don't know if the others will feel the same way."

Tong Ruobing's worry is the other eternal will intervene and prevent her from proving the Dao. After all, one more powerful Eternals means one less share of the cake.

Mu Lei was in retreat and did not dare prove the Dao anywhere else other than the Myriad Emperor World. So, she could only rely on Wang Wei for her safety.

"Don't worry. As long as I don't move, they don't dare to."

"That's good," said Tong Ruobing before rushing home after chatting for a few more minutes. Now that she had enough merit, she did not want to waste any more time.

She prepared everything for the ceremony, and a few days later, the sky above the Myriad Emperor World changed.

The eye of Heavenly Dao showed up above the sky, directly looking at Tong Ruobing. The eyes seemed to be judging her for something. Afterward, a Heaven Will dropped to her hands.

Finally, she closed her eyes after absorbing it. Visions appeared around her, and a while later, a terrifying aura emanated from her body.

"Today, I, the Origin Talisman Empress, have proven the Dao, achieving immortality and eternity. I will preach to all sentient beings to repay my karma."

A multicolored dragon manifested before swimming everywhere between heaven and earth, nourishing the world. Its final destination was the Great Talisman City, signifying they had their first Eternal Emperor and their seventh Great Emperor.

Heavenly Court:

Wang Wei watched everything with a calm expression.

Once Tong Ruobing finished, he observed Heaven's and Earth's secrets.

'The Balance Mechanism has shifted from focusing solely on the Dao Opening Sect to the entire Myriad Emperor World.'

His eyes could see the secret changes of the entire lower dimension. Countless fortunate encounters to create more Immortal Sovereigns appeared in countless World Communities.

Additionally, more resources to temper the body appeared, trying to create more body refiners in the Infant Fiendgod Realm capable of battling Great Emperors and eventually Eternals.

Wang Wei even detected that the [Merit Proving Method] also appeared in many worlds, and some destiny people with great merit will acquire them.

'So, other Heaven Will Worlds will also have more than one Great Emperor? More than one Eternal Emperor?'

He smiled as this indicated that his influence on the world had drastically increased and his Heavenly Emperor Era would be more prosperous than he anticipated.